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Thursday, February 21, 2008

currently listening: dancing through life by various artists
oh, fiyero, fiyero...you freaking dreamboat with your handsomely handsome voice and glory. this song just makes me so happy...:) every time i hear it i want to get up, grab a partner, and dance till it lights! relieve all stress with the skip and twirl of thoughtless steps. we all need to try it sometime. song is from wicked, the musical.

sorry i'm dead. extremely stressed with projects and what not. vase (visual arts scholastic event) is saturday, and i'm really worrying about it. i have projects and homework showering heavily, so not a lot of time to breathe. to add to stress, tonight my dad kind of showed me that i'm not as good as i think i am. i'm not saying i have an inflated ego, no, but he says that my "anime" style that i have going right now is not going to get me anywhere, and that being tempermental is goin to ruin my art career. he keeps saying he's just trying to get me to BRANCH OUT. bull, he just doesn't want me being an anime-loving screw up.

so i'm not lifting this hiatus for a while. may be hours, days, weeks before i return. i'm going to learn how to control my defensiveness and go study realism. i'll hopefully bring back goodies, but i don't know. i might not learn anything, i might forget how to draw anime all-together and get kicked off this site for not drawing anime, i don't know. always expect the unexpected, gentlemen.

see you in a bit!

<3 tay

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