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Friday, November 24, 2006

Crazy Ping Pong
Crazy Ping Pong


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Saturday, November 4, 2006

ahhh busy life.....
I FINALLY GOTZ MEH A JOB WOOT!!! lol work my old man as a mechanic and all 5.50 an hour!! thats not bad for a sophmore...been buyin alot....and i mean ALOT of manga....xD ....and best of all......I GOT A 60GB iPOD!!! WOOT!!! named it triPod lol forall yu ppl who get the joke...i still say number 1 was the best!! xDDDD and for yu that dont......ill jus say in my next post....if i remember....lol gotta walk scooby and sire pants! L8R
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Friday, October 13, 2006

   FRIDAY THE 13TH!!!!

AHHHHHHHHHH TGIF!!! A VERY SPECIAL FRIDAY!! THE FRIDAY OF BAD LUCK!!! BUT I LOVE THIS DAY!!! WOOT!!!! hahaha basically i jus went around say friday the 13th and all lol got in trouble 10 times!!! woot!!! and sire pants knos KUNG FU!!! since i thot it was a bad luck day, i thot i should yeach him self defense and all xD he broke a a stick with his paws!!! IVE NEVER BEEN SO PROUD!! and when my friends came over, my other dog, stinky (cuz she she farts alot), came up ta him, Alex went and petted her, and she farted in his FACE!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA he was layin down on the sofa and stinky was right next to him and her head was next to his and she turned around cuz i think she saw somethin and then she farted!!! and imagin how bad her farts stink if her name is stinky.....hmmmmmm i really do wonder lol feel sry for ya Alex now im off to do some stoopid things with my friends
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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

bored outta my mind lol
well......i was bored so i tried to look for some new wp and some other pics....and i found this halarious pic of gaara and cookies and new wp well...wp not that funny lol but ill show ya the pic at the end of this here post...OH YEA i gots a new dog...my lil cousin named him "Cosmic Muffin"......weird....thats his official name...but i gave him a non official name and now everyone must call him SIRE PANTS!!!!! cuz as soon as i got him, i was bored right? so i was washin some pants and needed to put em in the dryer....and then i saw this old pair of pants...and i put it on "cosmo" and it was halarious lol i would taken a pic of it but my phone needed to charge lol ill show u guys some other time lol and then my friend came over and made up some voice for sire pants and he was movin his lips and makin his dog voice....so sire pants said to me....U ANAL DWEALLIN BUTT MONKEY o_O lol see ya dudes

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

   life is so booooooooooring
theres nuthin to do.....so im gonna post!! XD so howz u guys doin? and more importantly...WHAT DO U DO TO GET RID OF BORDEM?!?!? PLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLZ HELP!!!!
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Thursday, August 24, 2006

   MY COMPUTER SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MY COMPUTER SUCKS SO BAD!!! AND EVERYONE WAS BUSY SO I COULDNT FIX IT TILL YESTERDAY!!!!!!!! (evil laff) you guys probally wont see me again for a bit if i dont stop kickin my computer every few seconds........oh yea.....I WENT ON A CRUISE!!!! OH YEA!!! FIVE STAR CRUISE, FIVE STAR RESTURAUNT, AND FOOD WHENEVER YOU WANT HOWEVER YOU WANT IT!!! THOSE 2 WEEKS WAS A PARADISE!!!!!!! and then school started......what a drag.....and about not much happened......ill show ya a pic we took from the cruise if u want ta see....^^
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Saturday, July 22, 2006

remember those girls i was talkin about?!?! the ones who made me put that stoopid song? well i was rewatchin inuyasha the movie and i saw pre trailers and all right? well in one of them is this asian song....AND THEYVE TEAMED UP WITH MY LIL COUSINS!!!! (theyre visitin....) NOW THERE R 6 GIRLS WANTIN TO TORTURE ME!!!! 3 of them live with me...and one of them is sleepin over becuase theyre friends with my lil cousins......well...i maybe kinda like this song...? IM STILL ASIAN ASIAN PPL LIKE THESE KINDA SONGS ONCE IN A WHILE!!!! life is evil to weird pplz.........Y?!? hahahahaha

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Saturday, July 1, 2006

eh.......well...i aint grounded no more.....i wuz in summah skool and i got in trouble so i almost got kicked out.......well, i didnt but i wuz grounded till it wuz over so......hahaha i get my comp bak for 2 days then it gets taken away frm me again lol eh dis all im gonna type for now heh
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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

   SKOOLZ OUT BWAHAHAHA and sum other thingz.....like dis iz meh longest post ever lol
SKOOLZ OUT!!! NO MORE!!! now i can sleep in late as hell!!! but i hafta go ta summer school.... i failed readin...well howz ya all doin? ok...lets skip a few dayz.....well im goin to meh momms place hahaha ok ok ok its been a while since ive changed meh bg so i want yua all ta choose wut meh next one will be ok? if ya think somthing iz kewlz, comment dis and put da URL to da site alrite? feels weird askin for a wallpaper frm sum ppl i never met lol oh yea and for sum reason, i started playin Final Fantasy X again...u see meh cuzin lost it and i found it and i wanted ta play it again and if ders anyone who still remembers sum parts of it, can u tell meh how to find aurons hiddin weapon again? eh forget it im sure u guys forgot anywayz, but if ya didnt tell meh kkz? OH YEA I GOT A NEW ELEC GIT!!! AND DA AMP IZ HUGE!!! i mean, its not huge, but the sound comez out loud as hell!!! well dis iz alot of stuff ive been typin and i bet most of u all didnt read dis much eh? well see ya
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YEA YEA YEA *DOEZ A DANCE OF TRIUMP AND TRIPS* ahem.....well damn computer iz finally fixed!!! i guess ill do meh normal posts now lol
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