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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

   SKOOLZ OUT BWAHAHAHA and sum other thingz.....like dis iz meh longest post ever lol
SKOOLZ OUT!!! NO MORE!!! now i can sleep in late as hell!!! but i hafta go ta summer school.... i failed readin...well howz ya all doin? ok...lets skip a few dayz.....well im goin to meh momms place hahaha ok ok ok its been a while since ive changed meh bg so i want yua all ta choose wut meh next one will be ok? if ya think somthing iz kewlz, comment dis and put da URL to da site alrite? feels weird askin for a wallpaper frm sum ppl i never met lol oh yea and for sum reason, i started playin Final Fantasy X again...u see meh cuzin lost it and i found it and i wanted ta play it again and if ders anyone who still remembers sum parts of it, can u tell meh how to find aurons hiddin weapon again? eh forget it im sure u guys forgot anywayz, but if ya didnt tell meh kkz? OH YEA I GOT A NEW ELEC GIT!!! AND DA AMP IZ HUGE!!! i mean, its not huge, but the sound comez out loud as hell!!! well dis iz alot of stuff ive been typin and i bet most of u all didnt read dis much eh? well see ya
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