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Saturday, July 22, 2006

remember those girls i was talkin about?!?! the ones who made me put that stoopid song? well i was rewatchin inuyasha the movie and i saw pre trailers and all right? well in one of them is this asian song....AND THEYVE TEAMED UP WITH MY LIL COUSINS!!!! (theyre visitin....) NOW THERE R 6 GIRLS WANTIN TO TORTURE ME!!!! 3 of them live with me...and one of them is sleepin over becuase theyre friends with my lil cousins......well...i maybe kinda like this song...? IM STILL ASIAN ASIAN PPL LIKE THESE KINDA SONGS ONCE IN A WHILE!!!! life is evil to weird pplz.........Y?!? hahahahaha

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