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Sunday, March 30, 2008


lol. i am guilty for being online all 3 days of the weekend. though. not all 3 FULL days of the shortlived beloved precius weekend

so yup. i uploaded yet one more page to my comic ^^ lol. and ive been reading Black Cat and Kare Kano manga. and i CRIED my eyes out while reading about Arima-kun's sad past yesterday volumes 14~15 of Kare Kano. uwaaaah. in the end. they were swollen >< lol. i felt so stupid to be crying like this over such a thing. maybe its because im just. an emotional being. maybe its cus i find it resonating with my sad childhood memories of being alone (then again. it was much sad-der in KareKano) >< bleah

it was so bad that when i woke up from my nap at 7++pm. it was still swollen >< i had a feeling if i wasnt alone at home. my friends will be going all AWW OH MY GOSH >< SILLY GIRL~ ... well. most of my firneds will. and that one stupid one would get freaked out over all the tears first. and then i dunno~ xDD heehee. it kinda feels good to know that there are actually guys who are afraid of girls' tears~ *eevil sparkle in eyes* fufufufufufufu~~

and oh well. since the sad arc of Kare Kano is over. things SHOULD be all right ne? *i dont wanna go to school tomorrow with swollen eyes and having people laugh over my sillyness >////<

oh well. might play a bit more of HighStreet5 before i log off from computer and get ready to rush out homework >< GANBARIMAAAAAAASU~~~~*flares of determination* *flames fizzles and dies* *glooom* ----------

-disappears into the darkness with a flicker of ghastly flame~-

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

yay im alive

.......or so i hope. today was cross country. so yea. no school. but the whole school forced to run 4.3km round the reservoir. ugh. so yea. more randomness lol. i forgot to empty my bladder so for once. i didnt make it into the top 100 runners xD lol. and the sun was hot. and lester fainted for dunno why Oo. lol. and well. some lucky shits didnt have to run because of BB duty TT grrrr~~~

so me n bearbear n wanying n qian qian went Tampines after that. lol. we saw many groups of ppl there. even mr chin lol. and we ran into GM people(schoolmates) several times. esp that PeiYi(junior) and that pair of sec 3prefects xD lol. but yea. i saw 2 nice ladies bags. been thinkin of buying bags. about time i got one for going out purposes xD mine are rather old. next time. i shall abduct mummy or daddy when we go shop n someday i shall get a new bag. and i hope thats soon~

BREAKING NEWS LOL. SINGAPORE HAD HAILSTONES! yessh. around 3pm today. the size of a 5cent coin,which is like 1cm in diameter. lol. yea. not too big but. lol. i mean. WOW. HAILSTONES. u never get them here. NEVER. great. La Nina? or simply because the world's climate is changing???? whatever it is. O o

so hm. ive made a Worlds account. just uploaded a cover. a inside cover page. and a page of the actual manga. heres the linkie well and sec4's a busy busy major year. so hm. we'll see when the next page be up. lmao.

hm. so yea. texting =) lol. but meh. my back itchy. homework calls. itch itchy back. bleahhhh

lifes funny out take:
i woke up at 6+pm just now. and like. i thought it was friday already and i was late for school. these sorta thing happened to me before so the first thing i did. rush out stare at the clock n to the calendar too. ugh. dang it. i hate my silly self~ ><

-disappears into the darkness with a flicker of ghastly flame~-

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

meow. . .

so yea. hmm. life= homework piling and piling lalalalalalalalalalalaa~ >< *faint*

hm. well. stupid guys from mr goaty's class. ugh. well. apparently. i've been getting more of the goatyXme NONSENSE TT wth. dont they EVER get enough of that? 4. friggin. years. OH DEAR GOD *rolls eyes* well yea. and well. i realised. i've been the kitty who somehow smiles upon receiving texts(sms-es) from that idiot (aka goaty) O o which. is. freaky. cus its like. O o F RRRRRRR eEEEEEEEEeee a k YYYY *shudders at the thought of me actually likeLIKE-ing that idiot *

ugh. okay. enough about that. feh. well. tomorrow's cross country and well. yea. no lessons = no need to rush out homework= yay = slack = xboxxxxxxxxxx which was what i had been doing the whole night since 7. (its 11pm now) =) Guitar Heroes III. WOOHOOOOOO YEA BABY it seems cool n fun =DDDD might try to beg dad to download the full game or buy it someday =D our xbox360 came with free downloads of 4 games. the 3D mini golf is one. dad wants Bomberman TT bro= idunno. but i shall try to persuade dear otou-san nya ^^=~~~~~~~ *evil smirk

band= tormenting juniors- i mean. teaching them ^^ lol. apparently. i can turn all black-face and bitchy towards them freeeeeeely and they cant say anything about that (cus im usually right) hehehehehe. and i can gang up with my sec3 junior to tickle them or anything xD(well. i just did today =D lol. hehehehee. its so 'fun' sight-reading new scores and like. being at a total loss of where they are already and just standing there laughing over this fact alone xDDD WHO SAYS I HAVE TO KNOW EVERYTHING~~~~~ well. i dont. and im proud of it....or not...well hell i dun care~~~

lol. got new handphone themes from Lester during band today xD. apparently. plan '"stabbing" lester if he dares to go all goatyXme or do anything else stupid with the drumsticks' kinda worked. or maybe. he has grown up a little O o *gasp. ah well. about time xD lol. YAY! i had temptations to send those themes with the middle finger pointing up to my phone but aww NAH. in the end i've gotten a spiffy hitsugaya one and a deathnote one. with Mello and L (mostly mello. but the background pic for menus and text messaging etc etc is L~ YAY DARLING L- i mean. YAY L) * random words in this empty head of mine*

so. yea. speaking of empty. my stomach is emptying already. must. pinch. food *pinch* *bad pun*
side note:
well. hm. as for the fan manga thingy. i think i would just post it up in Worlds. cus well. im afraid that modifications would become messing up the lil comic. xD. i'll still try out uploading under Fan comics thoguh. but i shall i shall. have it posted on Worlds too

meow. serioudly need to get food for tummy. and shut eyes im sleeeeeeeepy~~~ oyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasumi~

p.s. YAY OH GOOD HOLY CHOCOLATES HALLELUJAH!!! *nibbles away happily

-disappears into the darkness with a flicker of ghastly flame~-

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Friday, March 14, 2008


fine. so i admit it. i LOVE my hair i ADORE it THE PAIN's KILLING ME~~ yea. i happened to go for yet another haircut(yes its bloody stupid) and now ive got my hair tomboyish n ugly and so yuck. feh. on the brightest side of things. put up a black face and well i look as if im ready to beat someone up to a pulp. on the other sides. IT SUCKS! ITS DAMN UGLY! I WANT MY HAIR BACK!!!!!!!!!!

yes. so ive fully understood the ol saying of a womans hair is as precious as her life. so i comletely adore my hair. wow. my first heartbreak nia. ugh. yeaaaa. i feel. heartbrokened. and sad

so here was me before my stupid decision to cut it again today:
me infront of the fridge(cus its shiny)
me in the salon before my hair is further ruined like it is now

uwaaaaaaah. i totaly miss my hair now. should have just trimmed it. so yea. if stupid mr goaty is gonna be laughing at me again. i have legal rights to clobber him since he PROMISED not to laugh tHIS TIME. anyway. i'm gonna clober him for the last time he laughed twice till he was pink. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr *flare* well. and its gonna be his fault if i ended up crying. ya know. the periods of extreme low self esteem. so yea. in short. im gonna clobber him on monday. ugh~~

well. whazzap tomorrow? more homework + my grandma's birthday which means.....CAKE! and bake lol. my hands are itching for a long time i wanted to bake~ but couldnt find time and a legal reason to. now i havemy reason. and i have my ingredients. and i have my....brain? O o lmao. so yesh. more baking baking. yes the stuff is TOTALLY edible TT tried tested proven. i just hope that it can be a bit more coser to perfection THIS time. and if time allows it. im gonna try baking muffins~ but most likely. nah. but oh i know i wanna ^ ~ i have the ingredients all waiting for me and wooooooooo well we'll just see ^^

im gonna go off and further dwallow in sadness n regret. and maybe do homework. since ive been getting even more itchy handed and i couldnt resist my urge to dooooodle. so i did. i drew a cover for my manga. im gonna delete the old one btw. since i totally have no idea how its gonna be and i dun wanna screw up. and well. i have no idea why bt i drew a pic of a shorthaired girl k i s s i n g(or almost kissin) a guy. well. somehow. couldnt make them hug xD hhe. but oh. she was with tears lol. ah. the sad heartbreaking departure moments. starcrossed lovers? no idea. i'll just say that fate was being a bitch to them.

yes and ive been rceiving complaints regarding my "crude" language so whaaatever. then again. im not one to care really much. i dont curse everytime i speak. so there and that. whatever. i just say SHIT and DAMN and FREAK and maybe F*** at time but i dont really like using that word. whatever. i dont really say BITCH most of the time. my level of swearing isnt actually that bad actually... whatever. im too azy to bother about this now

piccie time (i was bored so i was taking pics today on the way home from the salon)
random view lol
random view of my room in negative! yessh im addicted to having snapshots of messy places in negative cus the change in colours makes it look much. cooler. nicer. prettier. vibrant lol

oh well. and its really sad to have LS leaving myO. *sniff* he was a great guy............*this sounded like hes gone as in GONE to the NETHERlands(netherworld if ya cant catch it)

have a much better day than i am having now people!!!

-disappears into the darkness with a flicker of ghastly flame~-

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


damn my sis's laptop. it just auto restarted. there goes my fucking post ive been typing since bloody hell 11.30. TF*** kao. now ive to nag all over again

the camp= gay talentNight with gay dances and gay performances by the students. well yea. guys dancing pussycat dolls. guys fallin in love with another guy called Apple. guy dancing Spice girls and being GAY till the max. yea. what a GAYNIGHT

so yea we bathed in the guys toilet cus there werent enough shower room. it just so happened that my cubicle didnt have a lock for the door. so yea. it was pushed through thrice TT ugh. frigging bathroom warzone. with many people eager to bathe they pushed my door

so yes i relised because this post is not a repeat of my rant. it became nag so i aint sounding as pleasant as i was and yea. screw the auto restart fo the laptop i HATE YOU (damn i wish i can throw it on the fuggin floor.............

so yea. homework was heaps. gonna have to find time to do them asap. nice idea of holidays people have for us poor students

i was hugging wanying's sleeping bag at every slight opportunity. on the way home. to school. waiting to assemble and dismiss. during bio remedial on the chapt of reproduction in humans and hearing her ramble on about gross stuffs and also about the male parts which was all she covered. welll. the sleeping bag was soft n cuddly~ *hugs* oh well. it ought to be washed n returned to her though. awww~ i'll miss it. guess i'll hug it abit more before i return it to her on mon

i caught the cold. well. the weather for these past 2 days was: rain rain and more rain so much so that its been raining almost every hour. so yea. cold weather brrr. at least. for March. it was supposed to be sunny n warm now. the usual coldness should only last till latest the first week of February. says the newspaper. La Nina's fault. TT whatever. so i was happily walking in the rain lol. so yea i caught my cold brrr ^^ but aww i love the rain and you know it. when i told mr goaty he was like' wth. so cold u still can take it? there must be something wrong with you' XD lol. he hates the rain. cus it interferes with his vision through spectacles xDDDD but awwww its nice

then again. looking at the unusually heavy showers pouring down. i'ld have to say yes i hate it too. TT i like walking in the rain. emo. cooling. a bit romantic. refreshing. yeaa loves it~ but too big that i hate it lots now. ugh~

whateva. im still cursing that bloody laptop for closing on me like that. damn auto restart after windows updates. SCREW YOU MICROSOFT----- no wait. quote mr SS. if Bill gates were to destroy the world. all he have to do is click one button and it will shut down every other computer in the world.

*listens to the GAY mocca advertisement on the advertisement by a muscular and GAY guy selling off his flat.

ugh. whatever. heres my piccies. feh. i like u better than lappy desky(lappy=laptop. desky= desktop) at least u dont auto restart TT grrr :
my house in negative mode xD looks neater n prettier lol
suntec's koi garden. look at all those fish lol
random floor
the roads during the heavy rain(my camera cant capture raindrops falling)
chocolate milk in a cup+ cream on top. lol. it looks pretty as a pattern. some funny pixie or something? i dunno~
clitoria flowers. aka blue pea or butterfly pea. the GG girls grew them in our school. and we plucked them (they did too with slight heartaches) for our bio experiment. lol ^^ the last photo was taken by my classmate when the flowers were all placed in a box xD if it was more zoomed out it be nicer though but oh well ^^
Hello kitty phone strap cum cleaner XD lol. i just happen to take it outta boredom~

-disappears into the darkness with a flicker of ghastly flame~-

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Sunday, March 9, 2008

ah. damn. screw it

so yea. i dunno what was wrong. if it was a buggy or not. but somehow. instead of having modified my page1, my supposed uploaded version of page one replaced my cover. ooooh great. >< so to everyone who has read it. IM SO SO SOOOOOO SORRY!!!!!!!!!!

in short. screw it. ah damn. and i deleted the cover already. ugh. gotta reupload it. sigh~

ugh. oh well. the next time u'll see it here. it will be most. i dunno. TT but i assure you. meh. its gonna be a loooooooooooooooong time~

although. this shouldnt stop me much from starting to do the comics thingy in school ^ ~ my friend has a sketchypad and she was lazy to bring it home and she doesnt mind givin it to me. YAY SHIROI PEI-PA- lol~

gah. oh well. the hols are gonna be busy. me shall try to do somethings somethings mya~ love ya guys *hugs*

-disappears into the darkness with a flicker of ghastly flame~-

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Thursday, March 6, 2008

short post

ahem so hell-oooooooo VersionVibrant!!!!!!!

...and i hate you

i find it bloodyhell inconvienient nowadays. u have to log in seperately. theOtaku portion totally resembles something similar to BLOGGER and well yea. the most irritating thing is that. when u view those pop up comments of fanarts for example, tose popup advertisements come blocking the comment. how bloody convienient and easy to read. and unlike those scrollover advertisements in MSN, the advertisements politely blocking your comments do NOT disappear and u cant move the comments box

...so do something about it please say u'll do so Adam-san| ><

p.s. im heaped with lotsa homework. overdue. so i shouldnt be here in the first place

am having so much difficulty grappling school-life balance that i was continuously emo for 3 days and i felt like just crying there and there.

but i cant

yes i DO admit im like a guy i ADORE my pride TT(well. not exactly but i dont like to be weak) ugh. so i cant do tears in school. and when im outta school. i cant seem to cry it out anymore.....

im short. curse. screw. and......resent life TT what a bitch indeed. how ironic. a rather bitchy girl calling life a bigger bitch than herself. no wait. that aint ironic. besides. so what if im bitchy? thats not the 24/7 thing. step on this kitty's tail and she bitches off and bites. or at the very least. hiss. scorn. and curse you. GRRROWLLLLLLLLL

screw you. grrrrrr. stinking assholes in life. buggers. argh damn. there aint a more suitable word than calin them assholes and asses. yes my cursing-foul words usage vocabulary is very limited. whatever~~~

*poofs. cus im really not supposed to be online*

-disappears into the darkness with a flicker of ghastly flame~-

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Saturday, March 1, 2008


so yeaa here i am. lol. so heres to answer viv's post question

if the old me saw the current me now.. hm.. other than disbelief. still would be disbelief i think. but meh. i should be happier now as compared to last time. ^^ my tiny world expanded. filled with more happyness and laughter.and sugarrrrrr ^^ my past wasnt exactly a bright and happy place. so yea man. forget about it. but the me now: lost. confused. welled with tears. ugh. saaa~ i wonder if i really am a happier person

from a wiggly sluggish worm....maybe i have turned into a butterfly. or should i say. maybe im still that little sluggy worm with a tiny pair of wings which i cant fly with in the beautiful skies ive always dreamed about

meow~ so yesssh me is back with fanart updaties~ yes so go check them out cus u know im lazy and yessh i AM lazy ^~ so sue me~

recently ive gotten yet another prank message from goaty's stupid BB "friends" i think. wel yea. one was like tricking me that goaty had changed numbers (which did not happen. was wondering 'eh. if u changed numbers why didnt u tell me on that day u changed ur phone? to be exact, why didnt u change your number and phone together O o???!?!). ugh

well. the other one was started off with a stupid message. but then sent another one saying that goaty's really a great friend and he thinks that goaty really likes me....

*switches on phone* oh great. here comes YET another one from a DIFFERENT number. oooh yea how great. just you wait when i get the chance i'll complain~~~ well yea. or at least. attempt to know who are the jerks behind it and plot revenge. once while i was walking by the group of his BB friends were going 'reymond~!' and i was like. UGH. wtf. cant control my urge anymore. so i walked a distance and shouted back COWARDS. xD the day after that was relatively quiet xDDDDDDD sweet revenge. too bad its short lived.

meow~ and my parents JUST told me i had to go out later OO in an hours time. grr. i hope i can finish my bio revision before that. mrs lim's powerpoint slides really saves us HALLELUJAH~ ^^ yay long live mrs lim~ *virtual hugs*

replies to comments:
+mn. choco laxatives. CHOCOLAX nice one. 8adds to prank checklist* oh and teaching my lil juniors aint exactly the happiest part about Pirates of the Carribean At Worlds End. esp at the 12/8 time @@ goodness gracious. well. i have to teach them drumming basics too so like yes call me mama- i mean. call me instructor-sempai xD nah. joking.

yes. blessing cookies. oh well the taste good~ ^^ meow. grr im hungryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy so screw- i dunno who to screw for this. ah heck screw those b@stArDx anyway for those prank messages ^^ nyahahahahahahahaaaa just you wait ya pesky **********************

-disappears into the darkness with a flicker of ghastly flame~-

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Friday, February 22, 2008

meow~~~ ^^

hehes~ so yessh me is bwack i mean *cough cough* back xDDDD

hm. yea. operation success xD as in. the belated valentines gift. lol. bleah. in the end. maybe he re-wrapped it xD so yea. it was down to a nifty pack of ferrero rochers (oh yes. valentines chocs are getting cliche~~ but oh whatheck! ^^ who can say no to chocs ^^ with love~ (friends love lol) ^^ small enough to toss through the slantin window panes of our classroom (yessss window seat for me) lol. haha. but meh i was shocked. cus i was packing up my stuff and then something came in flying from the window OO GAAAAAAH! lol ^^ so yeaaaaa. in the end i told him 'thanks, but try not to scare me nxt time xDD' lol. perhaps. if this world is a more open one, i would have hugged him already XD . no HOLD THAT THOUGHT PEOPLE! friend hugs. like glomping friends cus they are so nice. no. i dont do glomps. TT so i dont want glompers here please.

meow~ band= juniors + juniors = x = booooo~~~~~ *protests!!!* bleah. horrid. so meh has been the tryin-to-be-nice-and-friendly-but-still-gets-peeved senior ^^ so yeaaa intensive(??) trainin for my dear lil sec2s XDDDDD *evil cackle* oh. we are plaing this piece called Pirates fo the Carribean:At world's end. hm. man i didnt watch the movie. but oh well. am so gonna look for the song so tt i know how it goes~. damn the 12/8 time OO so fast~. and the main point: rather tough teaching my lil sec2s of their parts >< *fans self* ugh. man i cant multi task THAT much . oh well. there IS a reason why i stole the score home and its sitting infront of me riiiight now...

FORTUNE COOKIE TIME!!!! nope. this aint some random unreliable whatchacallit NONSENSE from websites. lol. my father's boss DO give him gifts lol. he gave dad a cake for his birthday one time. and treated him to dinner. and forced him to go on the company overseas trip last year since otou-san was laaaaazy~ meow~

so yea. he gave dad a box of fortune cookies. with the packaging of Precious Moments. as in you know. those cute cartoon people with the tear-drop eyes? yea. those pics they always use for some christian thingy i dunno why xD. it was like. AWW SO CUTE~. yess. so now. being evil. i shall eat one of the fortune cookie (yes im just wanting to eaaaat it =) ...damn the packaging was too pretty to rip apart >< ...oooh orange flavour.. yeaaa. no fortune from the fortune cookie. but a blessing: May your days be filled with joy n laughter

XD lol. so yea. well. im really too tired to care about feelings of love. as in LOVE love. bleah. too much for my brain to process nya~ =P bleah. i believe in letting things come as they should. if anyone really did LIKE LIKE me. well yea man. wait. till i think its about time. till after the Os at least. till. well~ im currently unable to be answering this call. please. leave. a. message. after. the. tone. BEEP

meow~ enuff said. im feeling lame today. more ferrero rochers for me ^^ 4/5 left ^^ meow~~~~~~~~~

random song of the moment:

-disappears into the darkness with a flicker of ghastly flame~-

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Friday, February 15, 2008

meow~ valentines day

a day of chocolates kweeeeeeeeeeee~~~~~~~~~! lol so this year,i bought chocolate cream oreos for my friends ^^ lol~ and i had received so far: other than zoe's lolipop, the rest are all chocolates. i ate up so far: gek chuan's ferrero rocher and oli's chocolates XD why? the ferrero rocher was sittin on top of my desk in one neat lil corner yesteday. and then it distracted me. and i moved it to the centre of my table. *stares* AWW D'OH i'll just eat it~~~~! XDD

oli's was plain easy and convienience. rip a corner of the Dove Amichelli chocolate stick;s wrapper and gobble up that neat lil thing ^^ lol. xD convienience~ at least. better than having to rip seperate layers like ferrero rocher which wasnt as bite-size as the Dove choc. XDD yumms~

well. someday it shall disappear alll from my fridge. in othe words. down the alimentary canal and outta my body~ xDDD meow <3

i gave one to mr goaty. yes. OUTTA F R I E N D S H I P. lol. haha. nice chance to just randomly pass it to him in class since it was on the way of returning my friend her geography book xD lol~ im not sure. but i knew HE (not goaty. as in. ...yea...u know...) saw it or smth. or at least heard it. i saw him turn his head lol. but ah well. i was busy running off to my next class lmao

that goat bought me a valentines gift in return lol. xD. he wanted to pass it to me yesterday but i just went running off (i had one last pack of choco oreos which i decided to give to my juniors for them to share lol) xD well. maybe i was too eager to santa my last pack of oreos away. maybe i was embarrassed. lol. i didnt really expect something this much in return (i only saw the rough thing. it was big OO lol. one smiffy pack of oreos? his gift was at least 5 times its size OO) lol. haha

the funny part: he thought he was rejected xDDDDDDDD LMAO. he smsed me later yesterday and ask me 'i dunno whats wrong with you. Why u reject my gift?' XDDD lol. hahha. i was going all.. 'ah...iiya.....sou ja nai' to myself lol. haha. if i typed that in. he'll need some side explanations anyay~ too much of a hassle for this lazy kitty~

lol. hahah. so we are gonna see if he can manage to pass it to me safely xD that is. with as lil people around as possible lmao. that would mean even more teasing. so much for a peaceful last year in school. sigh~ it was kinda re-revived again. ugh~ and that lester was joinin them in the teasing (or at least i heard him *twitch twitch) during maths remedial. when i questioned hi he was in total denial TT ugh. so anyway we might be using lockers xD yessh so if u see weird stuff in the locker dun be surprised xD

meow~ i shall at least complete this theme or try to. but i'll need to get hands on my homework lol. sigh. tomorrow's gonna be busy~ bleah. how unfortunate~

ah well. valentines day's over. good enough TT lol~ there goes troublesomeness~ at least. until monday xD

*attempts to submit fanart~

-disappears into the darkness with a flicker of ghastly flame~-

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