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Welcome to my guestbook. Please be polite and constructive when you sign this. Be warned that it is strictly against myOtaku.com's policy to sign guestbooks for the sole purpose of promoting your own site.

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Darkflairdragon (05/20/07)

Thankies so much,,i really do appretiate you signing my guestbook,and so i am signing yours^_^,,,ttyl sometime.

pirategaara (05/19/07)

remember, clowns hate tangelos!
hey let's be friends ok? dont mind me randomness im always like that. lets be friends! and if u dont want be friends...I DESTROY U!!!!!!!!!!
like a moose.with projectile weapons.
*ku ku ku*
but that wont happen right?
see ya!!

ms.kurosaki (05/17/07)

i really like ur bg. i love InuYasha. anyway i would like to add u. i hope u do the same. stop by any time. well bye bye

KZanonymous (05/15/07)

I love your layout. ^_^ Inuyasha is a definate favorite anime of mine as well. I'm in a'go find random people who like the same things I do' mode so I hope you visit my site, too.

Seijou Yasha (05/15/07)

Konnichi Wa,
OMG...inuyasha is so awsome ill have some pic of inu i drew on my site here soon so i hope u come and see them.
thank u for visiting my site...i love ur site.i love inuyasha so much.i have two fan fics that i may post im not sure yet..

Ja Ne

Olette-chan (05/14/07)

Hehe thanks for signing my guest book. *Bows* It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Olette. *shakes hand* Yes and I just want to tell you that your site is looking mighty fine. XD Did that sound weird >> I think it did. Well any way it's true. I love the background it's very pretty and the music is supurbe. Hrmm a demon huh? Nice occupation you got there. XD Wish I could be a demon but alas I'm just little old Olette. *sweatdrop* Oh boy someone else who likes to draw and write! ^__^ Do you have any samples of your writing? I would love to read some of it some time. I bet it is awesomness. And your drawing too. I mean if your peers think that you are an awesome drawer it must be true. I hope to see some of your fan art..or just art. Which ever comes first. Oh boy you can fight too?! That's awesome. I've always wanted to fight*punches air* Hehe I have a training sword that I like to use sometimes. But I don't take classes..do you? Heheh. Well sorry for rambling I think I had a bit to much sugar today. Well I hope to talk to you sometime and we can be friends and such. I'm sorry if I don't make it to comment on your site all the time..you know schooll D: Takes up to much of my time man..Especially since it's the end of the year but I'll try my best okie dokie? Heheh bye bye! *gives a hug and cookies with milk*

Cumpster The Pimp (05/14/07)

Thank you for coming and signing my GB..i'm new to theO. I like the whole inuyasha theme of your site. it looks really nice and the avatar is cool as well. hope to talk soon!


MuayThaiMexican (05/14/07)

Hi poison fangs, so it seems you're a huge Inuyasha fan. Sorry it took like forever to get to your GB. it just that a couple weeks ago I had some PC problems and I had to go and fix it. then I couldn't go on the internet so I had to take it back to they get me my internet back. well thats my story.

well now that I'm back feel free to stop by and comment sometime.

starfire001 (05/14/07)

oh my goodness thank you ever so much for stopping by my site, im glad you like it, i like yours to it is most enjoyable ^^ sorry it took me so long to reply

xanth reborn (05/14/07)

Hey, nice looking site. I really like your guestbook wallpaper.

How did you get the cool faded mouseover effects? Did you use JavaScript?

well, thanks for signing my guestbook, even if it was just a random stopby. ^^"

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