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Hello everyone! Welcome to The Responsible One's site. Or better known as Olette. n_n I hope we can all be friends because I really love making friends with people. So drop by, sign the guest book, :D And I'll do the same for you. Some rules though:
1) Please don't leave hurtful comments...constructive critisism is okay but nothing mean ;_; those make puppies cry.
2) If you are going to sign my guest book can you please make it something worth reading. No..."hey nice site sign my gb" >> that is not cool. I'll give you substance so I would like it in return.
3) D:< Do your homework XD Not really just kidding.
Well hope you enjoy your stay here!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Don't read if you don't wanna hear about my problems XD
I know I haven't visited in a long while...but I"m sorry things have just been...err...I don't know. I just needed some where to pour me feelings into cause the person I usually talk to ..well I don't know...feeling kind of hurt and betrayed today. So I'm just going to talk okay guys? You don't have to visit or comment if you don't want to or any thing and talking will be just fine for me.

So yea I don't know...it's friends...friends suck..people suck...and by friends I mean everyone that isn't here...only certaion friends suck...and people...I don't know I"m no good with people. I can't take it. I just feel like...when someone says they love you..in a girlfriend boy friend kind of way and make advances towards you...they should stick to it ya know...and not...confuse the hell out of you. And make you feel like crap...it was kind of like in Feb...I wasn't here then..but..I totally stopped eating because I was so upset and confused and my poor emotions were running back and forth trying to make up their minds with everyone else following behind. I hardly did any thing...except hold myself up in my room because I had no energy to do any thing. I couldn't even sleep. u_u To say the least I don't wanna go through that again. So I'm just going to write depressing lyrics on Word and see what comes out of it all. Yeah I can't deal with people any more..they just...they say they won't manipulate me...but they do...and they do again and they keep doing it until I'm tired and worn out and don't fight any more. Especially on nights like these.. Nights where I just have no energy to fight them...I just can't any more...I feel to sad to fight. To angry and I feel like my trust in the human race has gone down the drain...Like...I don't know they've betrayed me. I was just starting to think they were semi-good but then they have to go and ruin it. One person for the entier thing to come crashing down and lodge itself in my phsyc. GOD THEY'RE SO ANNOYING...WELL it's more like HE'S so annoying I could kick someone in the crotch...cept..I won't cause that's mean. and just because the human race sucks doesn't mean I have to. u_u any ways I think I'm almost done ranting..now I kind of just wanna go write depressing lyrics in some dark desolate corner...well love to you all
*gives tissues, pencils, paper, and chocolate to all*
(( How to save a life by the Fray with KH clips))

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Saturday, June 9, 2007

   The Past, Present, and Furture tenses of Olette's weeks and weeks to come.
OMG!! FRIDAY WAS THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOOL!!! WELL CLASSES BUT THAT DOESN'T MATTER NO MORE CLASSES UNTIL NEXT YEAR!! *Dances around throwing confettie every where* Sorry I haven't been around recently. u_u You know last minuet work and test and projects to finish up and study for. So I was kind of busy and I'll probably be just as busy for the next month or so and I'll tell you all why and what summer plans are going to be. n_n Just so you don't all like get mad at me for disappearing cause I tend to do that sometimes. But whenever I get the chance I shall come here and update you guys on the situation and well fun stuff like that. I'll probably visit more than I'm going to actually post on my site so don't be surprised if I haven't posted for like a month but I come and visit all of you at least once a week or something like that. Cause I love you guys more than I love me. XD hahaha. Any ways here we go.

So first off I'll start with telling you about the past weeks and stuff. Let's see...well I handed in that project that was due and got it back and got an 80 on the research paper and a 97 on the health project so I can't really complain at all. After that week nothing else to eventful happened and then this week I had a HUGE chemistry final. It was on Thursday and on Monday I started to freak out. On Tuesday I went home and studied from 5:30pm to about 1:20am and then went to bed just to get up the next day, go to school, and go to a review session that was from 3:45pm to 5:00 and I didn't get home till 5:30pm. >> Then when I got home..I bet you can all guess what I did. I stuidied some more with my dad and flash cards but he got all pissy at me and so I sort of rushed through them and then studied alone cause I don't know he just got all pissy. And the Friday (Yesterday) We just had parties in classes all day and I wrote the electron configuration for elements 1-86 in about an hour and fifteen minutes. n__n I think it's a world record if I do say so myself.

So that was this past week and now to look at our future forcast. Well next week is finals. >.< I'm really afraid of my Health final (cause my health teacher is a psycho) and my global history state test cause those two things are the only things I actually suck at. u_u Health and History because neither interest me. And as much as I hate to admit it Chemisty is like my life. So I'm very sad that I had to leave it and my awesome teacher (who wasn't the best teacher but an awesome person and so kawaii). And so I don't have finals on Monday, I have two on Tuesday, two on Wednesday, none on Thursday, one on Friday,then skip the weekend and Monday and Tuesday after that and on Wednesday I have one and then school is officially over.

The weeks after that will be filled with stuff to do. I have to finish my cos-play costume for the lovely anime con that I am going to on July 6 with my friends and stuff. It's going to be and epic adventure. Then I have a week long camp sort of thing that I'm going to near my dad's work and so he's going to let me go with him to work when I'm finished. Then after that I have my family reuinon on the same sunday and then I'm working out plans with my friend to go down to Wildwood which is going to be an entire week and then after that I should probably be starting on my AP US homework and my AP biology summer work and I will be doing my reading in between. >.< But Gah so much work this summer...I have to read six chapters in my AP biology textbook, answer 32 multiple choice or something along those lines, and have four essay questions and for AP US I have to write four essays. @_@ So I won't be bored to say the least. Hehe. Well that is all that is going down. I'll try to tell you about the anime convention once it is over and about wildwood and family reunion and stuff. But thanks for listening to this long rambling of stuff. *Hugs everyone* n__n Bye guys! Have lovely weekends and weeks and SUMMERS!!
*Gives everyone sunscreen, apple juice, colored pencils and ramen*
:3 Olette-chan
P.S. I love this AMV and thought to share it with you. It's Dearly Beloved Remix from KH and the clips are from Advent Children.

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Monday, May 28, 2007

*Sigh* Well this weekend went by slowly. Very very slowly. So let's see...I'll tell you about the week first I guess since it came before the weekend no?
Alright so this week(or what I remember of this week since my memory sucks) was alright. Not to much work to worry about but it's going to all go downhill from here until finals. It was really quite boring and uncomfertable since I've been sick for an entire week now and it's starting to get annoying. I sort of developed this cough that hurts my chest when I cough so hopefully it will go away soon cause I hate the cough medicine we have at the house x_x it's not so tastey.
This weekend was alright though. Friday(yes Friday is the weekend) was my good friend's sweet 16 party. It was sort of strange cause we don't go to the same school and the only person I knew well was her. But I made some new friends and there were some people there that I knew although I didn't have much to talk about with them cause they were all talking about things that were going on at their school and XD I don't go there. It was nice there was a DJ but I didn't think that the choice of music matched my friend. I mean they played all this random stuff and my friend really likes Disney things so I would have figured that they would have played Disney songs like "Under the Sea" And " Hakuna matata" And things like that. *Shrugs* >> My dad kicked me out of the house that night as well so I had to sleep over at my friends house. Which wasn't a bad thing but sometimes I like to go home and rest instead of having human contact. *Sweatdrop* Let's see Saturday we really didn't do any thing of interest. We(I) watched a foregin movie that was really confusing until the end and then everything made sense but I wasn't to sure what it was called since my memory cells are like almost gone. So if I remember it I'll mention it but something tells me I won't. It was quite a good film but my family abandoned me on the couch all by myself and then wanted me to explain the very complex film to them and I was like X_X Just watch the movie. But they didn't so I was kind of lonely. Let's see. Sunday was a disaster. It started off okay. We all got up early and got dressed and went out to a bird place where they sell birds (Cause I'm planning on getting one cause my dad recognizes that I need something to mother because I have to much maternal instincts and we can't get a dog or a cat so bird it has to be. Plus I love animals n__n A WHOLE lot) Any way so we went to this nice place but the birds were sooo expensive there because they were all exotic birds and parrots and cockatus and things of that nature. So we didn't get one cause I need to do research before I get any kind of animal but we stayed there for two hours petting the nice birdies. n__n I made friends with this nice African Gray Parrot and it was so cute and docile and nice and I loved it and named it Andrew just because it suited it for some reason. I really loved Andrew and if he didn't cost so much I would have taken him home. *huggles birdy* But of course we got home and for some reason I was soooo sleepy. and I fell asleep and my dad went out and made dinner and then got all angry and yelled at us. So everyone was really upset yesterday after we got home. ;__; It was no fun at all. And today is uhhh Monday and it's all going alright. I have to do math homework X_X and study for all these tests I have on Wednesday and do projects and blah unfun stuff like that. So I hope everything will hopefully get better soon cause I'm tired of school work.
Here is a nice AMV for ya. It's the SOS Brigade dancing to Butterfly Mega Mix from DDR:

Any way sorry for all the complaining I'm sure there are people who have it worse out there than all this so I wish who ever it is that needs the luck most tons of it and hopefully all the people's prayers can go out to this person. Hope you all have lovely weeks and all. *Hands out Lucky Charms, balloons, tea cakes and tea* Happy Memorial Day.
:3 Olette-chan

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