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Monday, January 22, 2007

I know this is not my Final Fantasy site, but I forgot the password to that one. So the poll is pick your favorite couple from each Final Fantasy I put from the couples I list then when I decide the poll is over I will start a new poll to see which couple people like the most out of the couples that won...
Final Fantasy VII & Dirge of Cerberus-
Cloud & Tifa
Yuffie & Vincent
Cloud & Yuffie
Cloud & Aeris (I hate Aeris)
Tifa & Barret
Yuffie & Cid
Aeris & Zach (I guess you don't see much of zach but oh well)
Vincent & Lucrecia
Vincent & Shelke
Tifa & Reno

Final Fantasy VIII-
Squall & Rinoa
Selphie & Irvine
Squall & Quistis
Squall & Selphie
Rinoa & Seifer
Rinoa & Irvine
Quistis & Zell
Quistis & Irvine
Selphie & Zell
Edea & Seifer

Final Fantasy X & X-2 -
Yuna & Tidus
Rikku & Gippal
Yuna & Auron
Yuna & Baralai (did I spell that right?)
Yuna & Gippal
Tidus & Rikku
Tidus & Lulu
Auron & Rikku
Lulu & Wakka
Paine & Nooj
Paine & Baralai

Final Fantasy XII-
Ashe & Vaan (I put my favorite couples first)
Penelo & Balthier
Ashe & Balthier
Ashe & Basch
Vaan & Penelo
Vaan & Fran
Fran & Balthier
Penelo & Larsa
Penelo & Basch

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