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Sunday, February 17, 2008

So Me a Couple of My Friends recently went to a Linkin Park / Coheed & Cambria / Chiodos concert. Which was obviously great, got to see a couple of my friends who now go to diffrent high schools or have moved on to collage. My sis and katy got stuff signed by Chiodos by cutting in line and nobody noticing. and we schmoozed around the arena and skimmed the merch booths during most of Coheed's Set.

Inbetween bands there was a giant screen you could send texts to and have them appear for everyone to see. i got two out of like the 30 i sent which were "schoop da whoop" (a reference to the lazar collection) and "Candy Mountain Charlie" which i herd ppl cheer for. anyway LP was great and they played two encores which pissed my dad off cause he wanted to leave and there was a good 5 - 10 min between the encores. i was happy they played "In Between" and "Place For My Head" since they're not singles. My friend Ichi wanted them to play "Valentines Day" or "Carousel" but no such luck. they also expanded "bleed it out" so the chorus just repeated itself for a good 5 minutes which annoyed me.

in other news i won a silver key in the schoulastics art competition (my teacher sed the judges wanted to make it a gold key but the head hancho judge didn't like its content, *see Below*). so thats cool, one of the junkies in my studio class wants to buy it off me.

I Call It "Family Values", sorry bout the watermark..

BTW my sister modeled as the one in the upper righthand corner who slightly resembles axl rose.

My birthday also passed by recently, got sum practicle stuff like spray paint, sandpaper, and shtuff. Got another guitar hero controller, and a couple odd cd's:
Mars Volta: De-loused In The Comatorium
RHCP: Californication
Smashing Pumpkins: American Gothic EP
and we saw U2 3D and played guitar hero all nite in celebration.

but yeah, i'll try n comment round this week since im on break (still have a heap of HW since AP Lang is the penultimate Bitch) after 2nd trimester is over i'll be able to get on regularly again

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Its been a while
Im off on Holiday break, and thus will be actually on from now til maybe mewyearsish.

So yea, last nite was my first xmas celebration of the year. Went over my cousins house. What irked me tho, was my cousin nick who i see 3 times a year at best imported his nappity girl friends over for the occassion.So instead of spending time with family he's flirting. then he had to drive them home under mysterious circumstances and was MIA for all but the last 10 minutes of the party. So i spent the visit discussing art with my other cousins husband and having 2 five year olds try and headbutt me in the gonads.on the upside tho, i got By The Way by red hot chili peppers and 50 bucks worth in gift cards, so i can save the little physical cash have.

my sister and a few of my friends are going to see linkin park live in the newyear, which is cool. This will be my 3rd concert (1st two were trans-siberian orchestra and the family values Tour)

lastly i've got a lot of artwork to do for my studio class. I have to finish one picture and revamp 2 others for a contest. oh and ive got homework over break too, but i'll be on hopefully everyday til newyear.

happy christmahanakwanzika ya'll

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving, or at least i think it's thansgiving. I don't give a hoot anyway, i don't like turkeyand my cousins arn't coming over this year.

I awoke this morning and saw we actually had snow, only a small amount that will melt by next week, but still snow. the last time we had snow on thanksgiving was like 4 years ago and we only got dusted. i remember cause i wanted to play football with my friends and it started snowing so i played soul claiber alone instead.

anyway, yesterday dad came home with our choice of 3 movies to watch as a family. the 3 choices where: hairspray, evan almightly, and 1408. this was narroed down in about 5 seconds to just 1408. (I don't want to see zac effron in any alive state of being, and john travolta as a fat women is more than mildly disturbing.) [Evan wasn't even a consideration]so the first half of the movie freeked the shit out of me and the rest of it resembeled my perception of what a nightmare on acid would be like.

so here's some of my artwork for my drawpainIV/Studio I class, i shrunk these photos way down so they'd fit in here:

I've got to finish 3 more exams next week, joy.
oh and i put up another shody quick FMA pic. I'll be here for a few more days actively then im going MIA til' X-Mas vacation.

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Monday, November 12, 2007


I havn't Updated Since School Started

I'm Not Going To Be On For Quite Some Time.

My Schedule Has Got Me In a Bind. All Core Classes Next trimester, virtually all Core classes this trimester, and all fun no homeowrk classes for third trimester.

In short i Wont Be On Much Til March.

I'll Be In For Christmas Vacation to say hello and go to sites but until then i'm hitting the studing pretty hard.

i'll occassionally throw sum stuff up here like the rukia&Renji pik and the JTHM FMA pik for ballalaika.

i went to an anime con with a few of my friends, i didn't dress up but here is a picture of my friend alice as a heartless.

Anywayz Bye 4 Now.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Tagged: I'm It
okay so i got tagged, and in short i must now dole out 8 facts about myself, i'm also supposed to tag 8 more people, but honestly theirs plenty of other people to do that anyway so fuck it.

1.) i have had to learn to walk 3 times, i didn't learn so well the 3rd time so my feet stick off to an angle instead of straight ahead when i walk.

2.)My Best friend is born exactly 1 day short of a year after me, so i can't say im a year older then him.

3.)My parents believe that hidden in the vast confines of my room lies the Shangra-la of porn mags.this of course is not true, and they've practically raped my room thinking its in their somewhere.

4.)As i write this, i have 2 hours til i have to be at school and i'm still not done reading this Gore Vidal book i'm supposed to have finished during the summer break.

5.)i actually bought a replica of Chris Fehn's mask from Slipknot (With my parents money and in their presence) and wore it to the schools orchestra concert which i played in while wearing the mask.

6.) one time me and my friends got "high" from spinning on a merry-go-round in a school playground while listening to nebula by incubus and lucy in the sky with diamonds.

7.) i have gone 3 months without watching TV or playing Video games before. yeah thats how much chem homework sucked.

8.) you can link me thru the 5 degrees method to: Bam Margera, Bert McCracken, Marilyn Manson, and Todd McFarlane

now that thats over with here's the latest albums I've Listened to for my 1001 albums list:

Johnny Cash - IV: The Man Comes Around
Led Zeppelin - IV
David Bowie - Station To Station
R.E.M - Document
Green Day - Dookie
Jethro Tull - Aqualung
Johnny Cash - At Folsom Prison
David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust
K.d Lang - Ingenue
David Bowie - heroes

well now Im back to reading and dreading the first day back to school.

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