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Monday, September 3, 2007

quick little update

if anyone cares i saw the band 'Chevelle' for free the other. i wanted to slap the soudboard guy cause we could hardly even hear the singer half the time and the drums were way way to loud compaired to the other instruments. but hey it was free.

I start school tomarrow so i need to finish writing my essay and stuff...back to hell tomarrow.

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Last Summer
So anyway this will be my last post for a week or so, then again I usually go weeks without posting or checking sites so you probably wouldn’t have noticed a difference anyway. So yeah I’m going on vacation, the last 2 weeks b4 school comes back in and we finally get up and go…what stinks about the 5 hours of driving that await, other then the boredom, is that my driving school hasn’t sent me the stuff I give to the bigwigs at the secretary of states place to get my first license, so I won’t be able to drive up there for hour credits towards my permanent license.

Other blunt human errors plaguing me right now is that I got my picture taken for school and picked up my schedule. I whet school pictures, my folks shell out 40 bucks to see me try and smile, even worse they made me wear the exact same outfit as last time. So they paid 40 bucks to get a picture that looks exactly the same as last years. I asked her if we REALLY needed to get it, and she gave me a dumb speech on ‘being remembered in the yearbook, and the pictures show your growth through the years, blah blah blah.” I don’t give two or even one shit about being remembered by my classmates, as they are almost all degradable forms of sentient life. Plus I’m not buying the yearbook, high school sucked the fun out of yearbooks that brought us all joy in middle and elementary school. We get are yearbooks the November or THE FOLLOWING YEAR. Also we are not allowed to get people to sign them and the things cost an ungodly 70-90 Bucks and weight at least 5 pounds. As for showing my growth as a person, I haven’t grown since last year, vertically or horizontally. That tandem with my ridiculous outfit made this years photo exactly the same, if my school id’s didn’t have big bold year numbers on them incase retards don’t remember I wouldn’t be able to tell this years from lasts. And my schedule was also fucked up, apparently im taking Precalc B & A at the same time. Our school started using trimesters instead of semesters and its helped the low funding for the schools reach a new low. Soon they’ll be using sponges instead of urinals I swear. They also forced me into 2 classes I didn’t want to take: psyche and minority voices.

Wow this is turning into an epic rant…

Went over my friends place the other day where me, them and my sister had deep intellectual talks about all those important things in life. Like why if women knew what men think they’d never stop slapping them ever, or how exactly dogs have sex (My sister asked if dogs have “Woo-Hoo’s”……and she skipped a grade) then again in any other situation eating pizza and playing with lighters that don’t work cause we dropped them in a big bowl of ramen doesn’t seem very intelligent on the whole.

We also went with them to my dad’s softball party, we eventually evacuated to the basement of the house because very interesting smells started springing up after dinner there. I also ate a full pound of hamburger meat in front of my vegetarian sister. After which we watched Austin powers and snooped around the basement and found interesting objects…

Something great happened in the last few days though. Carl Rove Got fired, for those of you who don’t watch the news cause its almost as depressing as looking outside, or are part of the unthinking masses Carl Rove is the third most evil person in America behind Dick Cheney and K-Fed. In all seriousness he’s the presidents advisor, basically he was the guy thinking for bush, in the bad scandalous sort of way. So there was much jubilations by me and my Democratic buddies, for all you republicans still clinging around here you’d be doing the same thing if Clinton got capped tomorrow.

Unfortunately I still have summer reading to take care of. I’m currently reading ‘fast Food Nation” and haven’t even picked out what two other books I will read. To make matters worse the reading list has typos, our ADVANCED ENGLISH summer reading list has TYPOS. And pretty bad ones too, I don’t know if im supposed to read 2 nonfiction books or 1 fiction and 1 non fiction. My recent relapse in videogame playing hasn’t helped either.

More albums for the 1001 list

Arcade Fire
The Rolling Stones - Exile on Main Street
Beck - Odelay
Franz Ferdinand - Franz Ferdinand
Bjork - Medulla
The Doors - Morrisson Hotel

Not all that good ones in my opinion although Beck does have a song called “MTV Makes Me Want To Smoke Crack” and Franz Ferdinand had a couple of songs that I liked. Bjork was crippling, I could even get through her last album I tried to listen to for the list cause my cd played refused to play it after track 3 or 4.
Well I will be back in a little over a week, hopefully I can finish my other 2 books and finish a picture I’ve been working on. Until then I will be enjoying the crisp cleaner air of up north and listen to my sister grumble about how she can’t watch MTV up there. (No cable, lolz)

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