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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

   Hi Everyone!

Hi people! I hope I can stay on longer and at least update every 2 or 3 days. I miss the otaku!!

I think I'm going to start drawing again, but i'm not too good at it. I might start making my own manga/story thing.

I'm feeling better, but i'm still not eating, i'm afraid of throwing up. It's weird though, I haven't lost any weight since i've been sick. I could starve myself for weeks and not loose any but eat a steak and gain five pounds....

My dad brought home a little puppy that he found out at a friend's farm. The old lady there couldn't buy dog food so she would let them run wild so they could get their own, but this puppy just gave up so he brought him home. He's black with two front white paws (it looks like he's wearing gloves) and his fur is really thick and matted. I couldn't get all of the stickers out last night. He's really gentle though, he likes to sit with me and watch t.v. But he's skin and bones. You can feel his hips, rib cage, and his shoulder bones. You can't see it because of all his hair. We tried giving him some food and he ate it, but threw it up and ate it again. He can't hold it in because he's starved himself so much. We're going to see if we can't nurse him back to health.

I don't know what to call him. Anyone have any ideas? He's a mix, he's part cowdog, part sheperd, part wrought wiler (sp?) and part something else. He's got cute little floppy ears though.

How're y'all doing? Does anyone else have spring break from school? Anything special planned? I'm trying to change my background but it's not working....I think. I can't see it.

I'll try to visit sites and stuff before I go lay down again. I took some pain medicine for my head and stomache but it's not working.

:) have a great day!
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Friday, March 9, 2007


Man, I haven't been on in a while. I'm so sick. I have pneumonia (Is that how you spell it?) I feel awful, I've missed 4 days of school this week and now it's spring break. Throwing up isn't fun and i'm tired of it.

I need to work on my site, and I need to visit all of your sites too. I'm taking medicine and I'm tired of laying around. So I'm just gonna check on my e-mail (I have 51) and see if I can't visit people and fix my site. Then I'll go lay down again (which is what I've been doing) But I can barely lift a glass of water.

It was my birthday Wendsday, February 28....So now i'm 15...Yay!

Same things as usual, school sucks, my principals a pervert, my dad is still an abusive alcoholic and i hate him and everyone hates me. including life....

Oh well

Have a nice day.
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Thursday, November 2, 2006

   I'm back!!

I'm back! but I don't know how long that'll last...I'll try to get on as many times as I can, thank you to all of you who come by my site, I'll try to catch up and visit yours back **thinking**(it's just a computer, why bother? They're just random people on the internet, it's not like they care)** I'm so messed up right now

I'll try to sum it up so it won't be long.

First my Aunt got NASH, a liver disease(she could die, it's not working anymore and she needs a new one within a month at least) and the people won't treat her right away, first they have to do tests, and the first one is scheduled in 2 weeks!! we might not have a X-mas or Thanksgiving, then I didn't win my band competition, we made it to Area, but not to State and then some mean kids in the band blamed it on us(i'm trying to make it short, there is a whole lot more to the story) and we cried, i talked to some juniors and they said the band has gone downhill, the people were nicer last year. We have a major game tomorrow, between our two rivaling high schools, (they've beat us 2 years in a row), Everyone hates me at school, even my teachers and "friends", i've had ton of homework and tests (you can't believe),My biology teacher has been doing things in my class( i'm not going to say) So I told my principal and had a meeting with them and my teacher kept givning my bad looks the whole time, so my principal decided to question other students to see if it was true and they denied it, so then he told my mom I was a liar and I needed a stern talking too ARRRGGGHHH, I hate my biology teacher (I wanna cry, and not just for that either, I'm so stressed out!!) My goat is doing good though,But I need to train him to walk on a show chain(he keeps choking himself to death) and I need to teach him to push(it shows off his muscles to the judge) He's hopeless so far, I bought him a coat yesterday but it was too big so my mom sewed it up, and a ton of other things. I need money, a lot of it, and more sleep. I'll try to see what's up with y'all and i hope your all doin' fine! Hopefully I'll be able to get on more in the summer and things will get better by then. In case I don't get on until then, Happy Holidays!! Hope u have a good time


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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

   I'm Sorry

"I'm sorry for that last post. There's a softmore I know named James who got on my site because I didn't log off on the school computer. I'll try to get on soon. I lvoe you all. (I'm not a loser :( James is mean)"

This is TimTwins13....ostrich=evil's twin...Teh Evil Twin....she is busy right now and cant get on. MWUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!
i would like to take this time to say........ SQUIRRELS ARE EVIL!! FEAR THEM FOR THEY THROW ROCKS AT YOU!!

*ahem* that is all ^^

~I'M Teh Evil Twin~
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Monday, October 16, 2006


you did not log off
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Thursday, October 5, 2006

   Hi EvErYbOdY!!

I'm soooo sorry! I've been soo busy.I haven't been on in a while and it's going to take me a while to visit all y'alls sites. Right now i'm in my school library and the bell is going to ring in 3 minutes. I'll try to get everything going again soon, but it's going to be slow. Tonight I have a band concert, tomorrow there's a game, and Saturday we have our first contest. Wish us Luck!!

Like I said, I hope everyone is well and i'll try to get everything moving along soon. wish I couldtalk more!


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Saturday, August 26, 2006

   Hi everyone!!!

Sorry I haven't been on in a while. I've been busy with school. What really makes me mad though is that the first two days I had my schedule down and I new where everything was and I loved my teachers, but then they changed my scehdule (without telling me they were) and put me in the 9th grade "Academy"......The Academy sucks, I don't care what you think. Sure you get to go on feild trips and stuff, but all the teachers suck....except for one, but I hate it. And I can't get out of it either. they're all like "Well, once your in it, you can't get out" and "If we let you out, every one else would want out too" ......I was like, yeah, there would be a reason for that.....so I was pissed, but I guess I have to get used to it. It's just putting lables on people. They said it's a group of students who meet the criteria that are randomly picked by a computer. But what also makes me made is they changed my lunch. They have two lunches, A lunch and B lunch. Before they changed my perfect schedule I had B lunch with all my friends. Now I have A lunch and there's no one I know there. It makes me mad......

The best thing about my High school though is that the Library has Mangas!! Yes! They have MANGAS!!!! But just some, some i've never heard of, but they're very good, but they go fast, so I try to check the library every day. There is this one manga called The Tarot Cafe and I love it, I want to see if they have the 3rd volume (i've read 1 and 2), i've seen the 4th one so I know someone's checked it out. They'res also The Candidate for Goddess, Ragnorock, Fruits Basket, Desert Coral, PhD, Oh My Goddess, and a lot of others. The volumes may vary, but it's sooo cool XD

But what makes me happy is my Ag class. (Agriculture) I'm gonna raise a goat and I just got him today. He's soo cute. He's got a good coat and his loins are huge and he's really wide and square in the back (that's a good thing) I don't know what to name him though. He got me sweating today. I tied him up and petted him so he could get used to me (he's just a baby) Then I tried teaching him to lead. It's really hard, he's kinda stubborn, but he didn't want me to leave at the end of the day..... Here are some pictures"

He's so cute!! I'm really tall though.....I'll try to visit everyone's sites. What I don't like is that most of my friends on myo don't even visit my site. The most comments I get are 9. I visit everyone when I can. but no one visits me. And I can't put it on a post or anything because practically no one visits my site. N E ways, I'll try to get on whenever I can, tell ur friends (and some of mine, since they won't visit) about my goat pictures and tell them to look at him, he's sooo cute, I love him so much!! What should I name him? He's always jumping when I try to lead him and he's just so cute!!

see ya'll later! d^^b Have a nice day

P.S. Look at my art, I did a funny comic when I had lunch with my friends, v&c please =3
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Wednesday, August 9, 2006

   Hi Peoples!!

Sry I haven't been on in a while, Like i've been saying, that's going to happen a lot. I start school on the 15th ( :p ) and Today I was supposed to go to band practice but I have a really bad upset stomache. Hopefully I'll go tomorrow and I'll have to ask my friends if we did anything important today.

I've been studying my drill charts and I've got a hard position. But the girl behind me was really getting on my nerves yesterday. We were in our positions and when we moved to the second one she kept saying stuff like "Your spot is right there! NO!, Over to the left, up, up, UP!! You have to remember your spot!!" And she kept doing that over and over and over. But the thing is, there were about 7 empty spaces infront of me where some people were supposed to be marching who I was supposed to follow so I had no help at all and i'm just a FRESHMAN!!!!



But I love going to practice and working hard ever day in 102 degree heat and nearly passing out for 5 hours straight ^^ I wish I could have gone today....It just makes me feel lazy....

sry for the semi long post...I've been thinking about doing a fan club for something but I don't know.....

Here's a picture of my twin sister and I in part of our band uniforms:

I'm the tall one, lol, I didn't realize how funny it looked.

I like the blue jackets better, I've never worn it, but I've seen them and they go a little lower and look cooler....

Oh, and my friends new sites are
Fullmetal16 and Paper947 they're twins too d^^b

I'll try to visit your sites and everything, Good luck for the new school year!

d^^b Have a nice day!!
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Tuesday, August 1, 2006


Sry I haven't been on in a while. I'm not feeling well and I think i'm gonna die from band. Practice isn't too bad (yeah right) but we've been practicing for 5 hours in 100 degree weather for only 3 days and i've had enough! There's still about two weeks left of summer band, then school starts, yippee (....)

Ne ways, I'll try to visit everyone's sites, but I can't garuntee anything, I'M SOO SORRY, PLEASE FORGIVE ME IF I DON'T VISIT!! (Not many people visit mine n e ways even though i visit there's) but i'm not pin pointing anyone. I know some of you have been very busy or on vacation.....

N E Ways, I reccomended this site to my friends, they're twins too, and I'm working on their sites right now. When i'm done, i'll let you know and you'll have to go visit them d^^b

tonights a band party at the skating place, but i'm not sure i'll go beacuse i'm not feeling too well.

Again, sorry if I don't visit your sites, school's coming up and i'm gonna be busy, plus my mom uses the computer all the time for her work, so who knows when i'll get on...

d^^b have a nice day

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Monday, July 24, 2006


Look at this video I found:

It's soo funny....It's from some Anime Expo last year...The cosplayers did a good job.

Watch Kisame at the end, he's halarious. and some guy says "You just got served".

Otherwise, there is nothing else to say....im in a pretty bad mood....i'm kinda pissed, but then i'm not....I'm having very bad mood swings. don't mess with me...

I'll try to visit ur sites...I don't know if i'll be able to, but if i don't I'll make up for it...

d^^b Have a nice day

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