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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Random stuff, Movies, and Sunburn!!

HI, I can't wait until the new Pirates of the Carribean
movie comes out. I LOVE Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp,
almost as much as I like anime. What other movies do you
like? or what movies have or do you want to see? I wanted
to see The Pink Panther, Hoodwinked, Over The Hedge, and
Cars, but my mom wouldn't take me. She wouldn't even drop
me off at the movie theater. But I know she's definitly going to
take us to Pirates of the Carribean and the new Harry Potter
movie when it comes out.

I got a sunburn at band camp by just walking around.
My face hurts and so do my arms....Right now i'm
watching Montel and in a minute High School Stories
is going to come on. it's a show where they have
High School students tell you about pranks they pulled
on their schools. They showed this one where some
seniors built a giant purple bunny full of cement in the
front lawn of the school. They had to rent a fork lift thing
just to get it off. Then the students who did the prank
made posters that had pictures of the bunny and said
"remember the bunny" and then they nailed another bunny
to the roof, this time they only did the head because
they didn't want to build a whole new one again. They
put purple signs saying "remember the BHS Bunny"
and "The BHS Bunny is Back" This time one of them
got in trouble because they found out that the wood used
in the bunny was leftover from their theater departments
and one of the guys who was involved in the prank was the
only one who had acess to that department and stuff.
He got a 3 day suppensioin and had to pay some money
but he didn't give any names of the other people who
did it so he's a pretty good friend. I like that show.....


I haven't been getting enough sleep lately. My sister
keeps insulting me every time she opens her mouth, and
my feet still stick out of my bed!! I can't get a bigger bed
because 1) too expensive, and 2) there wouldn't be enough
room for it. I'm only 5 foot 11 inches. I'm not that tall, right??......


never mind, But still, my bed is too short for me,
I have to share a room with my sister and we have
twin matresses. They aren't that big....

My sister got her tonsils out today, I just talked to
her on the phone. She's in recovery right now and
my mom said she'd be home any minute. I'm hungry
.....I wonder if it would be okay if I cooked some ravioli....
N E Ways, I got my tonsils out in the 4th grade so I can't
get them out again....Or can I?......

My glasses are crooked, I bent them on accident
yesterday and I thought it was a dream until I put
them on this morning. Now everything is kind of magnified
and weird looking. N E ways, I'm gonna stop here, My
computer is vey slow, and I got tired of waiting for it to load
so I took a shower.

ttyl, I'll try to visit your sites d^^b

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I'm back from band camp....We had our concert
on Saturday, My friend got the guitar part for jazz
band (i couldn't try out because i don't own an
electric guitar) and she used her dad's guitar
(he has like 3). I was holding it and playing on it
while the symphonic band was warming up and
stuff and I saw my mom so I went to go say hi to
her. She was ordering a dvd they make every year,
When it comes in I'll have to tell u about it, but my friend's
dad was just coming in and I didn't know who he was
but he was giving me a weird look because I was holding
his guitar. He came up and asked me where Kristy was
(my friend) and I was like, "oh.....She's over there....I'm just
keeping her guitar strap warm...." I gave him a weird grin and
I just felt like an idiot.....he probably thought I was retarded.
Ne ways, the food was awesome, but on the second day
the cheer leaders came. They have all kinds of camps going
to that college, but the only time you see the other people is
when you go to lunch. two of my friend, Kyle and Jaykob, said
that the cheerleaders were hot, and my other friends and I
just stared at them and joked with them at lunch every day.....
My friend told me a long while ago that they're 4 groups of people:

Band Nerds (that's me!)
Ork Dorks (orchestra)
Choir Liars (no offense to anyone)
Cheer Queers (again, no offense to anyone)

Ne ways, I had fun, did i mention the food was good? I
ended up going swimming because my mom bought me
a bathing suit and said i'd better go simming or she'd do
something horrible to me. In my music appreciation
class we listend and talked about music like Bach, Hayden,
and Wolfgang Amedaeus Mozart (I didn't know his full
name until now and our teacher made it very clear that it's
pronounced 'mot-zart' with a 't'. We had a piano and the
teacher found out I could play piano and asked me to play
something for them (there were only 5 people in that class)
but I said no, and a 7th grader from my school named John
said he wanted to play and he only new 2 songs, The Rugrats,
and Super Mario, I love both of those, it was fun.....

on Friday and Saturday there was a huge thunder storm 2
nights in a row, and the power went out both times!!!! on Friday
I was watching a movie that I had already seen so that
didn't bother me much, but on Saturday the power turned
off right when Naruto came on, THE NEW EPISODE!!!! AND
I MISSED IT!!!! The power didn't come back for like 5 HOURS!!!
! It cut off right when.....I think it was the Hokage who asked
Anko..... But anyways, someone asked Anko about Kabuto's
background and she didn't even say 2 words, 2 WORDS!!!
and the power flickerd out for 5 HOURS!!!! I missed Naruto,
One Peice, IGPX, Inuyasha, Fullmetal Alchemist(even though
I've already seen tat episode like 3 times), and Eureka 7....
Could someone tell me what happend?!?!?!? PLEASE?!?!

That's all I can say right now, I would write more but My
computer is very messed up and I'll try to visit everyone's site......
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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Band Camp!!!

Band camp is awesome so far....I MADE HONORS BAND!!!!!!
That's really good! That's the top band where most of the
'talented' people play in. I'm 2nd chair. They have symphonic
and Honors band, about 6 of my friends made symphonic,
and 5 made honors, give or take a few....The food is AWESOME!!
You can get seconds, and thirds if you want, and they
have Dr.Pepper, Cherry coke, Root Beer, anything, you name
it!! It's way better than Middle School food!...........The only
bad thing is that it's really hot. I've been sweating nonstop
these past two days! I wish I chose flag class, but my mom
wouldn't let me. This year they're holding flag class in the
school curch where it's nice and cool. But i'm glad I didn't
choose marching fundamentals, my sister almost did....That
class is in the after noon when it's really hot, and they have
to march outside for a whole hour in this blistering Texas heat.
The lowest it's been this week is 99 Degrees!!!! So it's very hot
outside, and the band hall where we practice barley has any air
conditioning. We spend most of our time in little rooms on the
second floor. Actually, it's not even a second floor. It's just a
huge square building that's very tall, and Has two stair cases on
the left side of the hall one on the side of the room across from
you (if you were standing in the door way) and one on the same
side as you, and there'e this little balcony thing that goes around
the hall on three side, the fourth side is covered by curtains
to hide the bare wall. On the balcony thing (for lack of a better
word) are over 15 little tiny, hot, non sir-contitioned, steamy
rooms that you could barley fit 8 people in, some of them can
barley fit 3. That's were we spend most of our time, if ur a clarinet
or some other un-fortunate instrument asigned there for that
certain session or what ever. But it's fun non than less... My schedual is:

9:00..........Band Rehersal
10:00..........Music Appreciation
2:00..........Band Rehersal
3:00..........Recreation Activities
4:00..........Woodwind Ensemble/Choir
5:00..........Go Home

On Saturday we have a concert, and on Thursday, at 3:00-5:00
we can either swim in the pool, or watch a movie. I have to go,
I'll talk more about the subject later and try to visit every one's
sites when I can.
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Monday, June 5, 2006

   Band camp!

I'm going to band camp again this year!! It's soo much fun!
This will be the last time though, but my sister is coming
with me this time, she'll have a good time, I hope. So I'm
going to band camp June 12-17, and I have summer band with
my high school July 27-28, and August 1-11. So I'm
going to be playing my calrinet all summer, but i'm not
complaining, I like playing the clarinet, I wish i could have
played the violin though....

This morning my sister ate ice cream for breakfast becaus
e she told my mom it has more iron than lunch meat
so she got away with it!ARRGGGHHHH!!!! She's soo annoying,
she's always getting her way with things like that. I had to
eat plain toast for breakfast, but she got ice cream! Is that not

At least I can look forward to band camp, anime shows, and
that danny phantom movie that's coming on Friday....
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Thursday, June 1, 2006


School's been out for two weeks now and i've got nothing to do. My friends keep calling every day beause they want to go play tennis with me and my sister, but my mom's been working and we have no way to get there, It's been KILLING ME!!! Hopefully we'll get to play sometime this weekend or next week.... I've also been wanting to go run a couple of blocks and run to the park which is also several blocks from my house but I can't go alone and my sister won't go with me because 'her knees hurt'. But I guess it's not her fault. She says we'll go running when she feels better......... I have drawn more pictures so feel free to look at my porfolio.....I hope summer lasts as long as it can, even though it's like 102 degrees outside I don't mind (i'm used to the heat) But I want it to last as long as it can because I'm going to High School next year and I'm going to be a fish (A freshman). High School is a big and scary place....I DON"T WANT TO GO THERE!!! YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!!!! *Runs away throwing debris in the way so the school counselors and principals can't catch me*
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Sunday, May 7, 2006


Does anyone watch Tuckerville? It's a really good t.v. show with Tanya Tucker and they follow her around and see what she does on a daily bussiness. They also film her children and stuff, and her son, Grayson, and his friend, Nelson, are really funny. They're always pulling stunts and messing with their babysitter, Kerk. (if you don't know ,Tanya Tucker is a famous country western singer) My favorite episodes are the ones where Grayson and Nelson try to hook up Kerk with an online-blind-date, and the one with the haunted house where the family gets back at Grayson and Nelson for pulling stunts on them and stuff. What are your favorite episodes (if you've seen it before)
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Saturday, May 6, 2006

   Medieval Times ROCKS!!!

I went to Medieval Times for my eighth grade trip at school. It was really cool. I had to go to school at 6:00 in the morning and board these charter buses. They were really cool, and comfortable. I sat by my friend, Angela, (she got the window seat and I hate her for it) and my friends Nicole and Rachel sat in front of us. At medieval times all the girls and some of my teachers were jealous because my group got the green knight, he looked like Orlando Bloom Jr., he was soo hot!!! and he looked good in his outfit.

And all the guys that went to my school were lined up in the lobby/gift shop area around the princess (she was one of those gorgeous blonde hair blue eye types with a skinny barbie doll figure) and they were taking pictures, talking to her and, yeah, basically flirting with her. It was funny to see all of them over there.

At medieval times there are six kingdoms and a knight from each kingdom participates in a tournament to celebrate the end of some kind of war or something, but the kings' brother was murdered during that, so it's kind of in his honor too, i can't remember the names of the knights, but i know the colors:
The Red Knight
The Blue Knight <--(the second Hottest, flirted with my science teacher)

The Green Knight <--(mine, the HOTTEST)
The Yellow Knight
The Red and Yellow Knight
The Black and White Knight

All the people and characters there had those deep Medieval voices and accents, you know what i'm talking about, and their outfits and the decor was really cool!! It was awesome!

When some of the knights would win a sport (they did sports and stuff for the beginning entertainment) the princess would drop them flowers from the balcony and they would go to their sections (everyone sat at a different section the same color as their knight) and they would kiss a flower and toss it to someone in their audiences, all the girls were jumping up and trying to catch one ( i didn't get one, i tried though, he looked right at me too :( )and my science teacher Mrs. Welch got one from her knight, the red and yellow knight, and the blue knight was flirting with her( he winked at her and blew her several kisses) that was really funny.

When they jousted on horses sometimes they fell off and they would fight with swords and axes and stuff and sparks would come flying off their weapons and they would kick and stab eachother, (but it was fake, they did it really dramatically and you could really tell they were acting) but i had a lot of fun.

The knight who originally won was the black and white knight. When he kneeled down to be knighted for the tournament, he took his long blonde hair out of its pony tail and shook it like he was a super model or something and all the girls went crazy; they started cheering louder and waved their flags frantically (I have to admit, i was one of them ^_^;;)

But then the dude hosting the tournament stabbed him in his chest and tried to take over the kingdom. The three monks helping with the knighting cerimony threw off their cloaks and had on matching black and red outfits, (they were his minions) duh. Then the king wanted to have his head for betraying him (and we all knew this was coming because the great wizard, Cedric, fortold the future during the entertainment part and told us we were doomed and the murdered ghost of the kings' brother was trying to warn us that the traitor that killed him was within the knights realm, and there was a big arguement over that because the king kept insisting that all his knights were loyal to him and that the idea was perposturous) and all the remaining knights of the tournament went to capture him.

In the end, he was captured and the king asked his guests (that would be us :) )what should happen to him, should he live, or die? every one booed and gave a thumbs down and yelled "die! die!" or "death!!" or "Kill him!!' and so on, so this cool executioner dude came out with a huge axe and cracked a whip at him all the way back through the entry way (they didn't execute him in front of us, which is a real shame :) )

The food was great too. They gave us bread, a potatoe, a cookie, two rounds of pepsi, and a whole half of a chicken!!! You had to eat with your hands though, but I didn't mind.

Most of the time it was really dark and misty and very cool. The horses did cool tricks, and there were cool lights, and mist, and a falcon...

A lot of awesome stuff happend at medieval times, There were also a lot of sports and entertainment that the knights did for us before they fought. You should see if you could go to one. The plot and everything is basically the same at a local Medieval Times location near you. ^_^

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Saturday, April 29, 2006

   My RAMEN!!

ARGHH! Some people just don't care about other people's interests or obsessions. I like ramen, I'm obsessed with it, and my mom just bought some for me, but what does she do? She leaves it in the sack on the floor in the kitchen. Then it's sitting there for days until i even notices she bought it, and when i do, My dad sets his golf clubs right on top of it! So now all the noodles are crushed! It makes me want to cry... My favorite is creamy chicken, and my 2nd favorite is a four-way tie between mushroom chicken, oriental, beef, and pork. what are your favorites?
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Saturday, April 15, 2006


OWWWWWWWWW! I have a sunburn. And right on my three-day weekend of school too! I have it really bad, my dad took us fishing and we were only there for several hours,(about 6 hours on the lake) not that many right? And i have a very bad sunburn! I look like a lobster litterally,(i didn't put on sunblock) i might see if i can take a picture, it's really bad. I can't bend my arms or legs on account of i got burned right on the front and backs of my knees and elbows, my face hurts too and so does my neck. I can't even move my hair out of my face when it sticks to my forhead or something because my nails accidentally scratch my skin, and it hurts really badly! It took me like 15 minutes just to get to this computer because i can't bend my legs or anything because it hurts and stuff, and my house isn't that big either! I can't smile, or frown, or make and facial expressions, it actually hurts to blink too! Life is soo not fair!! I don't know if I'll be able to take it at school, with all that walking, and sitting in those desks, i don't know if i could keep my legs bent without crying, TAKS week is here too and i'll be sitting in the same desk for at least 3 hours trying to take a test, i dont know if i'll be able to concentrate hard enough to pass. That reminds me, i have to study for those too. I need more Aloevara.
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Monday, January 16, 2006

I went shopping

I went to this new bookstore called Books A Million, and they have the biggest manga selection i've ever seen!!! I bought three mangas, DNAngel, Get Backers, and Fruits Basket. They're sooo awesome, I can't wait to buy the next volumes, but i've spent all my money. I'm only 13 and I have no way of earning money, so i'll have to wait until i can find enough in the couch like i always do. I'ts not fair!!!!! There are soooo many mangas I want to buy, and so little time and money. Some of them are already out of print and life is just sooo frustrating, does anyone else have this problem? I'm addicted!! Here is a list of all the mangas i want/desperatly need (so far):

1. Yu Yu Hakusho, vol. 6 & up
2. Rurouni Kenshin, vol. 5 & up
3. Rave Master, vol. 3 & up
4. The Prince of Tennis, vol. 2 & up
5. Dragon Ball, vol. 3 & up
6. Fullmetal Alchemist, vol. 3 & up
7. Fruits Basket, vol. 2 & up
8. Get Backers, vol. 2 & up
9. DNAngel, vol. 2 & up
10. Gravitation, vol. 1 & up
11. Ranma 1/2, vol. 1 & up
12. Witch Hunter Robin, vol. 1 & up
13. Case Closed, vol. 1 & up
14. Bleach, vol. 1 & up
15. Inuyasha, vol. 1 & up
16. Naruto, vol. 1 & up
17. Gundam Seed, vol. 1 & up
18. Gundam Wing, vol. 1 & up
19. Chobits, vol. 1 & up
20. Final Fantasy VII, vol. 1 & up
21. Shaman King, vol. 1 & up
22. Card Captors, vol. 1 & up
23. Trigun, vol. 1 & up
24. One Peice, vol. 1 & up
25. Digimon, col. 1 & up
26. Boys Be, vol. 1 & up
27. Comic Party, vol. 1 & up
28. Cowboy Bebop, vol. 1 & up
29. Dragon Head, vol. 1 & up
30. Dragon Hunter, vol. 1 & up
31. Dragon Knights, vol. 1 & up
32. Dragon Voice, vol. 1 & up
33. .Hack, vol. 1 & up
34. Kingdom Hearts, vol. 1 & up
35. Loveless, vol. 1 & up
36. Mobile Suit Gundam, vol. 1 & up
37. Tokyo Mew Mew, vol. 1 & up
38. Shiawase Cook, vol. 1 & up
39. Death Note, vol. 1 & up

I am sooo addictive, I just might kill myself if i don't get every single manga ever made, there are still some i have yet to discover, if you have any suggestions or reccomendations on mangas, i'll be happy to add them to my long list that i will someday complete, i want to have the largest anime collection in the world!!! Also, if you think some of these mangas are bad, or aren't as good as some others, please tell me your comments.
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