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Sunday, July 6, 2008

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Iíve came to the conclusion that since I am lacking activity here on myOtaku Iíll be taking a leave of absences. Itís late for me to be saying this, but the dramatic changes that Adam did to theOtaku and myOtaku were great. Yet ever since then I have found myself returning less and less to myOtaku. I donít hate it. I found new goals to look forward to since I have many interests that I would like to pursue further. Plus, with the pressure from school, work, and personal interests, itís not leaving me with much time to spend on myOtaku or theOtaku. When time isnít my enemy anymore, I will return, but for the time being Iíll be absent and my profile will be a dead zone Ė for how long? It depends when time becomes my friend again.

I want you all to live with good health and be happy everyday ^_^

: : Ordinary Girl


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