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Saturday, February 23, 2008

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I think it is time I got rid of this layout. It is too bright and boring and it just needs to be changed. It won't be anytime soon since school has drained nearly all of my motivation energy.

How many times must I mention the word procrastinate? A trillion? I don't think I can ever rid this procrastinating bad habit of mine. I have 2 excessively long papers due on Monday and here I am sitting here typing away like an idiot. I'm really digging myself a grave. *smack self on the head*

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Monday, February 4, 2008

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Onee-chan,theblackERspot,SilentLucidity,Forgotten-Heart,EternalParadise,Anime snow girl, and noirassasin; Thank you so much for all of your advice. I really needed the assurance. I couldn't think and I just needed someone's opinion on what to do. I felt so helpless and you guys gave me reasons to make a clear choice. Although I still feel uneasy about my english class, at least now I could debate with better reasons. Thank you and I really mean it okay.

Even with all the feedbacks from you guys, I still haven't made up my mind on my english class. I am still giving it a shot to see how it goes. After this week I will make my final decision whether to stay or leave and take english another time. So far, the class is pretty tough. A lot of readings and class discussion which is (to me) extremely annoying.

I am currently suffering from overloaded hw and it's only the second week of school. This is just wonderful -_-; All I have to say is that I can't stop stressing. All of my classes are driving me insane.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

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January 29

School just started and I'm having the toughest time in my life making a decision (school-related of course). First day back to school was a pain. My brain wasn't present and I felt extremely dumb throughout the day.

I can't make up my mind whether I should drop my english class or just go through with it. I found out that my english professor is a total bias person. She likes to make things hard on student and assign a workload of homework each night and have a thing for stupid group discussion. She talks to you as if you are a 2 yr old. She's just terrible in my opinion and make me want to drop her class. But if I do, it's no guarantee that I will be able to get into another english course, so as of right now I feel so screwd up. Having her as a prof is like a curse. I don't know what to do anymore. This is my last year for english and I really want to get it over with, so I can't afford to drop it, but I really do. I don't feel up to the challenge this semester.

Sorry no replies, I can't think straight T_T

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

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January 24, 2008

I went back to campus yesterday to:
- Picked up books
- Update work hours
- Get train pass
- Check out the classrooms

And finally with all that done, Iím about set and ready to return to school this Monday. A new semester, and hopefully a new me as well. Study!Study!Study!




Anime snow girl:Donít worry about no commenting, you are fine, I wonít kill you^^ But it is a big difference seeing how you are about to go on break while Iím just getting ready for school. LOL. Thank you for the luck! Iíll need it!^^

FrownzDontSmile:Hello new buddy! Thanks for your first comment and for the good luck, Iíll need it! And good luck to you too since you are starting school soon. Best of luck!

SilentLucidity:Yes! You guessed it right. Iím in college alright and I love the long break, but we sometime donít get the regular holidays like how high school would have it which sucks but also itís only fair since we get an entire month off. I hope you are doing well in school^^

Zaku-chan:Yes Iím in college.LOL! but please donít feel stupid, itís because I never mention it and just sort of left it to people to guess. Yeah thatís why Iím taking a hell of a lot classes. So I know how you feel about college and now you know how I feel too^^. Oh right! The song is by a group call Perfume and the title of this song is call Perfect Star. If you have trouble finding the song, let me know and Iíll try to upload it for you so you can download it.

9Breaker:Hey nice to hear from you. Itís been awhile. No I havenít been that busy, just lazy^^LOL! Wow your bro must be taking a ton of classes if his is like mines. I hope he is doing okay. And I hope you are doing great as well.

Onee-chan:To dark desire if youíve forgotten your nickname^^ Yup it does seem like Iím starting school very late, but the longer my break is, the better^^ I hope you are doing great too.

Lys:Iím glad you understood how I felt about returning to school after a long break. I thought I was just paranoid, but you understood my feelings perfectly. Such a great buddy.

Shireishou:Hey I missed you too. Itís been so long! You havenít updated much either. Iím glad to hear from you *hugs* Thanks for the luck. I hope you are doing well too.

battery operated:LOL! Yeah school is a pain. I agree with you, but I must continue and be able to handle all those classes. I will try not to overwork myself this semester. Thanks.

Thanks for all the comments!!!

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

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January 23, 2008

Iíll be starting school soon. Yes I havenít started school yet. And NO Iím not a 5 yr old if the first sentence sounded like I never went to school before. LOL. Iíll be starting this coming Monday. My little winter break has been full of boredom and excitement. Starting school again is boredom to me. Iíll have to go back to campus sometime this week to get books and my train pass for the new semester. It feels weird everytime I have to go back to campus after a long break. I always feel like everything is new and strange to me even if in reality I have been there for awhile. Starting school again is nerve racking. I feel like Iím digging myself a graveyard because of all the classes Iím taking this semester. So overwhelming.

Everything seems so hectic to me. Time isnít on my side either =_=

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

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November 21, 2007
Finally it is Thanksgiving break! I waited forever for this break! I would have to be honest that I am more excited about being able to sleep in and just really relax than eating the turkey.

Iíve decided that I will let you guys choose your nickname since Iím sure you all will not be satisfied with what I came up with. So I will let you all choose. Make it simple for me.

Happy Holidays everyone! And have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Sesshy:Alright, I will be addressing you by this name since it is so much easier than typing down your entire username.
dark desires:LOL! You are going to call me nee-chan? Well okay. I suppose since I am younger than you it only makes sense you call me that. So, I guess I should start calling you onee-chan since you are older! I can call you that as your nickname, unless you want to choose one you like instead?^^ You are so lucky to be able to drink hazel nut coffee! I am so weird, I drink cold coffee or just any cold like ice cream all year round, even during winter too XD. OH! The song you were asking for is call ďDark Wave SurferĒ by ďAural VampireĒ. If you want the song and canít find it anywhere, I can upload it somewhere and have you download it from there^^. Ahahaha, Iím happy my weird comment on your post made you laugh, that was my attended goal!
theblackERspot:I couldnít think up of a good nickname for you without having you think it is stupid, so I want you to choose one for yourself that way youíd be happy with it.^^
I Am Manga:Yeah, 8 pages is just as horrible as mines. I hope you finished it on time.
deadly neko:Thanks for the concern, but for now on I am staying away from hazelnut coffee completely^^
voicesinsidemyhead:LOL! Itís funny to hear you get headaches from strawberry milk. I guess our heads just donít like certain drinks huh? But I donít think it is weird at all.^^
Angel Zakuro:I donít know what to call you. I thought about calling you Zaku-chan for short, but you probably donít like it, so I want you to choose okay? I knew you could never kill me! I am invincible!LOL!LOVED! I am loved!*hugs* I hope your birthday went very well! I canít believe your autobio went to 20 page! Thatís a lot!!!! Iíd die!
noirassasin:I want you to choose your nickname! I didnít want to assign you one and then have you coming after me with a hammer!O__O LOL! Iíve defeated the school monster for this week, but the week after that, I think the school monster is going to eat me alive for sure!I think you need to lend me those pots and pans of yours to protect me from the monster!

I am so sorry that these replies are so late! I guess I wonít do any replies if it is a few days old. You guys probably forgot what you said to me.^^ either way, I love you all!

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

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November 13, 2007

STRESS-FREE!!!!! I love the feeling of being stress-free! I finished my research paper early! I donít have to be a all-nighter. YAY!!!!*dance around like a psycho person with pots and pans* Being a master at procrastinating, I usually donít finish my paper until 2am in the morning. Iím just EXTREMELY happy it is over. Err..not exactly. The hard part is over. All I need to do now is edit and revise, but that part isnít too hard.

I had some iced coffee earlier. I got a headache. I donít normally get headaches from coffee. But the iced coffee I drank was hazelnut and afterwards I felt dizziness. I finally figured it out. Coffee doesnít make me sick; it is the hazelnut coffee in particular that gives me headaches. I like hazelnut coffee but I usually get headaches afterwards, and so I just thought it was me. After not drinking hazelnut for awhile, I decide to buy one today and got headache. So Iím totally staying away from hazelnut coffee for now on since I know it gives me headaches. Bad hazelnut coffee!

Last but not least, Happy birthday to Angel Zakuro She deserves plenty of beautiful gifts. But being an awful friend like ďmeĒ, I havenít had the time to properly make her anything. *dies* XP but Iíll let her kill me if thatís what she wants.

End of Post!

Teapot Domescam:You must be amazing to get things done and still get such a good grade! Yeah you make perfect sense! Iíll admit I do work better in stress, but I donít like the feeling.UGH! I love you*hugs*

dark desires:LOL! Us procrastinator totally unite!!! I like the essay topic you chose. Writing about your bad habit of procrastinating is a brilliant idea! You are so lucky to get snow. I donít get snow at all T___T *hugs* I hope you feel better about your situation and choices. I Love you!

Magnus Lensherr:Walking in the rain to school is the best part! Sometimes it is so cool that we walking to school. At least you donít have to carry a gigantic portfolio to art class like me in the rain. That is the only part that isnít fun about walking in the rain because I have to protect my art portfolio with my entire umbrella while I suffer the rainís wrath. LOL! Yup and I totally skim through all of my articles. I think half my info on my research paper is wrong!LOL, but oh well. *hugs* thanks for the luck! I needed it! I Love you!

Sweet-Mizuki:I hope I get a good mark on my paper too. Too bad us procrastinator people never learn from past mistake. We know we are going to suffer for procrastinating, yet we continue to do it. AHAHA! I guess thatís what we get! Oh I know how msn could be so distracting. Thatís why I avoided msn for the longest and now Iím on it again, but not as bad anymore. Achievement for me! Oh! Thatís right the song. It is by ďAural VampiresĒ called ďDark Wave SurferĒ. I love you!

xxHopelessDesire:^^LOL! Another procrastinator like me. We will all unite one day and rule the world. I never seem to learn my lesson to whenever I procrastinate. Bad habit. Ahaha! Thanks for the luck. Indeed it helped me finish my paper early!*hugs* I love you!

Angel Zakuro:You had to do 10-12 pages in high school!!O___O the most Iíve done was 10 and that was bad enough! Thank you so much for the luck! I so needed it! And Happy birthday! You can kill me for being a horrible good for nothing friend.LOL!*hugs* I love you!

theblackERspot:Ew..Iíll never do a subject on American History, it is just too general. And I totally chose a topic that I have a few background info on, so that my life will be so much easier when I actually start typing the paper out. But thanks for the tip!*hugs* I love you!

LystikinenaXP:You are soooooo lucky you are finished with all your projects! Iím so jealous of you because you donít seem to procrastinate as much as me or the others here!LOL! And you were the only one who posted that said you adore the sunny days! I need to brainwash you and turn you into a horrible procrastinator and rainy day lover like us!LOL! just kidding. *hugs* I love you!

P.S.: I need to start assigning you guys nicknames for the replies, it will make my life so much easier. You all will have no voice in this decision!MUAHAHA!! I love you all.

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

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November 11, 2007

More craziness for me. It wonít be long until I have a miserable break down. My insane research paper that has to be 8 pages long is driving me nuts. I must complete this paper by Tuesday. I should have started earlier but being a procrastinator like me, I didnít, so now I am paying the price again. Just to be a tiny bit on the positive side, I actually started 2 days early!YAY! Yeah right, Iím still doom. 2 days isnít enough for me. I need more time to read over 10+ articles in order to support my paper so that it doesnít seem like Iím plagiarizing. Letís hope a miracle happens.

It rained today. It was such a gloomy day. But it was beautiful. I loved every moment of it. I wish it rain more often. But I guess I wonít be seeing any for awhile. I checked the forecast, and no rain for the rest of the week. I am disappointed. Stupid global warming!! Letís hope another miracle happens.

end of post I love you guys

dark desires:Too bad to hear your life is just as busy as mines. LOL!
Teapot Domescam:Trust me you do not want to experience those evil research papers again. Iíll be happy to at least get a C. It is so tempting for me to just BS through the entire 8 pages.
Hitsukuya:BAKA!!*b-slap* Look whoís back!*hugs* I bet you arenít even here to read this. *b-slap again* Of course I am surprise to see you here! I bet you donít come here anymore because you donít get enough love? I canít believe we are killing ourselves just doing all these paper. *burns homework* MUAHAHA!
Angel Zakuro:LOL! Yeah I know my song is pretty short *slaps song*. At least I know Iím not the only one busy in school, since you are pretty busy yourself.
chezaswulf:Thanks for layout comment. Yeah I would agree that the person who drew this alice in wonderland was trying to be original. I thought it looked okay. LOL!
noirassasin: Iíve missed you too! *hugs* Iíve tried waking up at different times, but I usually get the same results, headache. Yeah, I agree. I must hang out with my pillow more often, but Iím scare my laptop might beat me up T___T it might just eat my fingers while typing. But if I donít hang out with my pillow Iím afraid it might choke me to death at night O___O *shivers*. Maybe Iíll just cheat on both their backs with candies. LOL!

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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

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November 7, 2007

I need a little time off of my hectic life. It seems things are becoming more and more hectic for me lately. I have a research paper to do and the readings for this assignment seem to be extremely long. Furthermore, time doesnít seem to be on my side either which makes things a lot worse.

Lately, Iíve been trying to find time to work on some outside projects such as graphic stuff, but I believe that wonít be happening anytime soon; therefore, Iím looking forward to Thanksgiving break to spend time with myself and my laptop.

I am absolutely tired, I need the extra hours to sleep in, but I often get headaches when I get too much sleep so now I feel as if my entire sleep cycle is screwed up.

End of post!! Enjoy the rest of your day!

I want to thank :
9Breaker, Angel Zakuro, Arduous, dark desires, EternalParadise, Forgotten-Heart, Furry-Chibi, heaven alight, LystikinenaXP, Magnus Lensherr, N.O.A.F, noirassasin, slowness, and Teapot Domescam
For all of the lovely comments you left me on my previous post. I enjoy reading every one of them and it makes me so happy. You guys are what keep me sane. LOL! I apologize for not doing replies because it has been more than a month since you all last read the post. XD I love you guys, so donít kill me. *hugs*

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

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Hello everyone!featuring NEW SITE DESIGN!!
Long time eh? I've miss you guys. I can't believe my class schedule for this year is so much busier than last year.

Just a few days ago I paid a few visits to some of you guys who updated. Indeed I'm jealous of those who are able to update daily. It makes me feel like such a slacker that I don't even want to begin to compare myself to you guys.LOL^^

I made a new wallpaper(alice in wonderland) the other day and surprisingly it seems like it was a good hit, although I don't know whether it got featured or not. By the time I got home to check up on it, it was a bit too late so I really don't have a clue if it was featured. But that's okay^^! It makes me happy still that many liked it, that's all that matters to me^^

I hope this school year will go great for everyone of you. Take good care and I will make sure to pay as much visits as possible^^ so please have faith in me! It might not be everyday, but I sure will come by your site whenever I get the chance!*hugs*


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