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Thursday, August 5, 2004

Kamiakume: KESSAN!
Kamiakume: Kessan!
Chapter 0...... Preloude. (part 1)

BOOM as the lightning strikes the wet ground, drenched from the rain. The clouds of darkness loom over head as to powerful beings battle.
"KYAA!" shouts Jubie as he engages Lord Ilpalazzo in his final battle
"MHA HA HA HA!!!" laughed Ilpalazzo, "Do you really think you can defeate me, Lord Ilpalazzo? You're only a mere mortal!"
"I'm more than you think, fiend!" Jubie growled as he continued to fight one.
Jubie was already in terriable condition. He already has had his left arm crushed by Ilpalazzo, but he knew he had to defeate this monster, either way, he would die.
"I could crush you, FOOL!!!" shouted Ilpalazzo "I'm a Demon Overlord! What makes you think you can even survive me?!"
"THIS!!!" Jubie screamed
Jubie fucuses his remianing energy and lifeforce into his sword. The sword transformed into a large silver, orintal styled Bastard Sword. The sword started to glow, giving off a blinding, peircing light. As the light hit the body of Lord Ilpalazzo, it rang in intense pain.
"W-WHAT IS THIS?!! I-I'M IMMORTAL! I-I CAN'T D-DIE!!!" Ilpalazzo screamed out in pain "THIS CANNOT HAPPAN!!!! DIE!!!!"
Ilpalazzo lunges toward Jubie with his bladed arm.

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