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Monday, August 7, 2006



sorry i haven't been able to visit everyone these past few days! i promise i will this time! hehe!

oh and thanks to all the suggestions on the drawings! i'll try to keep them in mind. but i don't think i'll be able to do anything with the drawing this week since it's my midterm exam week. gah!

to EAMR, yes i erased the hand cause i just couldn't get it right!!! it was annoying me! the paper was starting to get all smudged!! waaahh!! lol. but i still am thinking of putting it back there. it's just gonna take some time

to Lego...uhh...i don't know...i don't think anything's wrong with the hips...but if i do i'll change it. the more i scrutinize my drawings the more faults i'll find so yeah. might see something wrong with it. ^^ and yes, they're very solid xD hahaha!

anyway, i don't have that much time now. so i'm gonna visit ya'll and get back to my studying (unless i'm sleepy by the time i finish. there's so many who posted today!! eek!!!)



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Got this from one of EAMR's posts long time ago. hehe!

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