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Sunday, August 6, 2006

repost of my post!

i have another fanart up! it's an original fanart by me! hehe! of course i used references. pretty hard to look for them since my parents might pass by and ask why i'm looking at pictures of men with abs. ahahaha!

What Do You Think?

i did enjoy looking through all of 'em though. hahahah!

anyway, i hope you guys check it out even though it's not really finished yet and even though it's not taken from some other anime. i really prefer to make my own. and i just wanted to get opinion on it whether i need to change something or something ^^ hehe

please vote and comment!

maybe you guys should get used to my reposting my post when there's a fanart involved. haha!

oh and he's not a pedofile. nothing sexual about it. just love drawing abs. besides i know most of you girls/women out here like to see them on boys/men too ^_~

oh and sorry for all the note thingies beside the drawing. i do that a lot so i won't forget what kind of editting i need to do the next day. hehe


Monthly Crazy Animations


Got this from one of EAMR's posts long time ago. hehe!

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