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Sunday, July 30, 2006

howdy everyone!

yesterday was a bit of a crappy day but guess what???

on friday afternoon during my last class i left my binder which had the tickets to the acquaintance party and the theatrical play i'm supposed to watch for our english class to be used the next day (saturday)

yesterday i went back to the classroom (i had to run around and ask around to get the room open cause it was locked) but my binder wasn't there.

i went to the students' affairs office but the working-student in charge of the lost and found thing wasn't there. only half day the guy said. and he couldn't do anything about it.

by then i was on the verge of crying. seriously. then a friend of mine came to me and tried to comfort me. she couldn't do anything actually. we just sat there quietly for a while then we just headed on to our Bible Enthronement which was in another campus.

during the Bible Enthronement one of my classmates just gave me one of her tickets. but i actually bought 2 tickets (the ones in the binder) for me and my older sister cause we love broadway plays. i was sad and though i'd just buy another one when we get to the cinema (yes, it was played in the cinema. there's a big ass stage in front of the big ass screan)

when we got there we found my schoolmate and my sister's friend from a theatrical play they also played in before. his name is Edison. and some other guy Seth who only my sister knows. THEY GOT US IN!!! I DIDN'T EVEN HAVE TO BUY ANOTHER TICKET!!!

OH YEAH!!! =makes Sakura face=

and the freakin' play was awesome!!! and Edison's gonna let my older sister borrow his cd of the play!!! OH YEAH!!!

waaahhh!!! i can't tell the story in detail but if i can i'll pick a part and show it in youtube or something then post it here. if i can even do that. lol

and today all of us in the house were just lazying around!!! hahaha!!! cause there wasn't any electricity. so me and my sisters just played casino (the board game). we got bored already. haha!

and we didn't go to mass today! which i didn't even have to go to in the first place cause i had an anticipated mass yesterday! hahaha!!! what a surprise my parents didn't go..xD

sorry for the long-ish post!! gtg now!


Edit: would anyone be willing to make me an avatar of Joe don Rooney? (the guy who's pictures are all over my site. lol) i'm not forcing anyone though. just those who would be willing. to. hehe! if you need pictures just PM me or whatnot. hihi! but i'm sure you can find enough pictures in www.rascalflatts.com or if not google him xP

i'd make them myself but i don't have photoshop. argh!!!


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