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Friday, May 20, 2005

   Just came back from Oral exam^^

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Hi everyone!!
Ogenki desu ka?

I just did my English Oral....IT WENT SO WELL!!!
It was like kids' stuff!It was more like a discussion group thing than an oral where you talk in front of the class...
When it was my turn,I wasn't nervous or anything...God,that felt good for once^^

I won't bew able to update often,cuz of school and such...Gomen...But,I'll check my PMs and try to visite you guys everyday!!!
I promise^^I sincerely apologize fro any incovience*bows*T-T
So please,don't delete me from your Tomodachi list!!!
I'll be back soon^^

If you haven't check out my latest fan art of Tohru and her mom(Kyoko),please do so^^Thank you*bows*

I'm thinking of keeping this layout for a while longer,Hehehe,big Lacus Fan^^
Next theme will be Sister Princess(featuring which sister...that I don't know yet...maybe Chikage, Haruka,Kaho or Sakuya...)as for the music...How does,"Simple and Clean by Hikaru Utada" from Kingdom Hearts sound?
My layout will be a lil different,I'll be trying some CSS codes...^^;
So,I'll change it next week^^

Have a great week-end everyone!!!!!

My friend Mi-chan drew me a pic of my in chibi style...my bros's bugging me,so I'll post it later^^Click Here to visit her!
Chibi NittlerGrasper^^

Here's a drawing of...well,me^^'
Click here to see^^

Pic of the day:Spiral~Suiri no Kizuna
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I would like to link you guys to my site,so that other ppl will go visite my tomodachi^^So if you have a button,please send it to me...or if you don't have one,I can make you one,just PM me^^

Thanks for reading!I appreciate it!*bows*Have a nice day!^^

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