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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

GOMEN!!! I'm sincerely sorry for not posting yesterday!!*bows*

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Hi everyone!!
Ogenki desu ka?

I didn't update yesterday...I had to work on my Poetry Handbook...That'll teach me to not do things at the last minute...LOL^^
My handbook was pretty good...How resourceful am I?!!!Hehehe^^
At lease,I was able to visite some of you last night^_^

Something weird happened to me before my last period...I was on my way to Math and this guy(He's in my class),accidently steped on my foot...I was wearing sandales(actully,they were flip-flops...Yes,we can were flip-flops to school^^It's so much more confortable^_^)Anyway...GOD IT HURTED!!!!!! He appoligized and then...HE GRABBED MY LEG AND KISSED MY FOOT!!!WTF!!!!
Last year,I got nothing and this year,a guy kissed my foot,another one is a total perv!!!Why do I attract perverts?!!!(The guy who kissed my foot isn't really a perv..he's just weird,but he's nice and very funny^^
Well,at lease not every guy who asked me out this years are pervs...Like Matt(the guy who asked me out recently...the one I did my manga on...^^;If you don't know what I'm talking about,go to archives...)Things are going great with him...we're friends that all,pur and SIMPLE!!!God,I love that word!!^^
But things are kinda complicated with Samantha...since she's the one who's in love with Matt,but Matt likes me...WHY??!!WHY AM I STUCKED IN THIS TWISTED LOVE TRIANGLE!!!!...LOL,that's a first!!"Love triangle"...sounds like a cheap soap opera...^^;

My friend Mi-chan drew me a pic of my in chibi style...my bros's bugging me,so I'll post it later^^Click Here to visit her!

Here's a drawing of...well,me^^'
Click here to see^^

Pic of the day:The lovely boys from Saiyuki!!
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I would like to link you guys to my site,so that other ppl will go visite my tomodachi^^So if you have a button,please send it to me...or if you don't have one,I can make you one,just PM me^^

Well,I'll be visiting you guys now!

Thanks for reading!I appreciate it!*bows*Have a nice day!^^

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