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Friday, February 16, 2007

Hoi!Hoi!! =3 How are you all doing??
Thank you for the lovely comments about the Oshitari bday pic I drew for Sophia ^0^
You guys are wonderful!!

My friend Mart just recently got into Prince of Tennis.She told me the most "hurtful" thing..ever!She said that she really hates the boys from Hyoutei Gakuen,especially Atobe!!!WTF?!!!
How can you hate those egocentric,self-loving bishies??!! They're so adorable =3
Hahahahah!Just to piss her off,I've made a lil graphic of the Hyoutei regulars(right side) and put Atobe(Cenipuri live-action ver.) as the footer XD Take that Martine!!!!

OMFG!!!!!!!BLEACH chap.263!!!!!!!Kaien goodness!!!Well somewhat...T-T

I'm glad that ppl like the music ^0^ Some of you never heard the song before...
The title is Zen me Ban and is sung be the tai 3 girl band; S.H.E (they're the one who sing the ultra popular among asian karaoke singer song; SuperStar lol I got to admit,it's a really catchy song ^^) =) The song is featured as the opening for manga-adapted into drama HanaKimi =3 Wu Zun goodness!!!!! X3 lol Here's a link to the PV =)
I think I'll put up a S.H.E song for the next rotation..how does that sound?

Yatta!!!My mom made pao pork steamed buns!!!!!I'll do my best to visit sites ^0^v Love you all =3 Ja!
P.S Atobe is my prince.Don't be jealous.I got skills.That's all.*winks*

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