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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Omg. I can't believe I'm actually posting. Hahaha xD I'm so sorry for neglecting this site and for not visiting you guys. But, I guess apologies aren't what you want... want more comments from me.. maybe? lol I'll try my best :D

Hope you're all doing well!!!!!

So new layout! Ft. Hôkago Hokenshitsu. Love that manga. Lately, I've trying to read more Shoujo x3

I really enjoyed the Mid-Automne festival. Ate lots of Moon cakes (now, I'm kinda sick of them xD) A fancy box of them cost about $20. But they were on sale during the festival for $16. My parents bought so many! xD (there's 4 cakes per box)

I can't wait til Halloween :3 Bought my costume online. Hahaha, I went through 3 other costume before getting the one I have now. First, I was going to cosplay a member of Akatsuki. Then, I changed my mind and went for Amane Misa. And after that, I came across an cute Base ball palyer costume. But then I realized that "Nasty Curses" was written on the chest Dx So, that's out of the question! I'll give the costume to one of my friends, I'm sure she'll be able to do some roleplaying with her honey xD Don't even want to know how much I spent for Halloween x_X; So in the end, I'm going as the Mad Hatter - girl version :D from Alice in Wonderland. The novel and (especially) the Disney movie totally freaked me out. The Cheshire Cat really creeps me out, yet I find him the most sane out of all the characters...
If I look decent in pics, I'll post some.

I haven't been drawing much these past few months. I feel so retarded.. But, I've submitted an entry for the Winter Con :D I'm planning on drawing more and I'll even try to enter the Doujin Con too. If only I can come up with something witty.

Hahaha, I've been in rabu rabu mode for the past few months >__> lol, I'll stop at that.

Wow, long post. Sorry. <3 I don't really expect ppl to read this nor comment. But if you did, wow, thank you so much! *gives you Moon cake*
Take care!

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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Today's a special day =D I would just like to wish all you fans out there; Happy NANA day!!
Click here for more details =)

lol I love July =3
Sorry for the lack of updates and more importantly, for the lack of visiting and commenting.

With lots of <3

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hoi hoi ppl!
I'm in such a better than in my last post =P I'm doing so dandy!! *big grin* Ok. Now, I sound like a psycho. Good. Meh. Funny, I'm so cheery, yet I got pwned so badly in badminton today. Shitto XD

It was the double's tournement. Dang, last class, we topped 2nd place in our block. Now, we got bumped off to 4th place. F=)ck. My teacher's pretty proud of my improvement. He says I'm a real powerhouse and got good reflexes. Though, I lack coordination -__-; I rock ppl's sock. I used to suck at smashes... now, I so rule!! *evil chuckle and now gets of her high horse* Ahem. Yeah.

Now, the reason why I'm so high on crack cheerful: hahaha..it's so cheesy.. how embarassing. ^///^ There's this guy in Badminton class \//##\/woosh\!# I think I'll stop there. =P lol

To be continued. Preview: The girl finds herself swept away by deep emotions. A wave of freshness washes down a greening shore. Is this the beginning of a new day? But before finding such bliss, she must fight against the harshness of the China Town's dark side. Next episode: Lost and Found *switches to commercial*

lol I know,WTF ??
Thanks for reading! ~Love you all!

ps: Added a bunch of new art =D (for those who missed my last post)

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Monday, May 21, 2007

You guys can skip this part =3

I'm posting pretty late.. it's like 9:00 pm here XD I just want to rant. So here goes... (Watch out for profanity) I'm in DEEP SHITTO!!! >_>; I've lost all my French books/papers and texts.. I think I left them on the bus. Crap. Tomorrow's the exam. Shitto. And to top things off, Montreal's public transport service is going on stike! Hah!F=)ck. WTH is going on?? But my teacher was ever so kind and he's letting me do my essay at home and bring it to him once the strike is over. Yatta.

I only have this week left 'til summer break. Danm,got way too much projects to finish + I have to study really hard for this make-up test. (I failed the last one with such a ridiculous mark *hangs head in shame*) but with the projets and all that shit, my average is 52%. I usually get pretty good grades, but this class.. no, wait. It's the prof. He bites monkeys >=( !!!!! Seriously, he's totally f=)cked up. Argh.

Sorry about all that ^w^; On a happier note, I actually uploaded some fanarts (Itachi, Tifa, Parakissu, 2 Ouran Gakuen). Boy, it has been a while since I last added new art. I changed the player. It's a flash stream, so the music should upload faster... there are 2 songs: Pide of Tomorrow by June <3 and I kept Zen Me Ban, but it's really slungish...
Love you all! I'll be visit as much sites as I can! =3

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Friday, May 18, 2007

Hoi! Hoi! *Hero's Come Back song starts playing in bg*
It's been awhile!! I missed you all! School's almost over = more time to visit you all =) I've been busy with school, work and my sites and all that shitto. So YOSH! I was able to revamp my art site and my Hirako shrine >=D Now, I just need to update it, scan new drawings. School wise, some courses bite monkeys!!Argh..D=< But it's going pretty well ^w^

So new layout! It's Hana Kimi =3 Fei lun hai & S.H.E (not all of them,but..meh.) has joined forces to bring us these piece of tai delight! Dang,I want Aaron...

Thanks for reading!Take care =3

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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Gah,it's been a while...sorry for the lack of updates and visits!!! T^T
I was pretty busy with numorous projects and school work.

I decided to make a new site for my icons.I thought Tiffany and Jade deserved to showcase their graphics talents as well.
So please visit gods & rainbow =)

I'm also in the process of revamping my Hirako Shinji shrine.The new layout is done,the pages are all coded in XHTML,the content as been updated.Now,all I need is a new host =) I applied already,just waiting for a reply.I hope I'll get accepted!! ^0^

Yay!!Spring break =3 Though,I do have some projects to finish..>=( Nothing really new in my life...*sigh*
I went shopping today for a present for my cousin.It's her prom this year! I bought her this lovely melon color cocktail dress (she didn't want a gown).There was this cute black dress on sale for $17.99,so I bought that for myself..but I don't know when I'll get the chance to wear it..Prom was over ages ago XD
I think I lost a lil weight...

I'll rotate the mp3 download when I have time.It'll be Utada Hikaru's new single Flavor of Life!!

Anywho,thank you for reading!!Take care!!!<3

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Friday, February 23, 2007

Hoi!Hoi!! Hope you're all doing weel ^0^
Sorry for the lack of updates and visits T-T

I've changed my art site's layout =) Now,it's compatible with IE and FireFox ^0^ Not sure about Opera though...
Added new pics,so please check it about if you have time =3
I wasn't able to install CuteNews nor Wacintaki..too complcated.And I'm too lazy to install a BBS >_>;
So,I made a livejournal account to manage my rants/memo and a guestbook >=)

I have so much things to do today,so my apologies if I'm not able to visit once more T^T
Take care lovelies!<3

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Hoi!!Hoi! =)
Hope you're all doing well ^0^

Happy New Year!!!!
lol It's the year of the boar =)

I went shopping Saturday after work with Gen & Val.So much fun ^.^v Bought 2 lovely tops =3
And..gah,I can't believe I actually forgot and bought that...gaaaaahhh...O_O;;;;
I bought new shoes!!!!!!*gasp* >_>;
You see,buying shoes at New Year is bad luck...
My mom laughed when I showed her what I bought..-__-; *smacks forehand*

We got lots of sweets and moon cakes ^0^
My mom made dumplings too =)
It's a good thing my mom does open the windows to the good will of the new year come in...unlike my aunt >_>;

I'll end my post here ^^; Love you all!!!<3

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Friday, February 16, 2007

Hoi!Hoi!! =3 How are you all doing??
Thank you for the lovely comments about the Oshitari bday pic I drew for Sophia ^0^
You guys are wonderful!!

My friend Mart just recently got into Prince of Tennis.She told me the most "hurtful" thing..ever!She said that she really hates the boys from Hyoutei Gakuen,especially Atobe!!!WTF?!!!
How can you hate those egocentric,self-loving bishies??!! They're so adorable =3
Hahahahah!Just to piss her off,I've made a lil graphic of the Hyoutei regulars(right side) and put Atobe(Cenipuri live-action ver.) as the footer XD Take that Martine!!!!

OMFG!!!!!!!BLEACH chap.263!!!!!!!Kaien goodness!!!Well somewhat...T-T

I'm glad that ppl like the music ^0^ Some of you never heard the song before...
The title is Zen me Ban and is sung be the tai 3 girl band; S.H.E (they're the one who sing the ultra popular among asian karaoke singer song; SuperStar lol I got to admit,it's a really catchy song ^^) =) The song is featured as the opening for manga-adapted into drama HanaKimi =3 Wu Zun goodness!!!!! X3 lol Here's a link to the PV =)
I think I'll put up a S.H.E song for the next rotation..how does that sound?

Yatta!!!My mom made pao pork steamed buns!!!!!I'll do my best to visit sites ^0^v Love you all =3 Ja!
P.S Atobe is my prince.Don't be jealous.I got skills.That's all.*winks*

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Monday, February 12, 2007

Hoi!Hoi!! How are you all???
I'm very sorry for not visiting your sites!!!!!
+1 New song download.
I'm getting sick of Sexy Back..need to change song -_-;
Happy bday Sophia!!

I find it weird that a person who applies to become your affiliate and later,tags saying: "I'm doing an affy clean up.You have 1 week to tag me back or else I'll delete you from my affy list" or something like that..>_>;
Why does ppl who owns pixel site do that..I've notice that alot..since my sister owns a pixel site.
Anyway,I tag her saying I still wanted to affiliate with her site and all.Now,I find that she has taken off me off her affy list!Feh!!WTF??!!! You come and ask to be affiliates with me and you're the one who takes my link off?? I just don't get it. I haven't known her for that long,but she seemed nice...gah,her lost!

I had no classes today.I've recieved a call saying that French class was canceled =) Ah,bliss!! I got the call around 11:30.I usually leave for school at 11:50..Good thing,I didn't get the call later ;)

I need to install cutenews...
Gah!!I want to watch BOYS LOVE!!!!!!!!!!
Take care my dearest!!!!<3

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