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Saturday, November 1, 2003

Hi everyone! Once again, I can't really make a real post. I just got back from a friends, now I have to do homework. I just wanted to say that I hope you all had a good Halloween!

And to keep yourselves entertained: What was the most disgusting piece of candy you received last night (if you got candy that is.) Mine was a banana Laffy Taffy. Ugh, I hate banana...

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Friday, October 31, 2003

Happy Halloween!
Sorry the last post was so short. I didn't get to go on the computer 'til 11, and that's when I'm forced to go to bed.

But anyways, Halloween! YAY! Everybody wore their costumes to school, except for a few select idiots. There were some really good costumes too. One guy was Edward Scissorhands, with the leather bondage and all. Hmmmm, wonder if he was hot under all that... it was 75 degress today...

Grrrr, the middle schoolers sat and stepped on my wings on the busride home. Now the wires are all bent... *sniffle*

Most of the teachers just gave up trying to do anything productive, except for my debate teacher. She had us have a debate on what age kids should stop trick-or-treating. In TV/Film we just watched Hitchcock movies, and Gym was a free period (when is it not?).

Well, I gotta run, I'm going trick-or-treating with a friend, then I'm going to spend the night at her house. What are you guys going to do? I'll try and comment on everyone's sites later tonight, bye!

By the way, how do you get a shout box?

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Thursday, October 30, 2003

   Sorry I don't have time to make a real post...
Anyways, my day was... interesting. I'll tell all about it tommorow.

So what are you all being for Halloween?

Ok, so I have to run. Talk to everyone tommorow...

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Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Yet ANOTHER night of endless homework... oh well.

Ugh, Christmas decorations are up already at The Avenues Mall. Ummmm, how 'bout you wait until HALLOWEEN ends first? Just a friendly suggestion...

Speaking of, it's in two days! Wheeeee! I need a really good scary movie to watch, it's been a looooooong time since I saw a good one.

OK, since I have to run and do some homework, I'll leave you all with this discussion topic: In your lifetime, what movie scared you the most?

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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

   *Screams hysterically*
AAAAAAUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHH! Chemistry... homework... make it... stop...

How could I have been working that long on one thing and not even finish?

*Looks around nervously* Heh heh...

I'm off for tonight, but before I go, shameless plug time! All who are affiliated with THAT, kindly go to Red Tigress's page and view her touching, epic poem. It make ya feel all fuzzy inside.

Happy torching, everyone...

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   *Ultra Dramatic Sigh*
Y'know in movies where someone's walking down the street on a rainy day, and they're passing a puddle, and a car drives by and soaks the person?

Well, did you know that actually happens? *Looks down at soaked shirt* I didn't. Ugh...

AND! You know those little phantom injuries you don't remember getting, but hurt really badly out of the blue? Apparently I have a huge bruise right on top on my shinbone, and it hurts when I walk, but I don't remember getting it! AAAHHH!

On a more amusing note, I tripped in the hallway and fell on top of Mr. Wurst, the English teacher! It was so funny, because all the girls (and some guys) in our school swoon over him, and they looked really offended, like I jumped him on purpose. *Snicker*

Well, you won't be seeing much of me tonight, kids. I have to write notes from a 40 page chapter of Chem jibberish, some matrices multiplication in Algebra, some Latin, and an essay on euthenasia for Debate class. If I can, I'll get on later tonight and do some commenting on everyone's sites. Now, off to Chem homework...

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Monday, October 27, 2003

   And now, his Lordship, the well-groomed, flamboyantly green, miniskirted Sir Robin of Locksley...
Yeah, we watched Robin Hood in TV/Film this morning. I started to think about our latest plans in THAT and started laughing. Luckily, everyone thought I was laughing at Robin's tights.

Oh, I gotta go. Be right back...

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Sunday, October 26, 2003

   Heh heh heh...
Yay! I updated my fic, did lots of homework, and got this psychidelic background for my page. Yay for technology!

I didn't get to see the movie today because my friend picked me up late and it was sold out. We were going to see it today, but then she made other plans and said we could see it at 7, but my mother starts work tommorow and doesn't want to be up late. So that didn't work out.

I finally got my carving pumpkins! Now I just have to figure out what kind of face to carve that doesn't require any talent.

Well, I'm going to go off and do homework, and simultaneously daydream about THAT and the mime-burning I am participating in with Phoenix and Tigress. Talk to everyone later...

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Friday, October 24, 2003

Because Mireiyu and Phoenix wanted to see it...
Ok, by popular demand, here is my "cliche" poem ^__^. This isn't a conventional move for me, I usually just stuff my work away in a corner. If it sucks, feel free to tell me.

(No title yet)
I never understood the purpose
of Astroturf on your front steps, nor
the marble leopard in your living room.
I didn't get why you put your nativity scene
in your fireplace. I warned you Santa might step on it,
but nobody listens to a child.

You whispered nervously in my parent's ear
as I didn't touch my turkey or sweet potatoes.
Picky eaters are unheard of to you.
You wondered why I preferred to watch TV alone,
lock the doors whenever I enter a room,
ate popcorn after just having dinner.
You think I stare at your porcelain Christmas village
for hours at a time
because there is something wrong with me.

I can't comprehend why
you don't think your grandson's bride is pretty,
or why the framed psalm in the hall outside the guest room,
makes me think of anything but greener pastures.

You don't understand why
I sit in the kitchen so late.
Why I'm never ready for Foxwoods at 4:00 AM,
even though you know I'm too young to gamble.
You wonder what I could possibly do
by myself for that long.

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Alright LOTR fans...

Check out this site. It's very very odd, and actually rather disturbing. It's supposed to be the secret diaries of the Fellowship.

Well, I'm gonna chat with everyone some more, then go to bed.

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