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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Omg...last night was awesome!! I got to see Chevelle in concert! Course, it sucks since my wrist is messed up as it is...and I'm stupid enough to go to another concert that involves moshing -__-

Oh well.

Meh, nothing really to report..so I'll leave you with this question:

What concert [if you've gone to any] has been your favorite? [If you haven't, who do you want to see?]

I'll try to get to everyone ASAP ^^;

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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Ugh...my wrist hurts >__< Okay okay pre hurting wrist updates.

Well Halloween went awesomely well X3 I didn't get in trouble at school for wearing a mini skirt [hell they weren't enforcing the dress code at all the whole day. Which suprised me.] But I had fun nonetheless. Oh! Before I continue, I was Jill from Resident Evil 3 [movie 2]. A lot of people recognized me even with the sweater on and once i took it off at lunch, everyone else was like "OMG JILL!!!" I should get the pic my friend took at her party up and I'll link it ^__^ I look totally dead in it.

Hmmm...besides that...back to my wrist.

I was at a concert Friday night and meh. People got to moshing and one of them made me hurt my right wrist [my writting/drawing hand]. I'm just amazed I can type right now.

That's it with the updates.

How was your guys' halloweens?

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Monday, October 29, 2007

Oh my god!!!
I've been busy all week it's not funny. I had to retake a couple of state standardized tests, then all week was homecoming week, so I was busy trying to survive that. The parade happened on Wednesday, the game on Friday and then the dance on Saturday. So you can imagine the week I've been having.

But the funny part about the whole entire thing was the fact that no one likes the homecoming queen AT ALL! We all think she rigged the votes during the election of the court. But course there isn't any proof...yet. But the only thing we have that leads us to believe that is the senior Princess had the most votes to be queen and suddenly the queen we have now all of a sudden wins. So someone rigged it obviously, but meh. Stuff like that happens.

I can't really say more...but that I missed my Otakuversary due to this site not working for my computer at all >__<

Well laters!!

And happy early Halloween X3

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Opening Song: ReSublimity
Artist: I think it's Kotoko...Or is it Kotoro?
Series: Gundam Seed Destiny I think...:/
Well I saw Death Note...and here's what I thought:
Death Note was...mediocre at best...I mean it was okay, Ryuk's voice was perfect [dark yet slightly childish, I know something you don't like he did in the subbed.] Light had that small sinister kind that he had in the subbed, although his laugh when he looked over the names he wrote down pre-freaking out to Ryuk's presence sounded kinda pervy like. Next time we hear L's distorted voice...I hope that sounds a bit better.

It was ok, but they could improve the voices just a lil. Other than that, I think I'll continue to watch it in English.

Oh BTW: Harry Potter fans, Dumbledore is gay. J.K. Rowling released it to the press saying so. Just check yahoo news for it ^^



If you ever get married, would you like a big wedding or a small wedding?
Small. It would just be the immediate family and possibly the close friends.

Which anime, if any, would you say most strongly represents your life and then what character would you be in it?
There's a few actually, but Witch Hunter Robin is the main one due to me being Wiccan and most people don't like to hear that. So Robin would be me, since she doesn't really like hurting her kind.


Questions to you all.

1. What manga would you think would make a great anime?


My answer:

Vampire Knight. It's a perfect fit for all the vampire lovers and also for the romance people.

Ending Song: Rolling Star
Artist: YUI
Series: Bleach

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Friday, October 19, 2007

Opening Song: Never Again
Artist: Kelly Clarkson
Okay so no school today~I'm happy X3

Well, besides that, I got to see the new Bleach episode!! OMG! The opening is sooo cool! It's done by Asian Kung-Fu Generation!!
The song:

The Opening sequence is soo pretty. I'm not too yay on the ending though. Daidai, the recent one, was so short lived. I mean they had it on for like 10 episodes or so. And I mean, it was very IchiHime themed. The sequence for the ending is nice though. It's all peaceful looking and everything so I can't be too mad XD


Onto the questions.

Cagalli's question:
If you could dye your hair, what color would it be?
A~If I could, I'd have it red, orange, black and blonde =]

Elves' question:
What anime eye color do you like the most?
A~Hmmm...There's a few, but the blues take the cake. [I guess it's due to my eye color being blue.]


I'm still leaving it up to you guys to ask me a question if you have one ^^


Ending Song: seppun [kiss]
Artist: L'Arc~En~Ciel

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Opening Song: Dragostea Din Tei [sPyChOoL Dance Mix]
Meh. School's really laying it on us -__- Luckily I don't have to go in tomorrow until like lunch. And then Thursday I get out early. Friday there's no school.

Upside right now though is that this one girl who's a friend of this girl in my math class is offering to pay me to draw a picture for her so yay! That'll go towards my getting a DS. [So far I have about 50 bucks saved so it's like yay!]

Hmm. Well Elves' Otaku-versary is coming up tomorrow I think and just in case if I don't get on, here's my Happy Otaku-versary card thing:

And the countdown to mine starts XD In like 11 days =]



How about you guys ask me one? I'll answer them in the next post ^___^

Ending Song: Desire
Artist: Do As Infinity
Series: Gundam Seed

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Opening Song: 4 Words [To Choke Upon]
Artist: Bullet for my Valentine
Okay so I was reading the comments and reread my last post...I mistyped the whole uni thing. I went with one of my classes to tour the campus, but I have decided that it is the college that I want as a first choice (it's always good to have a first, second and third choice when it comes to this), my second is the local one here in El Paso, UTEP [University of Texas El Paso]. I don't know about a third yet. I am going to go to EPCC [El Paso Community College] before I hit Uni so yeah. Sorry about that confusion.

But it was fun touring the campus. For NMSU, if you're coming from El Paso, you pay resident tution instead of out of state [I mean, Las Cruces is only like an hour away so why not?] The buildings are all pretty close together so really there's no way you can be late, though there will be those people who can't get from one subject's hall to the next in high school, so who knows right?

One thing that kept making me laugh though is that my friend Liz kept going "Omg! There's an asian person!" whenever one would walk by. At first I had a regular reaction of "...oookay....?" and then at lunch she was talking about how she wants to go to NMSU BECAUSE of how the asians facinate her. To quote her: "I never know if they're squinting or not. It really trips me out!!! I WANNA GO HERE!" [That last part wasn't really loud but she did kinda say it like that.] It's funnier if you were there to hear it.

But it was pretty neat. It would keep me in shape too.

I noticed that my Otakuversary is in like 14 days!! It feels awesome to know that fact!

And now I'm off to comment peoples back.


1. How long have you been here at myO?
2. What kind of school do you attend/did you attend? [ex. junior high, high school, etc]
3. If you could be anything, no matter how out there it seems, what would you wanna be?

1. About 3 years now
2. High school
3. I'd like to be a peace keeper, oddly enough. But then again, I don't like fighting unless it's really worth it.

Ending Song: Good Enough
Artist: Evanescence

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Opening Song: London Bridge [Unedited version]
Artist: Fergie
Well, tomorrow I go to NMSU [New Mexico State University] and it sucks since I"m suffering from a cold...I hate being sick, but my art tends to be better when I'm sick XD

Speaking of art, I drew a new OC :) Her name's Kitty. Yay! Ironic, cuz she's a neko...heh ^^;

Well nothing much to really report :/


1. Are you listening to anything right now? If so, what is it?
2. What's your dream job? [If you're already working at your dream job, what is it?]
1. I'm So Sick~Flyleaf [T-Virus Remix]<--from Resident Evil Extinction soundtrack.
2. Anything that will give me money XD Na na, I wanna be either an actress, a voice actress or well-known anime/manga artist X3
Random Pic:

Ending Song: Never Again
Artist: Kelly Clarkson

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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Opening Song: Curses
Artist: Bullet For My Valentine


Woo! Okay okay. I watched Heroes about a couple of hours ago and I'm in awe!! But no spoiling :) I don't wanna do that.

Well I'm sure you noticed that I changed the post thing. It's just that the text seemed to strained against the IchiHime background :/ So I did the post box. Besides, Yoruichi looks pretty :3

Hmm what to say? Or to update about?

Oh I might be getting a job soon. I'm going down to this theater that's in the mall nearest to my house with a friend and we're going to try and apply there. If I don't get a job there, I'll try the seafood place near my house. What's funny is I know people who work at both places.

Well other than that I'm bored.

I've been kinda busy though since even though it's past the 6 weeks exams, the 2nd 6 weeks get worse. They pile more work on us. I mean I have to write an essay tomorrow for my senior english class, and essay for my junior english class, and whatever else gets piled on.

What thing that I really like this 6 weeks is that in web design, we're actually getting into designing layouts. So I'm happy about that. I mean everything leading up to this was nothing but tests and vocabulary and such. I mean, everyday was like this. But now we're actually practicing how to make and design layouts ^^


Lestat~I don't remember much about the voice acting but I definately loved the game. Some of the characters were short lived though.
JD~Yep yep ^___^ Gin's better X3
sizic~I've been kinda down lately :/ But i'm a little bit more happier...and that sentence made ABSOLUTELY no sense to me.
Luna~*glomps*I MISSED YOU!!!!! They named it so cuz Ishida kept dropping stuff on his clothes and he used BLEACH to clean them :3 Na I wonder why too...
A13~Same here! MR. HAT AND CLOGS!!!


Question time!!

1. Last anime you watched?
2. What timezone are you in?


1. Haruhi Suzumiya
2. Mountain


Ending Song: Crazy Bitch
Artist: Buckcherry

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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Thanks everyone who commented on the last post ^^ I appreciate it...and I am feeling a bit better now. Not whole lot but a bit. Damn this thing called life.

Well I finally watched the recent episode of Bleach and I love the way Aizen-sama describes Orihime's powers. He says that she "impends onto God's territory, rewriting what he had intended to happen." So in other words, she technically is "god". Which is awesome!

Well, I guess I have nothing more to update about...although I am starting on a new art project that a friend had asked me to do since I've been drawing a lot of IchiHime peices. She does a lot of DartShana from Legend of the Dragoon so she asked me to do an IchiHime/DartShana pic which I'll have to find some references of Dart and Shana since it's been awhile.

Well with that said, I'm off like a prom dress.


Neko~Thankies <3 I actually am starting to feel a bit more better :)
Elves~Yeah. I have them a lot ^^; And he is. He's like one of those guys that cares more about the other person than anything.
A13~Yeah *shakes fist at the school* Damn school. I hate it when it happens -__-
Cagalli~^___^ I agree. I hate them...
Lestat~Yeah it was hard, since I had tried to tell him last year but I was too nervous and such. Luckily this time, I ignored it ^^

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