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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Miroku-isms: Things to Learn From That Lecherous Monk
Hey everyone! As a vivid fan of Miroku from the hit series Inuyasha, I've learned a few things from him. Here's a short list of them. I'll cover each of them in a little bit:

1. Live for the moment
2. Humor helps
3. Being a lecher hurts
4. There's a time for work and a time for play

OK let's cover that first subject, living for the moment. As you probably know, Miroku has a windtunnel in his right hand that will one day devour him (if he doesn't kill Naraku, that is). Becuase of the fact that he knows that he could die any day, he lives like there is no tomorrow. By doing this, he's living life to the fullest as all of us should do.

Onto the second subject, humor helps. Miroku keeps his group of friends from being just too serious becuase of his hilarious acts. Think back to all of those times Miroku weasled something out of rich people, and stayed the night in their house by "exorcizing" an ominous cloud. Come on, that's hilarious!

Now onto "being a lecher hurts". This is more comical than anything, but it does teach us one thing. Temptation. In times of temptation, we need to resist it as well as we can, lest we get hurt over something. Remember three little words that came out of the monk's mouth himself: "Resist all temptation."

Now to the last subject, the time for work and play. Now we all know that Miroku likes to have "fun", but in times of battle he becomes very serious. He not only fights for his friends, but he also fights for good. And if the willingness to sacrifice your life for your friends (or Sango) isn't enough for you, I don't know what is.

i love miroku, don't u?

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Your Life In Fruits Basket by black_rose
User Name
Person Who Is Your Best FriendMomiji
Person Who Is Madly In Love With YouAyame
Does Akito love you?No.
Type Of Life You HaveHappy
What Will The Person Who Love You Do With You?Ask you to live with him.
And Your Best Friend?He'll do the same as what your lover's doing. XD
The Person Who Will Comfort You The MostMomiji
Quiz created with MemeGen!

hahahaha!! me with ayame? newho..who likes the nightmare b4 christmas? i'll tell u all y i'm asking l8r!!!

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Saturday, January 8, 2005

   FF8 Quotes
"Yeah, Whatever" -Squall

"There is no good, there is no bad. Just perspective and opinion." -Squall
"This is the scene where you declare your undying hatred for me." -Seifer
"My leg cramped up." -Laguna
"That rated a -3 on the manliness scale." -Kiros

"I dreamt I was a moron." -Squall

Squall: And what is your "department"?
Irvine: Why, guns and women of course!

"Oops, they must have entered the 'Dream World' again." -Zell

"Listen up! Teamwork means staying out of my way!" -Seifer
Seifer: "I hate it when you wish me luck. Save it for the slow students who need it."
Quistis: "All right...Good luck, Seifer."
Seifer: "Add Instructor Trepe to the list!"
"Chicken wuss" -Seifer
"I brought the wrong map..." -Laguna

"You'll never defeat Edea..." -Seifer
Ward: "..."
"Ward says you have your mother's eyes."

"Griever! Make them bleed!"
"...Time, it will not wait...no matter how hard you hold on...it escapes you."

Squall: But what could they want to say?
Selphie: Everybody! Love! and Peace!
*face slapping*

"The boy in you is telling you to come. The adult in you is telling you to back off."
"This is reality. No one can help you. Sit back and enjoy the show."
"...A, SeeD? Planted in a worn-down Garden."
"Is today a joyous day? Or an odious day?"

Quistis: Squall, it's not like everyone can get by on their own, you know?
Squall: ...Says who?

"You've lost yourself and your dream. You're just eating out of someone's hand." -Fuijin
"Look at the young people these days. They're all so lazy. I don't know what they're thinking." -Editor in Timber
"WHAT DID YOU SAY!!!!!!" -Zell
"I'm about to make my move!" -Irvine
"Woo-hoo! We're flying!" -Selphie
"Booyaka!" -Selphie
"Face my wrath for seeking thy sealed power." -Ultimecia Castle Miniboss
"If it's possible to change the past then it's worth a try isn't it?" -Ellone
"But after you make a breakthrough in life, what you see is pretty much the same, out there or in here, Specialist thinks." -Specialist in Shumi Village

"As an expert Squall observer I'd say he's thinking: "What do we do now? blah blah blah..."
"If you think and worry too much, everything tends to turn out bad."

"Oh, what an easy life it must be, just to follow orders."
"Squall might say, 'but no one has ordered me to escape,' and end up staying in there."
"You think this is just a game to us. Well it's not. We take it serious, so serious it hurts."

"That's just great, I have Chickenwuss and a guy who just reached puberty in my squad."
"...Stop that, it's annoying...Chickenwuss."
"I can't go back now. I can't go anywhere."

"This is so typical. Adults always reminisce on what they couldn't do or wouldn't do."
"Why do people depend on each other? In the end you're on your own."
"What am I supposed to do about other people's problems?"
"I don't want to carry anyone else's burden."
"I won't have it! I won't have anyone speak of me in the past tense!!!"

i'm thinking of getting some FFX and X-2, quotes, what do you think?

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Take the Spirit Quiz and visit Castle Diqueria.

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Tuesday, January 4, 2005


Away to the Anti-Anzu community

All who hate Anzu ( Tea in the english production), join the A.A.C., Anti-Anzu Community. But first u must pm DBZHobbit to join.

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