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Monday, December 3, 2007

Mood: Tired

Well so far for requests, I've got S2's OC Raven to do and one from JD *here at the Otaku JD :)* of Lacus Clyne in a Gothic Lolita look, along with the ones I'm doing for friends for christmas, one of Grimmjow Jaggerjack with Ichigo's half hollow mask, an IchiHime pic of Ichigo with Grimm's mask and Shirosaki looking all sad/pissed that Ichigo's wearing a different mask, and a few thousand others [I exaggerated there duh XD].

Gah it's cold >__< But meh. I can't believe it, just 22 more days and it's christmas!!



S angel: I totally agree! I love the beginning of months :)
JD: As well as the beginning of a new year :)
Elves: Yep. Suprisingly I'm kinda "meh he got me it so what? Yay!" now. I'm over the fact that he spent close to 200 bucks on me. What's funny is he knows what games I want XD
S2: You're welcome ^__^



Who was your first anime crush/obsession?


My answer:
Probably Trunks from DBZ. Idk why, but I liked him XD


Until next time, here's a quote:

"Don't be stupid kid. You won."~Zaraki Kenpachi [after the fight with Ichigo in the Seireitei]

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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Bishie Bishie

Mood: Relieved

YAY!! It's the first of the month, so Bishie Bishie!! [If you remember awhile back, I made this up since I couldn't remeber the first of the month good luck chant. <=That's for those of you who are confused ^^

So anywho. Yesterday I got my braces off!! I'm soooooo happy now :) No more metal!

Let's see...I don't want this to be a short entry...Oh! I've been taking requests lately so let me know if there's something you wanna request by PMing me it. So far, from theOtaku, I have one from Sesshomaru22212 of her OC. So yeah, if you want to request something, let me know ^^ Course I'm still working on other stuff so don't expect them all like right away.

Mreow....so ya. There's the update.



Elves: I don't think he did, but I wouldn't put it past he probably got me one -__-


Until next time...here's a quote:

"OBJECTION!"- Phoenix Wright

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mood: Confused

Okay, so you see, Fred got me my DS [or as I like to call it, my pretty pink DS] yesterday for my christmas gift and I don't know. I feel bad, since a few months ago I had jokingly said "Ya, you can get it for me for christmas ^^" but I never thought he would take it seriously >___< We're not even together and he spends 100+ bucks on me...So I wanna know...Should i feel bad or na?


Art updates:
-Resident Evil fan art is going ok...I have Jill finished, but I'm having a hard time on getting sexylicious Wesker done >__< Same with Leon, Chris and Kevin.

Life wise:
Everything's good, though my thumb on my right hand is bruised and I don't know why o__O


Responses...meh. Snowed. Yay...there XD
Na I'm too lazy right now.


Until next time, here's a quote:

"Forget it. If he doesn't have the strength to stand on his own, I'll drag him to his feet by his neck."~Zangetsu [on Ichigo's poor attempts to stand while learning Bankai], Bleach

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Mood: Glad :)

Haha, it snowed yesterday here in El Paso. It hardly does that, but it did!!

I just wish I had my Orihime Arrancar cosplay already, I swear that El Paso looks like a mini Hueco Mundo -__- It's white everywhere. I was almost tempted to run outside and yell "THE HOLLOWS ARE COMING THE HOLLOWS ARE COMING!!!" Really. I'm serious.

It was funny since I built a snowman and right when I pulled out my phone to take a pic of it, my German Shepard decided to eat it. Course I ended up throwing snow at her as revenge, but she didn't mind so it was all good. But still...she ate my snowman :(

Well, I'm off to start Resident Evil fan art for a friend's site ^__^ I'm drawing Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Albert Wesker and Leon "the S is for Sex Machine" Kennedy. Probably even Kevin Ryman. Who knows about him :/ Oh and also I'm drawing Halibel from Bleach for Aizens-Army on dA's contest. I've never drawn a character in a mug shot/wanted poster look, so I hope it comes out good >___<



A13: Yeah. But that's life ^__^ o__o You got thrown out?? Woah.
Cagalli: Haha it's funny how when you look back at old posts you go "WTF?! Why didn't anyone tell me to stop?!" Oooo iPod X3
AnimeLover: It's ok ^^ I love them too! Squee X3
Elves: That sounds like me and my phone XD I take it EVERYWHERE! Even to places that are like "no phones." I have to have it with me.


Until next time, the quote:

"Ada wait!"-Leon "the S is for Sex Machine" Kennedy [basically all through Resident Evils 2 and 4]

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Friday, November 23, 2007

Mood: Good

Hmm...Well thanksgiving was alright. I was especting the annual holiday fight between my mom and my aunt, but I guess I'd have to wait until christmas.

Okay you're probably confused. See my mom and aunt are sisters, and they're always fighting about something so yeah. The holiday fights are entertainment enough for me :) But that didn't happen yesterday so meh. Christmas time X3

Oooo speaking of christmas, what are you all hoping to get? Me: I really have no idea but there are a few things that I might ask for, like that DS, since I decided "what the hell, christmas is coming. Might as well ask for that." There's a few other things, but I'm definately asking for the DS.

Oh, just since I'm bored [and I'm actually proud of this] but my stats right now for myO :)

Rank: 224 and rising
Visits: 4640 and rising
GB entries: 240

I find this as an achievement, but once I hit 5000 visits, that will be an achievement in itself I think.

Hmm...Oh. I wanna know. Have any of you ever went back and reread your old posts like from the beginning? I have and I realized how like...Idiotic they were. They weren't really even updates, just random stuff to show that I was still around.

Well that's about it for now.

How was your guys' turkey day?



JD: Yeah, then again that shows that she wasn't really a friend :/
Cagalli: I've rethought about her and my opinon is the same-Not good.
wayward: OMG!!! *glomps* Fred is this guy I like and we've been having problems but meh.


Oh yeah my hair cut. I'll try to get a pic up but here's that corset I told you all about. [My friend took it while I wasn't looking. And yes, that is my phone on the desk XD]


Until next time here's a quote:
"Goodbye. And when you do come back, give my regards to my son, will ya."-Dante Sparda, DMC 1

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Mood: Tired

Okay, so I updated a few days ago, but that was mainly just to get things off my chest. Everything's going good now between me andFred so yeah. Although Lilly has called me a bitch because I said that she was ruining our friendship. But meh. It's her loss :)

Ooo I got my hair all cut today X3 I love it. It's all layered in the front and then the rest is normal. It gives me that messy look, yet when it's pulled back an elegant look.


hishyama: The psychiatrists would be paying me to help them sort out their problems XD But yesh. NHK=awesome!
Elves: Ya. Why come for advice when you're just going to twist it around? Luckily I won't have to deal with her anymore.
Cagalli: Meh. Luckily I don't have to talk to her anymore -___-


Until next time here's a quote :)

"Any guy here, if they had the choice between this and sex...Any guy here would want to be a part of a heist."~Dane Cook

Have a great turkey day! AND BE SAFE!

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Mood: Predatory

Okay I hate throwing my problems at you guys, but it always helps to get the opinons of others.

So that "friend" I told you about that I beat out "winning" Fred's heart [haha sorry. Cough drops get to me] is starting stuff again. She keeps coming to me for advice and then totally twisting it around when she tells him about it, like yesterday she asked me for advice since she had been crying the day before and I told her to "give it time. That's all you can do right now." And she agreed, then around 10, Fred texted me asking what I told her, and I told him I didn't remember everything since it was like 8 in the morning that she had texted me and I told him all I remember saying was the give it time part and supposedly I told her to give up. It's like what the fuck? How do you get "give up" from "give it time"?? And now I wonder why people have to lie to get close to someone.


Again, I'm sorry you guys have to read my pissed off/emo like rantings at this time -__-


Responses to comments [OMG THEY RETURN!!!!]

JD: You can sign here *pulls out random paper and points to the bottom* here *next line* and finally here *last one* Haha.
sasuke: Thanks ^^ I'm kinda getting better.
Cagalli: Yep, it was XD Luckily, I was wearing black :)
deadly neko: Totally ironic haha. And thanks X3

Well see you all around!

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Mood: sick

Ugh. I hate this season. It always makes me all bleh and sick.

But we ended up last night not going to see Beowulf. It got too late so instead we went and hung out around Starbucks...until Fred decided to hit my cup with his phone.

Okay okay. I'm doing what Dane Cook calls "Tarintino-ing." You know. Quentin Tarintino? The guy that did the Kill Bill movies and Pulp Fiction? Well you know how he always tells you the whole story THEN goes back and tells you the events LEADING up to that story? Well that's what I'm gonna do :)

Okay so, Fred picked me up from my house and after deciding on what to do, we ended up at Starbucks and hung around there for an hour or so. We got into a phone fight (taking phones and doing battle with them), but since one of my friends wouldn't stop bothering me, I had to stop a few times and text that friend back. Well me and Fred both have those T-Mobile flip phones where you push this button on the side and the top flips open and well, Fred got bored and decided to push his and it hit my coffee cup and that's how we get to the whole coffee spilling onto my lap thing.

Ironic story behind that story: I had just mentioned the whole scenario to him when he was hitting it while I was holding it. I had told him he was going to end up hitting it sometime when I WASN'T holding the cup...and he did. Haha. Funny XD

But yeah. I hate colds -__- Luckily they don't last long so yay!!

What's good?

That corset. I got a pic of it :) But I'll link it later ^^

Ooo and as you've noticed, I've changed the layout X3 I've been getting back into FMA, so I thought, why not my favorite couple, Roy and Riza?

Well I'll see you all in the next update!

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Friday, November 16, 2007

4600 O__O

Mood: Accomplished

Holy freaking...NO WAY! I've hit 4600 hits! I didn't even notice that I hit 4500. Wow. 400 more hits and remember what I promised way back? I'll personally thank you...by voicing it! Yep. You'll hear Neko's voice for like the first time!! Course you'll get art too :)

Okay okay, moving on. So I beat out that friend of mine X3 Yay! She couldn't get over the connection she still kinda had with one of her ex's so Fred told her that he couldn't handle that and said no. She came to me for advice and I basically told her that if the guy couldn't handle it, then don't cry about it. But I'm happy X3 And nothing can change that! Orihime and Ichigo are back on!!! *dances*

Okay to those that are probably confused. This friend said something that wasn't true to this guy I like...no...love, and all this drama started and now, it's over :)

Omg! Me and him are seeing Beowulf tomorrow!!! Squee!! I SOOO have a good feeling about this X3

Oh and I got this awesome corset from a friend. I'll try to get a pic of it and post it here.

But until next time, how goes it?

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Monday, November 12, 2007

Okay so my wrist is getting better! YAY! so expect art more now!!

Hmm...Oh! I'm pretty sure I've mentioned Fred a few times, and gah. That whole thing is becoming a freaking love triangle now.

Okay so the story about that. This one girl I thought was a friend is now all like "ooo-I-like-him-so-I'm-going-to-lie-about-Shanin [me]-and-get-him-that-way" and it just pisses me off. I mean, she was all "GO GET HIM!" supportive like and now she's saying that I told her that I like JD [my brother-remember he's just a close friend XD not my actual brother and also not the same JD here at theO] and it's so not true.

And people wonder why I don't trust them and why I build walls around how I feel. Meh. But she's NOT going to get away with this. You can trust me on that.

Well other than that, how goes life?

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