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I like Darkness... It's great....

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

   I have no time for nothin'
I never do this at all like ever and like yeah.... so sad... so so so ever ever very sad... so so super never ever very very super mega giga trilo sad........
"I reject your reality and substitute my own."

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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Hello Everyone!!! I never like write any posts! Well....Im bored all day so yeah..
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Sunday, July 9, 2006

how long has it been?
hi i haven't posted forever like because...ummm(was playing oblivian) cough cough... well i saw the new naruto this saturday Boring no fighting!! when ino got mad towards the end im thinkin' somtin like ino jumping in the air atttempting to drop kick sakura and sakura whippping out an AK-47...Ratta tataatta..and its over...now wouldn't that be wonderful!!!.....huh?
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Friday, May 5, 2006

   I feel Dark...
Darkness roolz! You know recently i've felt this way for no- Gaak!!! I'm Being Choked!!!!.............
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Thursday, March 2, 2006

   star wars newground junk
Scene 1

droid 1: uh-oh

droid 2: roger roger

jedi 1: ahhh...

jedi 2:ahh man

jedi 1: man u spilled coffee everywhere!

jedi 2:I did!?!

Jedi 1: i saw u spill it!

(ship crashes)

scene 2

Jedi 1: c'mon

Jedi 2: oww...I think i cramped my butt...

jedi 1: quit whining cmon lets find sidious

jedi 2: palpatine.

jedi 1: riiiiiiiiiight...........

scene 3

jedi 1:hey look palpatines not here

(dooku without his head and head floating in air)
(bounty hunter appears)

jedi 2: hey nath! i think this guys tryin' to steal dookus head

Nathan:who cares sidious isn't here

jedi 2:(to bounty hunter) your lucky real lucky...

nathan: Larry!


scene 4

Twilek Hooker: hey boys, looking for a good time?

(larry stares wide eyed)
(nathan pokes larry)

Larry: what the hell is coming out of your head!!

Nathan:(whispers) shhh she might have cancer...

(hooker looks mad and slaps larry)

Larry: o gawd now i have it!
(runs away crying)

Nathan:ummmm.. so is it terminal?

scene 5

Larry: hey mace was up G

Nathan: ummm i think hes dead

Larry: no i think hes just meditating

(mace's twisted body lays 3 stories down)

Nathan: no he's clearly dead.

scene 6

Sidious: commander cable... execute order 66

commander cable: right away lord.

to be continued.....

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