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Thursday, March 2, 2006

   star wars newground junk
Scene 1

droid 1: uh-oh

droid 2: roger roger

jedi 1: ahhh...

jedi 2:ahh man

jedi 1: man u spilled coffee everywhere!

jedi 2:I did!?!

Jedi 1: i saw u spill it!

(ship crashes)

scene 2

Jedi 1: c'mon

Jedi 2: oww...I think i cramped my butt...

jedi 1: quit whining cmon lets find sidious

jedi 2: palpatine.

jedi 1: riiiiiiiiiight...........

scene 3

jedi 1:hey look palpatines not here

(dooku without his head and head floating in air)
(bounty hunter appears)

jedi 2: hey nath! i think this guys tryin' to steal dookus head

Nathan:who cares sidious isn't here

jedi 2:(to bounty hunter) your lucky real lucky...

nathan: Larry!


scene 4

Twilek Hooker: hey boys, looking for a good time?

(larry stares wide eyed)
(nathan pokes larry)

Larry: what the hell is coming out of your head!!

Nathan:(whispers) shhh she might have cancer...

(hooker looks mad and slaps larry)

Larry: o gawd now i have it!
(runs away crying)

Nathan:ummmm.. so is it terminal?

scene 5

Larry: hey mace was up G

Nathan: ummm i think hes dead

Larry: no i think hes just meditating

(mace's twisted body lays 3 stories down)

Nathan: no he's clearly dead.

scene 6

Sidious: commander cable... execute order 66

commander cable: right away lord.

to be continued.....

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