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Saturday, June 24, 2006

The end
Jai started to glow like a fireball. Orlon ran faster than he had ever run in his life. Jai flew into the air and his voice rang over the clashing armies. "THE PROPHECY HAS COME TO PASS. THE RIDER KING SHOWED THE HERDER KING TRUE COMPASSION AND I, THE GREAT SPIRIT KASHIMA, HAVE ENTERED HIS BODY. HE IS RISEN FROM DEATH AND IS GRANTED ONE WISH. WHAT IS YOUR WISH, SIRE?" With that jai was placed safely on the top of the herder fort. "I wish for an end to this battle. I wish that the herders and riders can live together and grow a utopia." The great spirit, which had assumed the form of a phoenix, nodded its head. "SO IT IS WISHED AND SO IT SHALL BE!!!!" The phoenix reared its head and shot flames at Jia. He was engulfed and emarged in a sparkling, ruby-red armor. His Yuen Yang razors replaced with the ancient sword Yin. Olron was lifted out and placed next to Jai. The phoenix shot flames at him and he emerged in a gold armor. His Twin Tiger-Head hooks replaced with the other ancient sword Yang. They became a formidable team. They remained the kings of the new utopia Dilpong untill they died. After their death their sons took over. That's how it went and still is to this very day. The most amzing thing is that the swords and armor look like they are brand new and have never been polished or sharpened.
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Sunday, January 1, 2006

   oh my GOD!!!
His twin brother! They had been seperated at birth when the Raiders had stormed the herder village they had been born in. They took Jai, the lead rider, because he had the mark of the dragon on his stomach and they knew he was the chosen one fortold in the prophecy. Unfortunately for them they ignored part of the prophecy. That is why the herders have such a strong king. Now, Jai looks on at his brother, Olron, in fear and disgust. The reason for the disgust is obvious, but the reason for fear goes back to the prophecy. In the prophecy it says that the two mighty kings would battle and decide the fate of the world. Now, the reward for winning was unknown. It was most likely the downfall of the other tribe. But if one was to show the other mercy, something much more rewarding would happen. Most people would think that the winner would show compassion and take the great reward, but because they were brothers they only had revenge and competition on their minds. Neither was prepared to show the other compassion. They lunged, Jai with his Yuen Yang razors and Olron with his Twin Tiger Heads hooks. They were a whirlwind of steel. Jai was slicing at his brother like a mad man and all Olron could do was block the razors. Jai's fury was what caused him not to tire. Suddenly, in a burst of rage the Sheperd King lunged out and struck. He speared his brother in the side, and Jai fell. Melina had silently been watching from the shadows. When her husband fell she chose that moment to strike. She hurled a Rope Dart at her brother-in-law, but it never found its target. Olron had heard her throw it and turned to face his fate, but his brother stepped in the way. In the moment before he fell, he realized his brother was not the one to show the compassion. He, the king of the tribe of cold blooded murderers, was. Part four to come soon!!
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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

  Part Deux

The battles raged on. As the months and years dragged on more and more people died. Mostly herders died, but some mighty riders perished. The rider who started the war was fighting with an intense fury. The herders had kidnapped what was now the expectant mother of his child. He wanted his dear Melina back. He was such a fierce warrior he would kill twenty men in five minutes. One night, he decided to storm the king herder's fort. This was where his wife was. He killed every guard that got in his way. Pools of blood laid behind him as it gushed from their freshly slit throat. The blood gurgled in their mouths as they sighed their last breath. There it was, at the end of the hall. The throne room door. He turns the knob, the door opens, and there stands his ultimate enemy. The king turns around and it is...

Part three to come soon

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