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.Final Fantasy Advent Children Piano.

Welcome to my site! Please feel free to sign my guestbook and add me! Just make sure to tell me so I can return the favor! ^.^

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Name: nanoko.
Age: 14.
Fetishes: Cookies, petting puppies, Shopping.
Fave Anime Guy: Jin from YYH. xD
Fave Anime Girl: Riiko from Absolute Boyfriend by Yuu Watase. I'm exactly like her. xP Except for the part about having a mail-order boyfriend. xD

Theme: Final Fantasy; Advent Children.
Song: FF Advent Children Theme [Piano]

Saturday, May 13, 2006


>> Lawl, I'm watching Pokemon. ^.^ And Loudred is using a Mega Punch on Jigglypuff and she's unaffected. xDD
>> Lawl, now Loudred's Attracted to her. LAWL!! o.o;; It's singing now.
>> Whelps, I shall visit people!!

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Tuesday, May 9, 2006

   I'm blackipino yo.

>> Yeah gangsterr dawg gee homie dizzle!! xDD Anyways, so I got to go to the Conference Trials at Bella Vista High and do my High Jumping. I got over the 4' jump this time!! I'm so happy!! I know it's not the good though, v.v;; I really haven't been practicing.
>> But it was so funny when my friends and I were sitting there because we were the loudest and we were singing a whole bunch of 80's songs!! I love the 80's!! And soon for kids that grew up around this time they'll love the 90's and I'll be like ," Psh, I'm a 90's kid yo!" Oh yeah.
>>But I shall go and visit everyone's site since a lot of people have posted for today!! G' day everyone!! ^.^

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Sunday, May 7, 2006

New Theme!!

>> ^.^ I hope that you all like it!! Check out the song!! Just looking at the background while listening to the music makes you want to cry... ;~;
>> But anyways, it's Tifa from FFVII as you all know. And I'm quite proudo f this one. ^.^ It's really cute. v.v When I tried using the code for the autostart music it didn't work and I guess it never will..
>> Oh yeah, do you guys think I should change the background for this blog?? I think I should..I mean it's a Tifa theme and BAM! There's Cloud in all of his hawt pixels.
>> Lawl, well just tell me how I should fix this to make it better! I'm visiting sites now buh bai!!

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