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Friday, May 5, 2006

13 Going on 30.

>> Gotta love that movie. Lawl, it's on the part where they're all dancing the Thriller dance.
>> xPP I wish that I could do that dance. It's the coolest!!
>> But anyways I'm terribly sorry that I didn't visit anyones site!! I had a track meet and then I had to clean and then BOOM! I had to go to sleep.
>> But I shall go visit people's sites now!!

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Wednesday, May 3, 2006


>> Did you know, that in flower language, dandelion means,"Until we meet again?" Isn't that cute? So if you're ever moving out of town you could give your friend or boyfriend some dandelions!! [[The bloomed ones please! xPP]]
>> If this seems random to you guys I'm sorry! ^.^;; It's just that all day today at track practice, while I was running/walking laps I was looking for the type of dandelions that you could blow. For me, blowing on them is like wishing upon a star. While I'm blowing the seeds into the breeze, my wishes go along with them. ^.^
>> I gave my new friend, Sophia a blooming dandelion and pronounced her my "Dandelion Pal"!! xD I kept mine and it's at my windowsill!!
>>There's also this great manga called "Imadoki" by the great Yuu Watase. That's where I learned what dandelion means in flower language!! It's a great 5 Vol. series and worth your money!!

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Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Dam Dadi Do.

>> Yess, so today was the meet against Carnegie, which isn't a very bad school but I felt EXTREMELY brown and ethnic compared to their school. v.v;; No I'm not racist against white people, I just became all concious because earlier today someone told me,"You're hella dark." and I felt pretty weird.
>> But besides the point I placed on the 400 [[one lap around the track]]!! But it was 4th, worse than last year, but I SHALL improve!! xDD
>> But enough about that. ^.^

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Monday, May 1, 2006


>> No one remembers me!! T_T xP But I shall try to be a better friend and go and visit everyones site.
>> v.v Oh yes, track meet vs. Carnegie tomorrow. v.v;; They are so..hard. xP
>> Oh yes, and I'm downloading some awesome Sailor Moon music!! xDD

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Sunday, April 30, 2006


>> I haven't posted in a long time!! I'm gonna have to be visiting many people's sites!! v.v;; I miss my old user 'daisukechibi', I had tons o' friends, but that site got ruined..
>> My friend/sister Kurama2116 just logged on at my house last night and I was like, @.@ "Oh no...I've GOT to get back on.." Lately it's been:
>> Never myOTAKU! [[>.>;; Oh and I've been on gaiaonline.com too!]] T_T I've been such I bad girl!! Gaah!! Oh Anime Angels out there please help me to repent for my sins!! T-T

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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Guten Tag!!

~Lol, in case you're wondering, I'm not German. Anyways, how is everyone today? I'm a bit tired but I know it's going to be worth it. I'm working my butt off so that I can get a Sony PSP for Christmas. I don't really celebrate Christmas (and I know this is going to stick out to everyone) and we're kind short on money now that my father has retired from the Navy, so I have to earn everything on my list.
~I seem pretty expectant too. >.< I had a $198 jacket on there, the PSP (which is $249.99) and the Advent Children thingy on there and that's all. And all of that adds up to about $400 something, but of course, to all the people who actually celebrate, you have about $700+ being spent on you. ^.^;
~So I'm going to work really hard and do extra chores. But aside from that...
~Is Advent Children out yet? I was checking on bestbuy.com to see what PSP has for DVDs and stuff and I saw Adevent Children and it said it was on sale so I added that on my list. But I saw an announcment on TheOtaku saying that it was going to be delayed further again...
~So confuzzled...
~Well, I'm going to visit everyone's site now!!! ^.^

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Friday, November 25, 2005

   Good Morning..

YEs I woke up just now..lols. Yes so, my Thanksgiving was fun..we watched The Longest Yard, first-because we rented movies-and I helped my mom in the ktichen (well kind of.. ) and I video taped everything. Last night I just HAD to leave because my papi was offering my Pumpkin Pie!! I couldn't resist!! Lol, one of my weaknesses.
And once again, I am really sorry that I couldn't visit everyone's site! -Pie explanation here -
And that's my story. Now if you'll excuse me..I just woke up and I REALLY~ need to take a shower..
Buh bai~!!

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Thursday, November 24, 2005

It's Turkey Day Everyone!! x3

Sorry I haven't been updating for a while..I've been busy with my fanfic, reading fanfics (x3) babysitting my little twin brothers, chores, and actually-here it comes-COOKiNG!!
Yes, I'm trying to cook.. lol.
Yes, oh my Papi's offering my Pumpking Pie!! >.< Gotta go!!
(Sorry I couldn't visit everyone's sites!! I'll try tomorrow! Bai!)

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Sunday, November 20, 2005

My Odd Site..

My site might switch to, PwN3D, to the cute little ShinxStellar one I put up, if you keep seeing the PWN3D one though, please tell me.
I thought that I should change my site so the first thing that popped into my head was GS/D
So yes, please do enjoy!! v.v Yes that's really all I have to say today..
I'm seriously tired this time..

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Sunday, November 13, 2005

   Crybaby, The Mall and The Movies.

I'm very tired right now, so my post might be a little short.
Let's see, I couldn't get on yesterday because we had a family emergency at Oakland so we went there the minute I woke up (because I'm always the last one to wake up in my family). So on the drive I was sad because I couldn't even bring any mangas and my other friend had the last Furuba DVD and I couldn't watch it!
Anyways, when we got there, my dad took my aunt (for reasons I cannot say) and my mom and I were left with the kids.
My 9 year-old twin brothers.
Another 9 year-old (my cousin).
A 5 year-old (little cousin), 3 year-old (another), and a 1 year-old (baby cousin-you get the point).
It was so hectic! When my mom and I finally got the girls quiet (the two younger ones) the boys, (twins, 9 yo (Keno) and 5 yo (Cam-cam) went to walk the manager's dog. [They live in an apartment complex. So we sat there and watched Teen titans. Then my mom left me and took the boys to KfC to get some food. I was stuck there for 30 minutes with a crying baby couldn't calm down and a little girl who was stubborn and stayed in her room. T_T It was hell.
When my family left, we went to Sunvalley Mall and I was back in heaven. I went to Hollister, bought myself an outfit, and spent all of my money.
Then, we went to the movies when we came back home and my friends were there. They got tickets to see 'Chicken Little' but instead they went into 'Get Rich or Die Tryin'. I was left to watch my brothers, but Jeron stayed with me T_T I was so happy. I bet people were staring at us while we were in the font hugging because I was so happy. (HE'S NOT MY BF!!)
^.^ Then there was a girl who was dress very nicely (nice fur jacket, jeans and boots)

and she walked over to House of The Dead II. o_o; It scared the crap outta me. SHE WAS PRETTY TOO!!
After that, I went and slept over at my friends house and here I am now.
^.^; I guess that wasn't a short post huh??

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