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hi guys thanks for coming to my site. ^_^ my name is Dom and i am a year 8 student. i love anime heeps and i love to draw it too. i love to cook and to play xbox ^_^ my fav anime is flcl (fooly cooly)i hope you like my site and what i have to put on it. have fun

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I'm BACK!!!
Well howdy.
im sorry for abandoning my post for a few months but i got bored of myotaku. alot has happened. i have moved house, completed grade 7 (finaly!) and my poor TV broke. so i had to get another one.

on another note: i have been reading gundam seed manga and that kenshin 1. also fullmetal alchemist!!! its awesome.
well thats my post for today. great to be back! have fun...


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