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Tuesday, May 9, 2006

lack of words make this site cry.
i guess you can call me neglectfull. i wouldn't be offended. besides. i the neglectful parent of this site. ^^
im also sorta working on a comic. im making up ideas for the characters but its just not working out... when (or if) i get it fininshed iw ill post it for all the nice people owning a myotaku account.
(support me on this or i will never finish it lol)

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you could say i have a few problems...
i havn't been on myotaku in ages...
and what i mean by ages i mean AGES!A
I have sorta been busy with the fact that my grandfather is dying, my uncle and auntie from new zealand have moved into my house until they can find a house.
I wouldn't have a problem with it if they stayed for a week or two but they have stayed for well over 5 weeks and its driving me insane. *sigh*
now that thats outa my system...
Now.... im not a fan of little kids...(age 4 and under annoy me) i like other peoples kids fine. the reason i like them is becasue they go home (hehe) i also found out my Uncle has a stomach tumour. which isn't that pleasn't... i hope he gets better. mi havn't seen him in many many years.
Many people in my family are sick. so i hope they get better. I don't see many of my parents siblings. they all live in other states of australia...

I'll probably type another post in a month or two. (and i'll make it nice and long once more) ^_^

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

im gettin a wild cd!!!
im getting the new wild nights 3 disc cd!!!
pretty good for $30
im sooo happy.
i also got a ps2 the other day.
it is quiet exiting but the only problem is i don't have a memory card!
(all say awwwww) lol
i'll have to live with it until i have the $$ for one...

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ghost in the shell stand alone complex
ghost in the shell (i will refer to it as [gits])
is an amazing anime by shirow masamune.
it is a 2 dvd set.
there is a tv series called stand alone complex which i have been watching lately.
its soooo coool ^_^

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Sunday, March 12, 2006

i have been quite lazy lately
i have been lazy for many reasons.
it might be just me still getting used to school after a long holiday (tired)
or im just plain lazy!
i also havn't kept up with my list of things to do during the day
(which includes making my daily post)
i have been doing alot of schoolwork both at home and at school and thats pretty time consuming and tiring (i hate math!)
i think im just tired realy

~sleepy ^_^~

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Thursday, March 9, 2006

gee its been hot lately...
its been real hot here in australia.
38 degrees...
but it wasn't as hot a new years day (45 degrees!)
plus we have water restrictions due to the lack of water my country has...

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Wednesday, March 8, 2006

ella and snap
i just had the compulsery exams for yr 7 & 8's.

there called snap (math) and ella (english)
ther sooo boring and annoying cause i have to study.
lucky i finished them though.

~i hate exams~

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Tuesday, March 7, 2006

i have been addicted to that ice coffee stuff...
so when ever i get money i go to the store and buy one.
i know it isn't good for me to drink coffee so often but i don't realy care.
if you like doin it...do it

~the coffee freak~

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if ya havn't noticed...
if you people havn't noticed im a pretty bad speller. probly cause i try to go supa fast typing and screw up...
sorry if you can't read any of my posts.

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Monday, March 6, 2006

im soo happy today.
i got a job the other week.
so if i want something my brothers have, i will offer to buy it.
i offered to buy his neon genesis evangelion box set. and he said i could have it for free.
im excited cause i never get things from my brothers for free, every thing has a price tag on it.

note: my brothers are acualy my half brothers (different father) they are 25 & 26.

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