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I am a writer and costume maker from Florida. I prefer to do cosplay, but I will do almost any sort of sewing for variety and fun.

My life is moderately boring, since I am constantly working or in class, but it's still quite the adventure.

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mildly Eventful Day
Well, not really.

I spent the first half of the day in bed being lazy while boyfriend was at work.

After he got home we got down on some FF XIII and Guitar Hero.

Now he's playing Halo while I'm hanging out with the lovely ladies in Dokuga Chat.

This weekend has been so boring it's been insane. It's not over yet, so maybe I shouldn't open my big mouth.

With nothing going on, I don't have much to talk about today. No new goals, no events, nothing of note really to share.

Such is the life of a gamer, I guess XD

For the rest of the evening: hang out in chat until Adult Swim comes on, catch up on my Bleach and whatever else comes on, and stay up as late as I bloody well please.

Goodnight, all!

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Just Another Thursday
Life is going as normal as could be expected. I had class today, came home and had lunch, then picked up the boyfriend after he got off of work. Studying Chinese was also thrown in there somewhere, along with a micro-nap.

My radio took a crap this morning. It's got a flip screen, so it flips down whenever you try to put a CD in. I decided I was going to put in a CD while taking the boyfriend to work. The screen went down like normal, but the radio itself made some crazy ass clicking sounds. He decides he's going to take it apart later and tells me not to touch it. Cool, I can handle that. I drop him off at work and go on about my business.

About three hours later I leave for class. Out of curiosity, I pushed the button to switch it to radio. It worked. Fabulous! Suddenly the screen folds down into the proper position. Stupid me thought that it had fixed itself (which it has done before), so I tried to put a CD in.

Same stuck door, same clicking. Shite.

I go on to class with the radio in the broken position and went in class.

I come back out of class and start to head home and it fixes itself again. This time I left it alone.

Boyfriend is outside now trying to repair it. We're hoping it needs to just be reset. Thank goodness that we used to own a car audio shop and he knows what he's doing. The stock price for it, through the shop, was $500, meaning it's about double that retail, maybe even $1200. I don't want to spend that much on a new radio. I'd be happy as long as it plays normal CDs. Competition setup would be something entirely different, but we haven't been to competition for a few years.

I was searching through here last night and found my old myO site. It's amazing to think how much I've changed since I made that original account in 2005. My social circle isn't as wide, and I'm back in school. It's always wild to look back.

If anyone still pays attention to this thing, how the heck have you been? This place seems so dead, I've been searching for more friends here. I'm not fond of the new site so I'm going to stick to my guns until they shut this place down. That will be a sad day.

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