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This is the Otakuite mman, hoping that everyone likes my site, although I don't have much to say in terms of my life and such. I do like anime and manga(otherwise I wouldn't be here) and I do believe that the manga versions of most anime are better than their anime counterpart, unless the anime came first. (I use parenthesis a lot.) I'll keep you on my fiends list even if you haven't been on or commented in a while(because Lord knows I've done that a few times...) Please use common courtesy and enjoy the site.

My japanese name is R Yamashita (under the mountain) Tsubasa (wing).
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Saturday, April 19, 2008

I just happen to come here, and I find out LS is leaving MyO. My black background may have been an accident, but I shall leave it in mourning of lordsesshomaru. Goodbye, bro...
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Monday, January 21, 2008

No School Today, Suckas!
Well, for me, at least.

The field trip went fine. The only (figurative) bumps in the road were when I fell asleep during a presentation at University of Arizona and had to stand up with Mrs./Madame(she teaches French) Loveland, who's in charge of the gifted program that I was going as a part of. Honestly, I was fine with it because if she had just woken me up and left it alone, I would've gone to sleep again.

The second bump(*BUMP* Ah! Geez...): Going up the mountain that led to the observatory. That was unnerving, but the view was amazing. When we got there, we ate dinner(they actuall provided it for us, which I thought was cool. Granted it was sandwiches, but...) and then the presentation started. After that, we went outside on a sunset walk higher up the mountain. Once there, we got to see the sunset across the mountain valley. Now I know exactly what "purple mountains" means.

And the final bump(*BUMP* Ouch! My ass!): As the night word on, it got cold(I mean, it was gonna get cold anyway; desert nights are VERY cold, but we were at a high elevation, so it got "huddle-up-for-warmth" cold). We had to be outside though, because the telescope was. I got to see Mars for the first time, even though it was still pretty small; I wasn't able to see the surface or anything, and it looked yellow instead of red.

I haven't even gotten to the actual bump... The girl I like was on the trip, but she spent most of the time(at U of A AND the observatory... and -oh, God- on the bus) in the company of another... Of course he was a dude, someone I knew, but not that well. As a result, I didn't say much and tried to avoid looking at them. I became emo for a while...

Other than those bumps, the trip was actually fun. I was out of the house all day, AND I was missing school, which is always fun.

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