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Warm seasonal wishes to you and your family. May love and happiness knock your door this season and always.
- Frosted Cavern

[{1 Rule; 1 Request}]

[1]Do not ask to use my code, for I will not give permission to use it.- The theory is quite simple, all the code you see on this site is mine, as of now. I spend a great deal of time coding & editing it and I wish for members to respect it. So, what I can do for you, is help_you. If you have a question, you may ask and I'll give you steps to follow. I'll provide you with sufficient links to tutorials that will aid in resolving your problems. And now, if you decide to take it anyway, well that's an infrigement of the copyright law and your account will be reported =P

[1]Please post graciously.Try not to be stingy with words. Here is the Karmic Philosphy for you, you post one liners, I return nothing. You post adequately, I do the same. Give as much you want in return ^_^;


Hey guyz! Not sure, how you ended up on this page, but since you are here, look around to see if you like it. Here is a brief blurb..
Name +Mist-. PreciousGems:Friends&Family. [292].mp3 R&B, Hip Pop & Soft Rock. 'Change is constant; embrace it' EsCaFrEaK. I<3clutter. Accents*drool*. Can-Desi4lyfe! *moodY*Cancer. ~RealisticDreamer~. GreenTeaRox. That's about it! xoxox.

Enjoy your stay, and comment if something grabs your attention ^^;

Sat, Dec 16, 2006

Thinking of doing a new layout.. added a new post.


Saturday, December 16, 2006

   FREE at last.. :D

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