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Saturday, December 9, 2006

   Recipies anyone?

+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~ Time: 12:30 am Mood: Deep and sleepy. Not sure if they go hand in hand.. LOL~! Listening to: Unfaithful - Rihanna Working on: Finishing up final notes, and blogging +~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+ I had an off today, so got few things done, chores mostly and paperwork. Temperature seems to be falling by hour (-12 C), I'm not sure if I'm all that ready for this winter season. Not that, I don't have the right winter wear, it's just the chilly winds from time to time, kinda freeze your jaws and fingers. And the fact that I have to travel almost 2 hours everyday, bus and train kinda makes me hate this weather even more. But not to worry, only a week and half left, and I'm done first semester =) Part II starts in January, we'll see how that goes. Does any of you guys like cooking? Passionate about it, to be exact. I am not that great of a cook, well I can't make that judgement yet but I seem to lack a great deal of interest in it. I can't get myself to roast, bake, broil, fry or anything. One, my mum seems to be paranoid about me in the kitchen, err yet she complains. Second, I tend to burn my fingers and food, overcook or my ingredients measurement is way off.. again err. Well, you see there is a problem. No one is around to cook for me everyday, so I have to do it myself, but I'm on a restricted diet due to medical reasons. So now, I'm wondering if you guys know any good and quick recepies that doesn't require spices, alcohol and acidic items. If it's simple, I wanna give it a try.. =) I'm kinda sick and tired of eating boiled broccoli everyday T_T. There are few commissioned base jobs out there, the only problem is most of them are like telemarketing. Honest to god, those who work at McD and as a telemarketer, I have loads of respect for them. No seriously, there is no other job where you have to put up with garbage as you do in these two positions. And the pay isn't even enough. So yeah, I would have to work certain amount of shift hours but I will only get paid according to how many sales I make per day. Seems like a complete rip off job.. especially if your not a good salesperson. I'm having second thoughts about applying.. On that note, I got myself a Nivea Body Lotion today. No really, this is gold I tell you~! LOL! It moisturizes, softens and protects your flaky dry skin XD! So it says, but the scent is quite irresistable =) Plus, it's obviously the best brand out there. Not that I'm a brand name only person, I just happen to put more faith in this company. Well, I guess that's about it for tonight. I'm going to bed. Thanks a heaps for the responses guys. Appreciate it big time. Have great day/night. Take care Luv Mist
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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

   I seem to be quite awake for midnight..

12:18 am] Another lovely Wednesday morning, and I'm listening to radio. Well I was listening to Ivan Polkka, and I'm guessing that got me hyper or something. Now, the song that is being played is Maneater - Nelly Furtado.. um that is what the song is called right? I remember an incident, where I was so proud of knowing the lyrics, the rhythm and artist, I just happen to not know the correct title.. T_T and I was mocked few mins or so. Speaking of music, does anyone spend money on buying CDs anymore? Shame, I myself am even dying to get my hands on an Mini IPod. Yes, I'm a sucker for Apple and their mad advertising. Their new laptops are to die for, with a built in webcam =) See this is the problem, consumerism and the mass media influence.

Gah, I spent my last 14 hrs searching for a job. It seems that all seasonal jobs are taken, at least in ALL brand name companies and even small gift shops. It seems hopeless now T_T Wherever I go and ask, they would say 'Sorry, try in early January' and I'm thinking, you're not kidding right? At times like these I just wish to win a lottery and move on in life rather than spending my days being a retail salesperson or doing customer service at Walmart. Err, I'm in dire need of cash though, apparently my parents aren't all that generous this Christmas. If I wish to buy something, I have to swipe my card, not theirs. Heh.

As for gifts, I found something on the Shopping Channel. Have you ever guys bought anything from infomercials? I'm kinda scared .. not even sure if I should but they have authentic pieces though when it comes to jewellery and body fragrances. Then again, some of them are a scam.. so yeah.

I was called for volunteering to gift wrap and the money goes to charity. I'll do it just for personal satisfaction.. I guess. Yeah. Holiday Spirit~ LOL!

That's all, au revoir~
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Sunday, December 3, 2006

   Let it snow! Let it snow~

w00t! I finally did it! Yeah, see all this time I was having some serious trouble with learning how to post code outside 1500 word limit, but I'll give a BIG_THANK_YOU to Shaiya for helping me out <3333 Thanx a heapz!!! Been a fun week, it finally snowed here yesterday, and I'm guessing it's going to be a White Christmas this year ^_^; Yep! We finally put up the tree too along and other Christmas decorations. Oh and we bought this, Jesus's manger and the significant Biblical figures =) It's really neat actually, and the best part is it lights up when you plug it in ^^; Heh~ Yeah.. Oh and also, just like I promised, on Dec 2, few friend managed to take this person out to movies followed by a Greek lunch. My my, the food was absolutely delectable and it was a buffet too =) So, it was worth the price. Couple of hours later, we went out to watch Borat~ *ahem* Has anyone seen it? Borat's sexual, anti-semetic, sexist and vulgar comedy is quite something compared to other comedians.. All I have to say is, that movie is seriously provocative and not intended for anyone under 18 *cough* Sadly, I found two 12 year olds seated right infront of me, covering their eyes due to being ashamed of some particular scenes V_V;; Honestly, when you think about it, Sacha Baron Cohen is talented, young fellow. Yeah! Now I'm looking for some of his episodes of Da Ali G Show and the other one as Bruno :P Unfortunately, I have never seen any of his previous works, so um, Borat Movie was the first time I saw him on screen. Now, I still need to do some more Christmas shopping. I got stuff for immediate family, but there are still friends and relatives to shop for, I'm serious, is Christmas truly about give and take in this 21st century? I'm serious, that's all we do, spend money on other's gifts, have a dinner/lunch and then go home~ Anyways, that's all for now~ more to come next week. Ciao~
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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

   $$$ Life's becoming too expensive these days..$$$

I did want to do another weekly update this Tuesday, just never got around to doing so. By the time, I got home I was exhausted and then had no energy to think straight and post something decent. Anyways, this past 1-2 weeks has been..one word expensive. No really, I had to celebrate three birthdays in a row. Mum's on 21st November, got her greetings and some spa kit, followed by a home-made dinner. Now heh, I'm not a pro cook, infact I'm an amateur cook who burns anything to everything. I'm not always welcome in the kitchen.. Another one on 24th November, we went out for movies. Casino Royale~ Has anyone seen it? Apparently there is a huge contraversy as to why many people can't see Daniel Craig as the next James Bond =( Shame. I thought it was pretty good, no really. Yeah, this is the guy. He's not that bad at all. 3 hrs of action and drama.. =) and his blue eyes..heheh On 25th November, it was my sis's birthday! Well the fact that I had already bought her a PS2 early this year, she still wanted something for her birthday. So I took her out to movies to watch Flushed Away. A rat being flushed down the toilet and then saving the world.. how nice..hehe. And she wouldn't watch a movie without her junk food .. err! To top it off, another one is coming up this Saturday T_T I find this time of the season to be highly expensive, you know something I should just take a vacation every Christmas just to avoid gift shopping. I got my flu shot =) It's a fact that if you do, you only 1/4 chance of actually catching the flu.. so it was said on T.V. Plus I'm not really scared of needles, so its all good. It's worth it =) Yesterday, I was called out to volunteer at the Food Bank, not sure when I'll get a chance to go. We organize the donations and it's then sent out to the homeless =) Quite a satisfying job. Finally, just a thought, should I change to a new layout for the season? Or keep it as it is? And how many of you guys have started on your Christmas shopping? Would you rather have gifts or cash? That's all I guess.. Ciao~ till next week.
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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

   Sleepless nights..

It's almost 12:40 am and I still can't sleep. I went to bed earlier tonight, and then woke up after an hour not sure if I actually got some sleep, but yeah, I'm here quite wide awake. Yesterday, was quite a normal day, rush hour traffic in the morning, breakfast, class then again rush hour traffic, getting home tired and then spending few hours coming up with a thesis.. A friend of mine, just left the country for a vacation. She wanted one, so she booked the tickets, packed her luggage and flew with Austrian Airlines =) Hopefully her trip goes well

I'm listening to radio right now and here is a fact, that if people ate chicken curry with onions it could reduce Colon Cancer.. =) There was this other one, to save your marriage, a couple shouldn't spend most of their lives - children centered which may force them into external affairs..

Anyways, here is food for thought on a Tues early morning..

Forgiving Infidelity..
If your spouse/lover betrayed your trust, would you as the victim forgive them? Would you take the initiative to start fresh or end it and move on?

My response: If he cheated in dating, then it's not forgive and move on =)

If he cheated in marriage, forgive and goodbye! =P

Your thoughts?
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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

   Extremely tired..

Life these days, seems far too stressful to cope with! Just added more Esca wallpapers, was looking through my old collection and was thinking, hey why not? Yeah, just modified them a bit and here it is.. I'm obessesed .. it's true! LOL! Have a really bad cold too, been sneezing all day and coughing.. may be it's the flu or something. Need to visit the weather forecaster aka my family physician. The fact that she says everything happens cause of the weather, heh kinda bothers me. The diagnosis session lasts for 1 min and 43 sec, yeah I timed her once and she would say 'Don't worry, your suffering from backpain due to the bad weather conditions we're having now.' Heh! Wonder how that works..

Thats about it ..
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Tuesday, November 7, 2006

   Relationship. Love? Lover? ...

After the convo with my friend tonight, made me wonder about few things in life.. When do people know that they are ready commit to someone? When they think, they have it all figured out in a relationship, and all of the sudden it goes wrong, who is to blame? My close friend, broke up with her bf few hours ago. I honestly would see as this none of my effin business, but really, throughout this whole relationship both of them have been seeking my guide, asking for tips about each other and whatnot. And everytime they would argue, they would come to me to patch it up. Recently, something provoking happened between the two, and things started to seek the surface.. issues that were so trivial, yet no resolved on the spot, were brought back into play. Things that they didn't even know that they held it against one another.. and all of it just turned into a massive ball of rage. I saw the whole thing. It's a shame I tell you. And she really did think, he was_THE_one for her. She even introduced him to her parents, and not many people do that after three months of dating. Even I was all excited, when they said they wanted to marry each other and whatnot.. I don't know all of this just makes me wonder, why the heck won't people be open to each other, disregarding the fact honesty does hurt? I got dragged into this and now, the guy is asking me to pay him back for the all the money he spent on me. We used to buy each other whatever as friends, if I missed out one day, I would make it up on another occasion, last thing I remember, he paid for my lunch and tickets for Haunted House along with his gf.. and now he wants everything returned. Whatever, it's not the money that irritates me but the fact that he had this 'black book' in his head all this time, that he was keeping an account for everything that he did for her and me.. and when tables got turned, he went sour. Life isn't about materialistic garbage, if he had spent some quality time rather than expressing his love with 'stuffed animals' or 'Italian lunches', may be it could have been better..

On the brighter side of life, I just came across my good old friends that I haven't spoken to in the last year and half or so.. :P Hopefully, we'll continue to stay in touch.. :D
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Saturday, November 4, 2006

   Oh man..

I finally found something decent to put for this.. been struggling all day trying to come up with a layout, so yeah. I don't know I'll add more as I continue with this
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