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Sunday, February 24, 2008

   internet is up yay!
i'm so sorry for leaving, guys! my internet's been down since january, and i'm just now able to get back on. sincere apologies for anyone who wanted to say hi or whatnot. D:

anyways, who else is excited about the version vibrant? i am! :> i hope they make it real cool.

since my computer's been down, i also haven't been able to get the coloured entries in. if you still would like yours, be free to pm me and i'll get it to you if you like. :)

and i have 32 pages of incognito sketched out and am in the second chapter! now, to get the scanner installed on my macbook so i can get to work on the mountain of pages...:/ i'm wondering whether i should ink the pages traditionally or in the computer. >< what do you guys think?

well, i'll be gettin' to work on more pages for my manga. :D i'll do my best to start posting it in march.

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