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Monday, January 7, 2008

happy new year, duckies! hope your christmases went well too. :> i spent the whole holiday at my dad's awesome house playing fire emblem for the wii~ i got it for christmas, plus the bleach game and all kinds of other kewl stuff.

anyways, contest entry time is over, sadly. unless you are working on an entry at the moment and want to give it to me later, since i won't be awarding 1st place prizes and stuff. why? because i got 3 entries and only 3 entries for the contest (beautiful, beautiful work, guys!) but all three of y'all will get your coloured lineart when i can submit them this next weekend (i can't submit them on weekdays because mum only lets me use internet at home on weekends), as well as prettyful banners and icons for you (that is, unless you pm me and say you don't want them).

well, my programs are in, and the awesomely awesome new incognito will probably be up by the end of this month or when february starts (not all too soon because i have other things on my hands, like schoolwork and blegh), so yay! i'm prolly also going to need time to get used to my manga program, probably by futzing around with the first page to see what it can do.

anyways, i know i couldn't get to submitting a christmas gift for you all (because i was rushed before i left for the holiday and forgot to copy my files to my darned flash drive), but i'll just say: woot woot for '08! :> i have a feeling this year'll rock my socks.

well, methinks i should get to doing my math homework (or finish this picture of my character kronos that's half coloured), so ta-ta for now!

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