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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

*bangs head on desk*
why do i slave away in front of my computer for 3 days straight drawing the best possible picture i can and get less than 10 votes as a reward? and yet some picture of sakura as santa claus which i could doodle in an hour gets 4 times the votes i get? hmmmm?
and that is why i hate naruto, duckies. and also why i hate the art updater. i submit my art, okie dokie, it pops up half an hour later. i get a couple of votes and a comment, yadda yadda, and wait for everybody to come take a look-see. then 50 more freaking pictures flood in and drown out my hard work. mostly it's like 10 arts in a row from one person, and of course there's that flood of NARUTO art that everybody loves sososo much. > >;

anywhos, christmas break in 3 days woot woot! i also need to go get a family and consumer sciences project done by thursday. all i really need to do is go to the mall for a bit and observe toddlers at play. :3

well, i have to go to class in like a minute, so tood-a-loo for now! the bell just rang. >:E

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