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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

i've been home sick for a good 5 days now. :E ya, i have a fever and a pretty bad cough and missed school on friday. then i was sick all weekend and my mum said she'd give me the internetz for the weekend! but too bad we couldn't get the internet to work, so i sat around doing nothing and watched (or tried to watch) every interesting speck of things on tv. :p

well, since mum was nice enough to let me use paul's mac i was able to go online today. :> i spent the whole day on youtube (yes yes, it sucks but it has the most stuff) and watched the subbed versions of d.gray-man and the guyver anime and bleach. i'm actually still watching bleach atm since i'm like 40 episodes behind. @ @ and why do i like the guyver anime? really, i donno. prolly because my brother's friend wanted me to watch it and tied me to the couch with spaghetti noodles and forced me to stare at the screen. i'm just feeling strange today. (or is it this nasty cough i have and this headache?) guyver is neat, i like it. a bit over-bloody and strange, but pretty addicting once you watch it. sci-fi!

anywhos, i hope you've all been good! santa's going to give joo all coal if you do naughty things. :p and speaking of christmas, i can say some of the things in my mental christmas list i want. :3 i donno why i'm telling y'all this, but oh well.

1. bleach: shattered sword for the wii yay~
2. my sims for the wii
3. a sparkly new set of prismas and..
4. a new set of microns, both for traditional art which i miss so much~
5. my two front teeth! actually, i haven't decided what else i want...but i think i'm going to want a new brother for christmas most. :>

well, tood-a-loo, duckies! the golden eggie is signing off for now! *vanishes*

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