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Hey! I'm MirokusLoverSango! I love Miroku (haha. i know). I'm single, have many bffs on here and in real life. I óż mii buddy lex. he's such a sweetheart. <333 Well I love these things, friends, and love. =] hope you'll add me, or sign my guestbook or message me!

My quotes:

"You can't choose love

love chooses you."

super coooolio:

"there are 20 angels in the world
10 are sleeping
9 are playing
1 is reading this!!!"
I know. i'm reading it. lol.


aka:sad eyes


Monday, November 17, 2008



what the efff?????

dude, yr suppose to email me. rmbr?

lol. but yeha, i'm in high skoo ferr you ppl who don't know. lol.

i'm hella pissed off! i can't get on myspace. so i tried facebook and that didn't work. very gayyy.

ritte? lol. but these ladys are looking at me like i'm a crazy ass bitch. lmao.

but yeah. how bout dem yankees?

so yeah. gtg. bye

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