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Saturday, September 13, 2008

   Been forever.

So yeah, i'm here.

i'm a freshlady at mojave highschool (for those of you who know where it is in vegas)

so yeah, i sorta-kinda-not-really have a boyfriend.

It's my friend bubles( his real name is brandon) he's my best friend. we admitted our feelings the first of september.
yesterday we we're making out. it was the 1st time since the night we said it. it was kinda....um......welll.....it felt......right..... and yeah, did i mention he's my BEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD???????

what the heck do i do now. do i ask him out or ignore everything.

oh yeah, and on the 4 day wek for school i got asked out by 48 boys. lol. i didn't know any of them. well i knoew 1 guy but tha'ts it. it's kinda sad that i said no to every single one but if bubles asks me out i'd say yes in a heartbeat. well...not really. best friend thing here.

and that's what sucks.

so yeah. questions

1. how old are you?
2. what grade are you in.
3. what's up?

yep. that's it.


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Thursday, June 19, 2008

   confused much?

i think so. please help me with the new otaku.

it's very confusing. yeah, i just need a lot of help.

1. preparing for my quinceanera (yes, i'm hispanic)
2. drinking a monster
3. stressing out for the flower preparations (even though my quinceanera is going to be on July 17, 2009)

so yeah, help?


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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

   I'M BACK!!!!!!!!

it's been forever am i righT?

well news: (lol like last year)

1. Eduardo and i broke up (like spring break)
2. 2 of mii ex's died. :[ sad but i'm ok.
3. i'm a hoe (long story)
4. I like my friend lex. :]
6. off grounding. how wonderful??????
7. we had our 8th grade dance. :D

ok answering yr questions:

super cooolio:
i have no idea what's going on. just came on and was all like "what the eff?"

i was grounded. like the past 4 months.

doggys and kittys. I <3/óż them both.

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Saturday, February 9, 2008


this week was boring.

nothing to do...

haha. just leave comments && stuff.



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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

   I'm all new!!!!

No joking!
yesterday:Got a new haircut! (caute!!!)
today: Got a new friend! (hecka nice!!!)
monday: Got a new husband!!!! (yes, now eduardo's gonna shoot seattle)

well let's start with monday!


Well to start things w/ monday....EDUARDO GOT HIS BRACES OFF!!!!!! that's new w/ him. He got jealous cuz Seattle proposed to me. && i said yes. (yea, i have now 2 husbands) In science we were playing w/ meter sticks and 1 person stood in a chair && the other was on their knees to catch it. Seattle:knees Me:Chair. The first thing he does is looks at me and pulls out his wallet. holds out 20 bucks, and says "WILL YOU MARRY ME!?" Very, very loud. people stare at us (the starers:David, Jessica, Jason, Paisley, Charles, Ramijio) I just look at him and say "sure, why not!" so now we're getting married. of course, not real. but it was funny. so now he's married to me, David, and Jason. Yes, Seattle's a dude, and so is David and Jason. That means nothing. Seattle is a old friend since, like, kindergarden. lol. FUNNY!


So i get to school and give Eduardo a hug. i see his braces are off and we talk a little bit. After school (the main part) I got my haircut! it's sooo cute. It's layered, and is straight. And my bangs are a little bit shorter. Here's a pic!


Lol. I <3 it!!!!!!


I made a new friend. She's from New Mexico. Her name is Alex. She's a very new girl. In 3rd period at the end I introduced myself (well, i said "hey, can i see ur scedule?" but oh well!) And we started to talk. Now she knows...a lot of kids. && she already doesn't like people. && people don't like her. but not many people dislike me. so I'm chillin' w/ her && now she knows about everyone in our group (Hailey, Tashi, Eduardo, Jessica, Caiti, Amanda, Jasmine, Liz, Churro, Rysen, Whitney, Ali, Shelby, Melissa, Kiera, && many others) So yea.

1. Do you like my haircut?
2. How many new kids r at ur school (like in ur classes)?
3. Do you know that........I'M KEEPING SEXY SAFE!YEAH!


Hope you have a good day!!!!!!



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Friday, January 25, 2008


Today i'm sleeping over at nikki's!!!!

she's my niece. && she's 10. my cousin's daughter.

i love her!!!!!!!!

Eduardo spranged his ankle yesterday.

dumb idiot. but i love him. the reason is this:

eduardo made me blush...badly

he told me this "i know this is sudden but....i REALLY LOVE YOU!"

&& i said "...=]...well...i think i fell IN love with you.
And i can honestly say, i never felt this way before towards ne1. ^///^"

then he replyed

"I haven't felt this way towards anyone but you. BTW i sent tashi i think 50 comments" lol...

i ment every word.




1. So...how are you?
2. You got plans tomorrow?
3. Are you bored?



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Saturday, January 19, 2008


Eduardo, Tashi and I went to starbucks yesterday.

It was fun, it was after exams (finally over!) we j-walked. and my daddy was all like "oh, if you got caught you. Then your mother would be very happy!"

lol. But we wnt to get starbucks. eduardo paid (w/ my money.)i brought money just in case. so we got starbucks.

and he tried to run off w/ it. lol. =] i got it back though. =]

Yea, after that we went back to the park. Then the sprinklers go off in a area we're not at. I had to open my big mouth. =P I said "wow, i can jsut imange u guys running through there" Gee, they did go and run through it. lol. and it's like 20 or 30 degrees. and on top of that they got cold drinks. I got a latte, they got a vanilla bean. (for those of you who go to starbucks)

lol, but we had fun.

lol. now questions:
1. Have you ever done a very bad pick-up line that worked?
2. If so, what was it, if not, write one that's funny!
3. You have a cell phone? If so what type, or if you don't, what type do you want?

that's all!

I'll talk to you guys later!!!!!


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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

   I got...

my first kiss!!!!!!!!

lol. no j/k. He gave me a hug, then kissed my cheek. then i kissed him. =]

&& that was monday. now, today i kissed him too.

And my friends are jealous, cuz 2 didn't have their first kiss yet. And now they envy me.

but it was a peck. and perfect!!!!!!

lol. <333333 ily u guys. ur advice helped me!!!

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Friday, January 11, 2008


Apperently I'm ellagble to be in the
Nationals Miss Teen Las Vegas
lol. i wonder if i can do this.
I don't think i'm pretty so i'll probably be rejected. But yea,

Adventure dome was fun! omg, it was funny. I was going to the rollarcoaster with Eduardo and Tashi and Noe (Eduardo's cousin), Then Tashi looks at the rollarcoaster. And says "No WAY!!!!! I'm going to pee my pants" and i said "Ok, sit by yourself" "/ but he didn't go.
So now the next time imma force him to come on the rollarcoaster. it's not that bad. See:

Some other dude has it on youtube, so i just embeded it. lol. =]

But yea, questions:

1. Do you think I should do the Pagent?
2. Who do you think "HE" is?
3. lol. i'm a retard! don't you agree?

lol. HEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Thursday, December 27, 2007


Today my friend and I hung out for like
maybe about 3 and 1/2 hours.
It was fun.

We called Eduardo.
She asked him what he was going to give me for my B-day(in 10 days)

He didn't know
So she said, "how about a hug?"
He said, "Oh no, Imma give her a lil bit more than that"
Boy can't you imange how RED i was

And there's this thing that people have been reposting on myspace about there first kiss of 2008

Apperently, When i reposted it from eduardo, i told him i'd like to be his first of 2008

And he says "i'd like to be urs too. hehe." lol

Maybe i should tell him he'd be my FIRST kiss. lol.

so yea.

idk where imma have my b-day chill out at.

lol. maybe adventure dome
Well idk.


1. What is your favorite childhood memory?
2. What is your favorite song?
3. Had you ever had ur first kiss?

Well I'lL TaLk To YoU GuYs LaTeR ToMoRrOw. KaYs?


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