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Monday, July 10, 2006

Can you believe summer's going by so fast?!
It reall y is ppls is really is. ALready July and all that jazz. But can you believe it, i still havent visited the pool. It's wack i know. Anyway whats happing w/u guys?


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Thursday, September 8, 2005

   Hey ppls!
Hey I have favor i must ask of you ppls.

Ed: favor? what are you up to? *turns to Al* she's drunk again isn't she?


Ed: *hides behind al* SCARY!

Mimiru: Ahem* now, as I was saying, My friend Hitomi-san just signed up on My O and I'd really appreciate if you guyz can go visit her and sign her GB. ^-^ She likes FMA, fruits basket and inuyasha. So plz and thankies if you can ^-^

Ed: so its hitomi eh?

Mimiru: that's right ed.
you'll like her. She just LOVES you.

Ed: ^-^;; I get the feeling this might be another evil fangirl...

Mimiru: nonsense! Like I'd assoiciate myself with ppl like tha *yankes on chain* ain't that right kyo-kun?


Akito: *pops out of no where* GEt UsED tO iT CAt bEcAUSe sOon thAT wIll bE YoUR-

Mimiru: akito you bastard! shut up and get back in the closet from wence you came!

Akito: sssssss *retreats to closet*

Ed: geez tha guy is creepy

Mimiru: well anywayz that's all for today. I'll visit all of you later, and don't forget to visit Hitomi San! ^-^

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Wednesday, September 7, 2005

well, yet again I'm back in school.
ew i hate school! I miss the summer. But its not as bad as last year.

Anywayz I got inuyasha movie 3 in english! It was pretty good not that bad. The animation was really pretty and baby inuyasha was so kawaii! But I was jealous of my frined who got the movie too except hers came with a chibi sesshomaru key-chain! I was like- what the fuck?! no fair! T-T

oh well two days till the weekend! plz come fast!!! T-T

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Thursday, September 1, 2005

I'm very happy today because I started a new manga series!
This makes my 8th one. Of course I only started them but this new one I'm happy about because I completed four pages and started a cover page. It's not much but it's a start ^-^.

School starts again next week. yuck. But on the bright i got two drawing classes lined up. ^-^

I got braces tighted this week. I hate the stupid things. I don't even need them! Just a few more months and their history! MWA HA HA!! Ah well. I hope you guys are all fine.

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Sunday, August 28, 2005

i wish they would put Samurai champloo back on. (I mean w/ new episodes) And I'm really pissed that they shut off FMA. I really want to see the new episodes. But anyway I watched inuyasha last night. They had the movie on too but I already had it on DVD since last december so I really did'nt need to watch it. But I really Want to see the third Inu movie. They say it's like the best one. I wish they would hurry up and put it in english. geez. Anywayz, can you believe Fruits basket vol.12 does'nt come out till december?! What the fuck is that? stupid translator ppl...
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