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Friday, August 26, 2005

I am officially back!How are you all? I was gone so long because I was in the bahamas on vacation. But now I'm back I I'm going to try and update every chance I get k? I'll talk more tomarrow I have to go now but I'll see you later! bye!
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Tuesday, August 2, 2005

   Konnichiwa friends!
so sorry for being absent alot! *beats head on keyboard* see it's summertime and I've busy w/ the pool, beach, etc. I usually am able to write all the time during school b/c than i have more time

But anywayz, plz don't forget about me or stop visiting! I'm not one of those otaku ppl who sign up than disappear! So if I don't update in a long time plz don delete me! I'm here!

Today I babysit! MWA HA HA MONEY! *strokes money tin* yes its all mine! But this kid is really annoying! He has ENDLESS energy like the energizer bunny. He keeps going and going and going...

Did you guys catch samurai champloo and Inuyasha last sat? They were really funny. Mugen and Jin were funny reading fuu's diary!

Oh and one last thing! I'm going on V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N in two days! yippe! *falls off chair* see you ppls later! I promise to visit you!
Mimiru- over and out-

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Monday, July 25, 2005

   Hey everyone!
I'm so hyper!!!! i just got Fruits basket vol.11!!!!!!! It was the best eva!!!!!!!!!!

Also- on saturday Inuyasha and samurai champloo had really good eps. On champloo it was really sad. But Jin has a girlfriend now! yay! Oh and that new guy on inuyasha, Bankotsu- he's so hot! I love his voice!!!! *falls off chair*

*sigh* okay I'm done ^-^ oh ya one more thing- my brother has been a total ass this week. That stupid fat ass is so nasty to me! agh! k g2g visit ppls! see you later!

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Monday, July 18, 2005

   Hi everyone!
As you can see I've been gone for a VERY long time ^-^;;

But as I said I was on vacation and even though i missed all you guys, it was really fun!

my parents took us to visit my aunt and uncle upstate. They have this really nice house complete with a pool, hot tub and everything! Me, Akemi and Taka had loads of fun at this lake they took us to also. We rented canoes and I must say i really felt like an indian crusing on the lake in that canoe. Very soon after I came to realize that I'm pathetic at steering canoes, which lead to us being stranded in the middle of the lake. ^-^;;

After a shouting match with Akemi and numerous splashes from Taka, Akemi had taken it upon herself to wrench the paddle away from me and instead take the steering job herself.

So here we where paddling in this huge lake. After an eerie silence for about 5 mintues,I noticed Akemi was steering the boat in circles. So i said "well this sure is stupid " and she threw me a glare so evil looking I shut up instantly..........for a couple of minutes. i could'nt stand the silence any more. "so um akemi! heh heh ^-^;; why don't we get back and-"
"What?" just how she said it made you want to duck and hide.
"nothing nothing! just wanted to go back-"
*another evil glare*
than out of nowhere Taka decided to pipe up
"she's just mad she can't manuver a boat if her life depended on it"
"excuse me?! I don't remember talking to you!"
"it's true"
"really? well if you haven't noticed, you suck at steering boats too so you should'nt be talking"
"do not!"
"do to!"
" well at least Akemi's better!"
"better? ARE YOU BLIND?! she's been steering in frickin circles!!"
at the i knew i made a mistake. the boat made a jirk as it stopped and i looked up at akemi, who was holding a paddle dangerously over her head, ready to srtike.

Well after that, it all went downhill.
All i can say is that when we finally reached shore, we were all sopping wet and taka swore he had a bit of lilly pad in his trunks.

Ah well. All the same, it was really fun!
k off to visit sites!
hope your all well and

oh! p.s, even though to some ppl it may seem chidish for me to be reading it, i was very happy to read the sixth harry potter book which by the way was very good.

And bloody.....MWA HA HA!
Ahem* you have heard nothing!

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Friday, July 8, 2005

   Hey hi ppls!
I'm sorry to say that I'll be gone for a few days. I'm going on vacation! ^-^

I'm agoing upstate and going swimimng in da pool so I'm excited ^-^ hopefully I'll be able to watch the lineup while I'm there. K I'll miss you ppls! see ya when I get back! Bye!

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Monday, July 4, 2005

   HAPPY JULY 4th!!!!!!!!!!!!
hey ppls! right now i'm digging though all my pics to find the inuyasha one with the fireworks. must...find.... PICTURE!!!!

anyway, alot of you where asking how i got my 10th furuba book so fast. Well its either barnes and noble gives them out early, or the area I live in has it delieverd first. a mystery......

I would decorate for july 4th on my site, but for some reason, as usual I'm the only person on my otaku who doesn't know how after all this time.....T-T

Well anyway i'm headin to the pool soon so I guess I'll see ya ppls later k? bye!

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Sunday, July 3, 2005

Feeling momijiish today....
I watch samurai chaploo last night! it was really funny! especially this one part- this samurai dude went around thinking he was all that, saying one day he'd be famous and all that blah blah. But the funniest thing was that he had his own backup singers!! you know in rap how they have tha BOOM BOOM CHII BOOM BOOM CHII type thing during the song? well this backup singer did this sound with his mouth while mr.samurai talks. is funny!

Apple pie can hold evil grannys that may seem nice at first but they are really evil!!!!!!!!

And than i watched inuyasha!!! yay! good epi! K g2g read my fruits basket 10. *strokes book* yes...its all mine! MWA HA HA!!!

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Saturday, July 2, 2005

hey everybody! This week soon coming up is July 4th! yay! fireworks me likey! Avyone doing anything for july 4th? I'm going to a BBQ which should be fun ^-^

I'm babysitting today, which is okay, but I just hope they let me watch T.V. tonight b/c Samurai Champloo is on and I don't want to miss it ^-^.

Oh one more thing. I saw this movie last night called Sybil. You probally would'nt know it b/c it was made in 1976 but it was kinda good. But also sad. It was about a girl with 17 personalities and how this doctor tries to cure her. It was pretty good though.

K well see you all later! bye!

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Monday, June 27, 2005


I'M SO HAPPY!!!!!!!! it was such a good one too! Shigure is really turning evil and that bastard akito is up to his old tricks! plus-kyo and tohru- Kawaii moments!!! oh God is was awsome!
Hope you ppls are doing OK. any1 see samurai champloo? it was sad. But i think mugen likes fuu....hmmmm

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Hold it! Hold everything!
Today is something.....
Something like......

SUMMER!!!!!!!! yeah! I just got out of school like an hour ago!!!last day whoot! I took my earth science test and i think i did okay but i don't want to say anything so I'll jus keep my fingers crossed!
Anyone like samurai champloo?
I LOVE THAT SHOW! what's not to like about a break-danceing samurai, a girl with a killer squirel and a samurai?
Hee hee its a really funny show on saturday ^-^ Oh also on inuyasha if you've been watching, are some really good eps so don miss em!
That's all for now! TTYL! ^-^

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