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Thursday, December 2, 2004

Ok, today I was walking to my locker and I saw my x-boyfriend walk by. He started to stare at me while walking. I went to my locker and got my lunch and went into the cafeteria. After lunch I went to my 4th period class. He turned around in his chair and said"hey who was that guy you were staring at at lunch today?" I said what 5 times and he said "you were staring at that guy with the water bottle" I said "why were you even looking at me anyway?" ahe said I dunno i just..." i said "wait are you jealous?" and he goes "y....i mean no..." and i was all like SCORE! but i have another boyfriend now so to late for him...ya think?
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Monday, November 29, 2004

I'm Back!^^
I am going to start posting alot more things...... I'm going to edit my site today or tomorrow and I'm going to change my ENTIRE site!
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Monday, August 9, 2004

Hello I am bored and Im gonna try sumthin real quick... YOUR TEXT HERE
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   ~*PlushiE Of ThE WeeK*~

Umbreon Plushie!">

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Tuesday, August 3, 2004

   Stuff about ME!!

Ethnicity:I dunno!
Birthday:Muh real B-day is 5/26/93/ the last day of school for me!YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!
Astrological Sign:Geminy.....or sumthin!
Chinese Zodiac Sign:I think I'm a monkey!
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Strawberry blonde
Height:Uhhhhhhhhh...let me go measure myself*5 min. later*...4.12...I'm a midget, but I'm young!
Birthplace:Born in New Mexico*Raised in Dallas*
Color:BLUE!!!!, Chrome, Silver, Black, Green, and purple!
Actor(s):Brad Pitt*he's hot, NOOO my girly girl side caught me that time*NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
Actress(s):Uhhhhhhhhh.....hmmm..never thought about it!...hmmm..OH OH I KNOW!!....hmmmmmm....h/o I forgot it AGAIN...uhhhh....ummmm...hmmm..uhhhh..ok this is my guess Nicole Kidman I gs.
Car:Ummm...Jaguar...well my favorite at least!
Food:Hmmmm.....although I'm not fat I would have to say..PIZZA^^YA!!!
Place:Uhhhhh...Corpus Christy*I hardly ever leave TX my moms scared to fly*
Teacher:Uhhhhhhh...... I seriously dunno!
Song:Sk8ter Boy
Band:HoobaStank*i dont think I spelled that right*
Singer:Avril Lavigne
Game:all the Inuyasha games!
Movie:Inuyasha Love That Trecends Time*it sucked b/c you had to read English subtitles the entire time!*
T.V. Show:Inuyasha
Quote:I have no clue!
Book:Harry Potter *The 5th book*
Object:Pen and Paper and something to color it in with*I love to draw!*
Honest:Yes all my girls but I have mostly guyfriends wich arent honest at foot ball the other team wich has some of my other friends in the group, they always li to me!
Funniest:Dylan Finley and Lawrence Hernandez
Smartest:Kelley Williams
Prettiest:Uhhhh...I think I'll try a guy friend wich would be Dylan Finley and Daman Guillan
Talented:Me with my art I can draw way better than that stupid kirara pic wich I didnt even try to draw!
Best Personality:Ashley Vessles
Best Advice Giver:Heather Gregory
Best Eyes:Me and Kelley* We have the same color eyes and hair and people say we look like twins, when I first went to that school people asked me if I was related to Kelley*
Best Smile:Lawrence Hernandez
Most Athletic:Me, Lawrence, Dylan, Heather, and Kelley
Most Likely to Succeed:Me, Kelley, Heather, and Ashley
Best Hair:Uhhhhh...you guys choose*by commenting me of course* What color hair do you guys like? Strawberry Blonde*me and kelley* Burnette*Heather* or Whiteish Blonde*Ashley
Known the longest:Heather
First Period:Math
Second Period:Science
Third Period:Reading
Fourth Period:Math
Fifth Period:Spelling
Sixth Period:Social Studies
Seventh Period:There was none!
Grades:Middle School
One More Favorite!
SnL Character:I have no clue what that means!

Um Random Survey brought to you by BZOINK!
EmotionDump - 100% Anonymous Emotions and Confessions

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   Tell me something I don't know please, I already know I'm a tomboy!!
Your appeal ist most like that of a Tomboy!
Tomboy!You loved to play 'Boy-Games' in your
childhood and you thought that Barbie is
EVIL!!. Today you get a lot of respect
from boys. You understand the most men better
then his freinds. Fact: You're a challenge for
every boy!

What's your female appeal? ( with pics! )
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   ~*I'm gonna start a plushie of the week!*~
I'm gonna put up a plushie and you guy's have to tell me if its kawaii or not! And here's todays plushie of the week!

border="0" alt="Raichu Plushie!">

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Sunday, July 25, 2004

   Sorry I haven't been posting anything hardly!
Sorry guys I've been busy lately my brother just drove me home*to Dallas from White Oak* and he's only 16!!! I was very scared. And also I've been busy. I'm going over to my friend Heathers* Shadow Inuyasha* 2morrow and my old babysitters comin to see me Tuesday and when she leaves my grandparents are coming over!!*their explorer'sI'm going to a Ranger's game Thursday I think and then I'm going to Six Flags with my 7 yr old cousins Kyle and his younger brother Daren. So...I'm going to be busy this week also!!!well thats all for now*I HOPE* If anyone has anything to say comment me!^^
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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

   Just Chillen!
JUst chillen here at my papa's sisters, Doin art and stuff! Kinda bored but not so so much!
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Saturday, July 10, 2004

   *I'm Back From Torture!*
Well I have'nt been adding posts b/c
we were painting the PC room. So that was messed up! But I'm back!:)

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