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Friday, October 21, 2005

Mood: Tired/ Excited
Time: 7:A.M.

Well its 7 A.M. so wake up ya'll! Anyways today is Friday! YAY! I have recital in band though... that sucks. I was supposed to go on a penta date tongith *5 person date* with there dates it would be 10. I have to tell Emily to hold off until tomorrow...no! We were gonna go to the mall! Thia mall is like a toen, you actually haave streets and names and all so thats cool. She's going withher X,Shawn, she's told me stories about him but I haven't met him. I'm going with Matt, and my two high school friends Bryan and Emerey are taking Emily * a different Emily* and Shelby.And Taylor I think is just gonna tag along so that makes it 9 people. I have to go to Pats and spend the night though. moms had tests all week and is going to a bar to have a drink called a mind eraser. *sigh* It never ends does it? I'll watch TV and talk on the phone all day if I have to or, maybe I could update... hmmmmmmm..... *thinks*... Or I could do all of it! Yay! on top of that Pat has AIM.. sweet! hmmmm.... I'm thining of what I should do with Ashley though... she's mad at me, and she's a mea cheerleader who thinks I'm her friend... she's to mean to be a friend though, I told Emily that and Em told Ash so now Ash and mmy first grade buddie *that I've known since first grade, she's not in the first grade* was not Ashleys friend Tuesday and they became friends, and Kelly took my side whenever Ash was against Kelly and now Kelly goes up against me? Thats wrong... *Reads over what I just wrote* ow I sound lik aprep! Well gottacatch my bus! See ya!

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   On and Off
Mood: Horrified/ Depressed
Time:10:54 P.M.

Well I am moving in with my dad so I'll be posting more, I'm still at my moms I should be going before Halloween. Well sadly, I'm going out wit a sixth grader... but he's a really nice sixth grader his name is Matt, he's making me a skateboard, its supposed to be a surprise but, he doesn't know that I know, so he's pumped about it! My best friend Ashley Vessells whom I have known since 4rth grade hates my guts for some un-known reason, she'ss cheer leader, so she eats drama for dinner...
Well, my flute is in Union Grove with my dad, Ileft it there by accident so I have to use my friend Heather's YUCK! Well anyways I'm really tired so I'll head on to bed! Night Guys!

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Thursday, July 28, 2005

   Hello Again Peeps!
Mood: *Mixed mood*
Posted: 3:45
Hi, peeps! I'm in Arkansas right now on my papa'slabtop its been a long day but after I posted yesterday my nana called and said my papa was coming down to my uncles place and my uncle lives nearby so my dad took me over there and I went up to Arkansas wit my papa and my lil' cousin to see nana my papa works with trains and when I first created this site my papa helped me out alot so CLAPPIES FOR HIM! *claps* but anyways here are sum questions for you guys!
1. Have you ever been on a road trip for a long time with someone who can't sing?
2. Have you ever been on a road trip period?
3. Is you're lil' cousin or brother or sister or anybody posessed with star wars?
4. *Runs out of questions* You give me some questions!
__________________________________Anyways off to see sites! see ya!

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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Hi peeps! I'm bored out of my mind as usual and I'm going to Dallas this w/ end so I'm excited! I can can actually call my friends! Man here thats impossible b/c we live in the woods and you dont get a signal and on top of that its long distance! but you know..... anyways any of ya'll going on trips anytime b4 school?
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Monday, July 25, 2005

   Man... I hate Mondays!
Man Mondays suck I'm always bored out of my mind! I got chewed out by my dad and now I ow my dads g/f and I just now apologized and she's all like chewing out dad and dad didn't raise me my mom did and she's all like "well, Terry you raised her!" and I'm all like no he didnt! and well she chews out dad she corrects me on almost everything I say! and It drives me nuts! But I go back to dallas *right now im in houston* ...in 2 weeks I dont think I can stay alive that long! Mitsy is always comparing me to her kids her fav. phrase is " I would have beat my kids down if they said that" and I'm over here like "grrrrrr....." I can't wait to tell mom the good news that thnx to Mitsy I've chose not live with my dad! Unless dad brakes up with her! *Hopes* I know I sound evil right now but its only the truth anyways I'm gonna go look at yall's sites now.....*sighs*..

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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Sorry Peeps!
Well I did'nt post yesterday because it was family night and we came here I showeed dad how to get a wallpaper so then after that we went over to the skating ring and it was teen dancing so we drove to the movie theatres and saw Bad News Bears it was so hilarious!! this lil' kid named tenner had hilarious hair and was always cusing and teaching kids how to flip ppl off and was always throwing his glove at ppl who passed by 3rd base cause he didnt know how to play and the coach's name was butter-maker and he was a drunk and didnt pay attention to the team. But there was also a kid in a wheel chair that was one of those chairs where you have a stick and it moves from electicity or something but it was so hilarious!
You guys should go see it if you get the chance! But anyways did yall' do anything fun this w-end?

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Friday, July 22, 2005

Well I'm bored... my bro's fishing with his friends on the boat outside and I'm on here posting this and my stepmom * might be my step mom.. maybe* Is going to pay bills and then she is going to go to class, she got a new job in opthamology and my dad goes to work at 3 o, clock in the morning and drives fuel tanks to other states and doesnt come home ti'll 6-8 so I stay home mostly....this w-end he has a day off and we'll go do something fun.. *YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY!* but any way.. my brother found a huge spider as big as you're hand under a huge flower pot we jhave and he immediately put the flower pot back on. We have a phobia about spiders we dislike them but on another hand they are very cool for eationg other lil buggys and mice so that is good for us..............but ya have you ever had a bad expierience with spiders???
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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Hey Peeps!
As you all can tell I havent posted jack in a long while but I've been working on my site for a while now and it looks better! But anyway I'm going browsing in yall's sites to see whats been happening with you guys lately anyways talk to ya later! ^-^
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Friday, March 11, 2005

   I am Happy!
Alright heres the story I went to my XLR8 class i have to attend that class because my grades are horrible and then I ate a brownie and we had this game called the FCA game its teachers against this other basketball team called the FCA and I didn't have tickets though and it gets us out of 6th and 7th period so i thought i would have to do my 6th and 7th period and so when everyone that went to the FCA game in the gym I asked my teacher "So what are our activitiies for the day?" and she goes "You're going to the FCA game!" and I wasn all like "OMG!" and so we grabbed the tickets and went to the FCA game and after that I felt so free I nearly kissed my X Cody on the lips! and now I have my own laptop that I'm typing on! WOOT!And its spring break ya'll and I'm going to Florida! I'm gonna lay out on the beack in tampa and catch some rays!
What are ya'll doin for spring break?

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Tuesday, March 8, 2005

   Sorry guys...
I haven't been posting because i'm grounded. I'm going to edit my site tommrow hopely.

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