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Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th
Yup, it's friday the 13th (:

I'm going to a movie today with my buddies! :D
Gonna go see the movie 'Confessions of a shopaholic'~
can't wait!
gonna finally drive somewhere that's not school [laughs]

OMG i had a test yesterday Dx
it was not loved at all~!
it was on...probability...right?

What are you gonna do on valentine's day?
I'm gonna volunteer at the library for about 2 hours and then go over to my friends house for about 3 hours and then go home :D



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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

   Wowa we wa

How are you guys??

mann. two posts in one day?
wtf am i on??

It's kinda cold here >.<
GAH! i don't like that.

Okay so i'm in Mock Trial and we have like our MAIN TRIAL tomorrow >.>
i am so nervous!


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   :D guess what today is?!?!??!
[le sigh]

Today is my mom's birthday and it's the day that Obama finally gets inaguruated as President of the United States of America.

I am so happy that my school sent a link to teachers so that we can watch a live feed of the ceremony.

Only problem is..i have French class...yeah..idk what the teacher will do...

(: i hope everyone has a fantastic rest of the day!!!!!!!
(I know i will)


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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

   I am...at school
it's been a while

HAPPY 2009 by the way xD
don't wanna forget that.
how was your new year's?
mine was fine [laughs] didn't really do anything except stay at home and watch that thing from New York.

i got my license :D
i am sssooo happy. I took the driving test last week and i passed on my first time!
i was very surprised.

It it bucking freezing here!!!!
like now its -6!! mann. stupid middle of the usa
is it cold where you live??
that just reminded me that the southern hemisphere of our world has summer now :D
you guys are so lucky!

Last year [around October] our 10th grade took a PLAN test and we got the test results yesterday and it said that i got 30/32 for the science portian and then if you look at the percentages it says that 100% of my school got below that xDDDD
and then it said that 99% of sophmores in college got below that [laughs]
i was like HOLY SHITE.!


like the new layout? had to change it cause...idk its a new year and stuff (:

something is totally wrong with me, i remember when i use to have anime wallpapers and shite and now i don't...mann. i've changed!

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

   [looks around]
Well, what do you think?
huh, huh??

I wanted to make it look better.

I just realized i have not seen/read anime/manga in like...3 months.
Whoa. What happened to me?

How about you? Have you just realized something traumatic like this?

Seen the TWILIGHT movie. :) Bucking fell in love with it. All i gotta say is: [damn Carlisle, Tu es sexy]
Realized that the next Harry Potter Movie [HBP] will probably be very good :D
[cannot get over the fact that Draco looks so sexy in this movie :3
HE BUCKING CRIES!!! ;-; [i love that part]
Realized that i hate french class because of the teacher. Gah. I don't even want to talk about it.


QUESTION: have you seen the twilight movie? did you like it?
do you take a language class in school?

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

and what does that mean?
i'm now a Otakuite++

wtb does that mean?

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

   :D OMB!!! [oh my barack]
He actually won. By a lot.
Congrats, honey. :D
You deserve it.

Now go kick some republican arse. ;) [laughs]

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Friday, August 15, 2008

1:44 PM 8/15/2008

Image and video hosting by TinyPicYou know who the guy on my layout is?
Huh, huh? Come on guess?
Unless you're stupid or something you should be able to read on my title thing that it is no one other that the sexy model known as Boyd Holbrook.

Can you say Draco Malfoy, much?


its kinda funny, they really are alike.

Never would have guessed models were born in Kentucky O.o


Bought Breaking Dawn like 2 weeks ago [August 2nd. don't really wanna figure out when that was]
Oh and i finished it too...Whoa. it was Nothing like i expected it to be.
Some things were kinda weird...Did you finish the book?
Cause if you did i gotta talk to you about it!! :D Please?

Here's my kitty!

Tis Mimi

Here name is Mimi. :D
Was gonna be Bella but its kinda hard to say when you wanna get her attention
[think about it...BELLA BELLA BELLA or MIMI MIMI MIMI]

Hear the song that is playing?
[hopefully XD;]

It's "The Mariner's Revenge Song." By The Decemberists.

I am really intrigued how much i love folk music.
Like, you get a whole story from listening to a song.
I really ? that.



~miko by dark

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Friday, August 1, 2008

My AvatarHmm. This whole week has been rather interesting.
Breaking Dawn is coming out tonight at midnight.
For some reason my site won't show a post on Safari (ze Internet) and i don't know why.
It worked perfectly fine just last week.
I took all the coding and yet it did not help.
:( I'm gonna go be sad now.
||is sad for like two seconds||
So. If you have safari. Well, you can't see this anyway. But Still, if you have Internet explorer also...i strongly advise you to you Internet Explorer to view my site until i find the fjkdjfg problem is. (:

My friend is suppose to come over today around 5 cause she needs to borrow New Moon and Eclipse.
My goodness. She just started reading the series, while i'm here waiting for the last [oh no] book to come out :D

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Seems like myotaku is dead. ):
that's never pleasant.

maybe it has something to do with the new "worlds" at theotaku.

): I don't really like it that the myotaku is dying.

It use to be so much fun on myotaku!

seems like the new change for theotaku wasn't such a great idea. well, the "worlds" sure weren't.


I was gone for how long? omfg. like 3 months or something!
so i went to bosnia this june. :3 sure was fun.

it was really hot though :/ but i got a good tan xD

how's your summer?

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