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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

okay so,
my life is good.
just finishing up school.
last day of school is next wednesday, the 18th.
im exciiiiiiiiiite
so many plans already
two friends graduations
so i have a grad to go to on friday the 20th, and a grad on monday the 23rd.
and, theres scene fest to go to on the 29th
and then the carnival on july 1st
plans plans plans !!

i'm finally admitting that i definitely cannot keep up with updating this site regularly at all.
i'll update once and a while for the few people that care and would be upset to see me leave altogether
but other than that uhh
hope all is well for everyone.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008


how is anyone who happens to visit?
good i hope.

i dont have much to say, ill just inform you on some details of my life.

and then go visit the like, two people who have updated.

okay welllll, i am no longer in rowing. i changed my classes in school. its pretty rad though the way my new schedule is. i have online courses instead, and then a co-op where i get to go work at my old elementary school, which im sooooo excited for :D

annnnd, uhm, hmmmmmm, idk. life is really quite good right now. before it was all dull and screwed up and alksjflksjgg. but now its getting to one of those "woo" phases where im happy and things work out. hopefully it lasts a while :) ahaha.

im thinking that its better right now, because of the whole daylight savings time, and changing the clocks back, and how the days are getting longer :D yeah. seriously, cause that means more sun, more vitamin D, more happy me. the winter seriously depresses me big time, just because theres a lack of sun. apparently its called like "seasonal depression" or something like that, i cant remmeber.

okay well thats all i believe.

have a good day !
byeeee :)

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Monday, March 10, 2008


im so lazy XD

dont worry, ill get around to commenting everyone soon.


uhhhh, i honestly have nothing important to say here. im just really bored :D lmao.

uhm, how is everyone? lol.

and, im good, in case you were wondering. im bored but good.

i was meant to hang out with a few people today but my friend hasnt gotten in touch with me so i have no idea whats going on :@

so as of now, im just gonna say im doing nothing today lmao, cause i dont feel like getting ready and waiting around for nothing :)

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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Hey !

Sorry i havent updated in a while. Ive been pretty sick the past month so i havent been on the computer much.

So, two days ago we got our first snow day ! haha

And now its spring break ! smilesmilesmile :D

My aunt is coming to visit in a couple days. Shes staying for about a week.

Well, hope that everyone has a good weekend and a good spring break if anyone has that now too!

I have to go to swimming now but if i get a chance to go on the computer when i get home, ill visit people who have updated recently !

Okay have a good day! bye :)

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hello :)

How is everyone? I'm quite fun. There really isn't much to say at all.

Uhm, well, i'm done semester one of school. In two weeks ill have new classes. This week is the exams.

Uhhhh, yeah there really isn't much to talk about. Life is good, but nothing exciting or out of the ordinary. Just rowing, school, friends. Yeah thats about it.

Aha, just thought id update to show that im still alive really. lol.

Well, i hope everyone has a good day :)

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hey there :)

Well, wooo for the weekend! haha. uhm, theres not much to say. The first week back to school was pretty normal. Can't complain. Yesterday my religion class went on a fieldtrip. It was pretty fun. Well the first two places we went to i was reeeeeally bored. But when we got to the Buddist temple, it was like WOW. Everyone really liked that one.

So yeah, today i'm not really doing anything special. Just chillin i guess. There was a rowing practice today, but i didnt go to it. haha. I have to do a photography progect this wknd, it was due on friday, but since i wasnt there cause of the field trip, i didnt do it...lol

Well, thats all i really have to say. How was everyones week/day/whatever? Good i hope (:

lol, well have a good weekend! ttyl :)

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Friday, January 4, 2008

Hey! (:

Man, this is the last weekend before Christmas break is over ): How was everyone's break? good i hope ^_^

Well, my break was pretty good, saw friends, went on vacation.... sat around wasting time being lazy :D

Yesterday i got my G1 driver's liscence! I'm happy its done and over with but now im terrified to actually start driving on the road :S

It's scary!! All the like, road speed limits, and stop signs, and hills, and stopping, and turning, and holy moly, its intense! :|

I've always been fine with driving in parking lots and stuff, ive done that since i was less than 2 years old! its just all the rules and other cars and everything when youre on an actual road. Its completely different.

Aha, well, enough of me rambling. I have to go get my new health card now. Since im 16 i have to have my picture on it >.<

Well, have a good rest of the break! Unless you've started school already...haha ^^; wellll, then i feel sorry for you ):
I'll try to visit people when i get home, i already visited some people but im out of time.
ttyl! (:

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007


hope that everyone is having a very good one :)
mine turned out quite good in the lines of presents.
since i know people are gonna probably ask me what i got if i dont say what ill just say it..
i got a new phone, shoes, candy of course, tank tops, annnd stuff i forget...annnd underwear that is too big...well its like for my age, but i fit a flipping childs 6x so i was like you really think im gonna fit that stuff?
im too small >.<

haha well, if anyone bothers to visit me, tell me what you got and how youre celebrating christmas or not celebrating it!

have a good one!
ttyl :)

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Sunday, December 2, 2007

sorry, i forgot about this site again. hahaha. my bad.

Welllll, uhm, life is good?
lmao, theres not much to complain about. I have a period 1 spare now so my classes are a lot easier since i have the extra time to do homework, so my grades are getting back up there again lol.
Annnnd, hmm, theres like 15 days till i go on vacation to see my aunt for xmas break
woo christmas! :D

Oh! Today was the first BIG snowfall of the year!! :D I hate winter but love the snow. We've had other snowfalls but they werent anything big. This morning i woke up to a machine noise and was like "that sounds so familiar...what is it..." and then after some thinking i realized that it was a snowplow machine thing. whatever theyre called, what people use to clear their driveways. haha
and i was like NO WAY and just ran up and opened my blinds and was like


and was all like woo and stuff. im not looking forward to going outside though :( cold cold cold!!!

Uh, theres not much else to say. Can't think of anything so i guess ill go now.

Have a good day! :)

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Monday, November 5, 2007

Hellooooo there.

Well, I SHOULD be in school right now...but im not haha. I freaked out at the last second cause i had a test in first period class so i begged my mom to let me go in late so i would miss it ;)

the bad thing is that im in a bad habit of missing school. not good no good. i would be in religion right now, so im missing that too now. heh. just watch, im gonna miss the whole day prolly. and thats really bad. and then ill go tomorrow, and my chem teacher will be all pissed off at me

she already is. i think shes ignoring me. well at least i think she did on thursday. and forced me to write a test i hadnt even studied for because she didnt like how i had been absent that week.

Oh, my mom changed our vacation :D Now we're going December 18th so im only missing 4 days of school before christmas break! :)

Happiness there. Now ill have a better chance to catch up with my grades. All ive got to do now is get a better attendance and start doing my work. haha...its not as easy as it sounds. trust me..

Okay, well i think thats all i can think of to say, so ill ttyl! :)

What do you think of my layout? I just got bored while i was here and decided to change it. I didnt put much effort into it though. Its not amazing. But just tell me if its readable and viewable and looks good.

Man, i wish the layouts were like the ones on myspace, my layouts rule on there :D haha. oh well.

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