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Monday, April 13, 2009

Why do I bother with these things?

I really don't know why I bother trying to think up subjects. Anyway.

STEPH!!!!! -tackles- I didn't leave you aloooone I was told you were leaving myO! I was so sad when I heard you were leaving that I didn't see a reason to stay, I thought everyone was gone. ;-; Mew Mew still loves you!

So it seems you both want to know why I'm wearing painful shoes. Well. You'll be happy to know they aren't painful anymore, I've finally gotten used to them. I bought then because my old boots were unbearable... I loved them, but it was time to retire the poor things. When I went to the store for a new pair, there weren't any so I got sneakers. But I couldn't stand the idea of walking around on flat shoes every day, so I bought these to match my dress for the dance.

[Unfinished- being kicked of teh compy by teacher! BBL!]

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I'm in pain. >.< On Saturday, I got new shoes and I'm breaking them in... They hurt. The heels are 5 1/4 inches, which isn't the problem so much as the blisters are. Even the stockings I'm wearing to lessen the rubbing aren't helping much. I suppose it's better to endure the pain now then to spend 6 hours at the military ball bitching about how my feet hurt.
I've discovered that hurrying while wearing these shoes is a bad idea. This morning when I was rushing to catch the bus, the toe of my shoe hit an uneven spot in the ground and I pitched forward. My backpack pushed me further and I stumbled for about 4 steps before crashing to the ground. T^T I have a scrape on the palm of my hand now and my favorite pants have little tears and pulls on the knee.

Now for replies to comments from last time!

X Shadowme X

Really? :O How old ish you gonna be?

Yes... My background is indeed Saga-san. I didn't know much about Visual Kei before Alice Nine, but now it is "paradise in my maidenly pants" as well.

Magnus Lensherr

Yeah, the doctor has stuck me on 50 mg of Zoloft and I get to see a therapist once a week. It's someone I've familiar with though, so I don't have a problem talking to her. She used to work at the middle school here, but now she has her own private practice. The meds aren't really working that great, but it hasn't been that long since I upped my dose so I guess I need to give it more time.

I'm really excited for the psych class. At least one of my friends is taking it with me, so it should be lots of fun. You watch, I'll start to psycho-analyze all my friends. -evil laugh- I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE THINKING MWAHAHAHAHAHA...hmm. Yes. Anyway.

^^ Your wishes are well-received! If how we're going now is any indication, I think we'll be happy for a long time. And myO had better come back to life, it used to BE my life! >:[


You misunderstood meh :3 I want to teach English as a second language over in Japan! =D

Oh yes, very squee-worthy. And men in uniforms... -sighs- ^-^

:O I will do that! -runs over to Borders-

Deadly Neko

-huggles- I luffs chu^^ I wanna know about your lives! You must tell me!

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